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  1. Not EXACTLY as the OP wanted a DCC fitted option.
  2. Bournemouth Model Railway Centre, which produced the Traintronics range of accessories, closed down last year as far as I know so I guess Traintronics parts are no longer being produced. See https://www.itv.com/news/meridian/2019-04-17/model-railway-enthusiast-shutting-up-shop-half-a-century-since-opening/
  3. I have just had a closer look at the photograph of your layout and I am just wondering what the black blobs are which appear alongside the track in various places. Are these Hornby power connectors by any chance?
  4. In that case you definitely need to install some circuit breakers, not only to help with fault finding but also to help protect the considerable investment you have already made, not least of which is the command station.
  5. Can I suggest that, before you go any further with problem finding on the layout, you connect the PowerPro to a completely separate piece of track, not attached to the layout and then try controlling a loco? This will rule out any problem with the PowerPro, provided you have made the required connections correctly.
  6. See https://clarahost.clara.net/www.bromsgrovemodels.co.uk/decoderinstallation4mm.htm#hornbydies This has links to guides which provide some clearer photos of the wiring for a non DCC ready Class 43 HST
  7. This is a Zimo decoder MX633P22, I think. If you want a copy of the manual you can download it from https://clarahost.clara.net/www.bromsgrovemodels.co.uk/Zimo_manuals.htm
  8. I recently bought the WiFiTrax direct from Australia - the Digitrains price is better than I got mine for. I use mine with a PowerPro system and the TCS UWT-100 throttle and it works very well but I could also use it with a smartphone or tablet with WiThrottle (the basic version is a free download) installed or with a computer running WiThrottle through DecoderPro.
  9. Perhaps I should have added that TCS have taken the decision to only sell their products direct to customers rather than going through retail outlets. This means that prices should be lower, at least in the short term.
  10. I hope that most users of DCC are now familiar with Train Control Systems (TCS) from the US who have primarily been producing decoders for about 20 years. Their products were one of my main lines when I ran Bromsgrove Models and I worked with them to produce the well known DP2X-UK plugin decoder. TCS started producing the WOWSound range of decoders for US steam and diesel locos about 8 years ago and are soon to release a UK steam loco version. They have also just released their UWT-100 WiFi throttle which will work with most makes of DCC command station and are hoping to release their own command station later this year. In order to increase focus on the UK market they have set up a UK office/distribution centre to speed up the processing of orders and not only can you order online but I am now able to take telephone orders. In order to place online orders you will need to Log In (or Register if you don't have an account). Details are available at https://tcsdcc.com
  11. Why not check your wiring against the installation guides at https://clarahost.clara.net/www.bromsgrovemodels.co.uk/decoderinstallation4mm.htm#hornbydies
  12. An update to the TCS UK ordering process. I am now able to take orders by phone (074973 89826) Mon-Thu 10am-4pm here in the UK and process card or PayPal payments directly, which might save some time if you don't want to go through the online ordering process.
  13. TCS is now selling direct and has set up a UK distribution office. There are lots of stay-alive, decoders and other items in stock here in the UK. The only issue at the moment is that you have to order online from the US. The KA2 is currently £16.52. You will need to Log In to their online shop (or Register if you don't already have an account) at https://tcsdcc.com/Zen/. You should then see both prices in £ and the option to add items to your shopping basket. Once the US passes the order to me I will ship within 1 or 2 days provided I have the items in stock. Orders within the UK over £100 are carriage free. For any issues see contact information at the bottom of their home page at https://tcsdcc.com.
  14. Just to clarify, are you using solenoid point motors and addresses in the range 1 to 8? Have you also been using the "Smart" programming functionality?
  15. In that case I have a feeling that the first paragraph relates specifically to TCS decoders as CVs 250-252 are probably used by different decoder manufacturers for different purposes. Was the Zimo decoder not supplied with a capacitor?
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