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  1. So, so far as tunnels are concerned, if i have understood correctly, a tail lamp would have been lit at, presumably, the station before the tunnel, and then extinguished at the next station on the other side? Or might it have been lit at the start of the journey even though only needed on a section of the line (i.e. the tunnel)?
  2. So the red light is correctly modelled, because it was fitted, but should not be used. Fortunately there are switches to turn them off. Which leaves us with a more generic issue - fitting (working) tail lamps to models. And in this case an interesting modelling challenge - could the red light wiring be reconfigured to feed a tail lamp on one of the lamp irons provided?
  3. Very convincing - what time of year are you modelling?
  4. Phil - interesting to see you using hunt magnetic couplings. How strong are they? I am currently building some Comet coaches (albeit very slowly as it is my first attempt) destined for a fixed rake, and was wondering whether to try some sort of magnetic coupling concealed within the gangways. Probably a mad idea as I suspect the need for significant flexibility to go around curves will mean it wouldn't work. But the strength of the magnetic coupling would also be a critical success factor.
  5. Out of curiosity I have bought one of these, W69552 in BR grey. As my period of interest starts with the winter timetable 57/88 I will have to find some 'non service' use for it. But I was interested to see what a printed wagon looked like in the flesh. I have not run a ruler over it, so these comments are just visual impressions relating to construction. The printing striations are not visible at normal viewing distance. Close up they are most visible on the underframe (vertical striations) and the roof (which has a swirly pattern on it). The sides are pretty smooth, more so than I expected. At a certain angle there is some slight horizontal undulation just below the roof line. The vertical striation is more visible on one of the ends. As to thickness, then the roof and V hangers are thick, but the rest of the underframe looks reasonable to me. (Ironically the thickness of the V hanger probably reflects the need to have the brakes in line with the 00 gauge wheels.)
  6. Very nice composition - the guy looking across from the shed brings it alive - think i might rotate the guy with a shovel a touch, so he is also (more obviously?) focusing on the bench
  7. Thanks for information.
  8. Has anyone else seen this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124816196311?hash=item1d0fa002d7:g:e3cAAOSw1A5g9H7y Claimed to be Ratio EM track bases at '18.83mm' gauge There is also this - Alan Gibson branded EM track bases - but described as C&L: Contents appear to include lots of small pieces. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124805284606?hash=item1d0ef982fe:g:vPIAAOSwpNtgaED2 Both listings look dodgy - but could these be genuine EM products, lost in the mists of time?
  9. I wonder whether Heljan will ever revisit their 47xx? As a WR modeller I might have considered one - albeit on a rule 1 basis given the section of WR I am interested in. But I would not touch it with a barge pole given the design/QA issues that have been well documented in this thread. Perhaps it is destined to be a 'lost opportunity' - unless you happen to be one of the lucky few who got a good one.
  10. Yes it does. It appears that there was still some Oil traffic in 1960 - see p33 of Welch, Devon Steam, where at least 3 tankers are visible on 24/4/60, 2 silver, 1 black. One of the silver tanks appears to be '4258'. if so then I suspect that is an Esso tank (ex Air Ministry), but I have not found anything to confirm, one way or the other.
  11. Slightly pedantically 3 - there was also a slightly smaller National Benzole depot, next to Shell/BP - the large sign on the boundary wall visible in photos at that end of the yard. The sign is still prominent in early 1970s, by which time the yard was reduced to little more than a siding, although whether the site was still in use by National Benzole (or successors) I don't know - if it was it must have been serviced by road rather than rail.
  12. There is a payment delay if you sell privately on Amazon. It has never bothered me, but I don't do it very often now as I am not very fond of the fee system, particularly in relation to postage.
  13. The real 1061 looks like it has a larger diameter tank - and for that reason, as well as the diagonal stays, I agree that 2794 looks like a closer match for the design that Oxford have modelled. Interesting to note that on the smaller diameter tank 2794 the word 'Shell' is offset to the left of centre, so maybe the choice of 1061 instead was for aesthetic reasons. But I am not going to lose any sleep over a degree of artistic license - they are lovely 'near enough' wagons.
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