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  1. Does anyone have a Bachmann blue Tamworth Castle? It was a Model Rail LTD edition, the Model Rail database says it has directional lights, i recently picked one up and no working lights (i have not opened it up) the Certificate dates it for 2002 and i'm pretty sure the 25 didn't get lights for years after that. Can anyone help?
  2. HI, i have the Bachmann GCR "Mons" loco', what colour should the coaching stock be to go with it?
  3. Thanks for responding-for some reason i don't get any notifications on threads i follow so i am later than you.
  4. Thanks for your reply's, for some reason i am not getting notifications when you respond.
  5. Green class 40 with full yellow ends and numbered 337, is this an interim pre-tops livery or an end of life "Celebrity" livery? When did it run in these colours?
  6. Hello OP can i just ask you-what period are those Hornby v tanks correct for? I can`t find any pictures of the real thing online, there are plenty of plain grey and a few of the early ones with the logo on a seperate board but i cant find a single one with what i assume are vinyls for the logo. I do remember seeing the models used on and early 90's display layout at a show but that does not automatically make them correct. Please advise.
  7. Thanks, almost there, it would appear 101693 is the correct livery and can confirm 51192 however so far all pic`s combined with 53266 are in the orange and black livery-can anyone confirm 53266 ran in the RR livery with Scotrail branding?
  8. Hi, i just picked up two identical Class 101 2 car units in Scot rail regional railways livery, unit 101694, 51188 and 53268. can anyone provide me with some suggestions of other unit numbers in this exact livery that would be appropriate for a renumbering? Thanks.
  9. Hi all, i have just received a loco from e-bay with a user fitted DCC chip "Digitrax DZ126", i run on DC so have removed it, what should i ask for it if i sell it on? thanks
  10. Do you ever get overhead electric catenary in oil terminals?
  11. I have jumped straight to the end of this thread so apologies if this has come up already- i have just received the blue Golden Arrow 71, should it have alternative headcodes or just the one that is fitted?
  12. Hello I have got to the point where storage space is non-existent, i am a member of a model rail club as well as having my own layout so my stock has to travel. My loco`s are in glass cabinets under my layout and are transported in large plastic boxes individually protected by bubble wrap and rolling stock is in various large boxes/trays with sheets of bubble wrap for transport protection. I am left with many large boxes full of empty stock boxes and something has to go, should i ditch the rolling stock boxes and keep the loco boxes for future sale? What do you guys do? Are the wagon/coach boxes worth anything? thanks.
  13. The more i do searches for the Weedkiller train the more confused i get, the Heljan models are a mix of dark green and one black, in actual photo`s they are a very washed out turquoise or ALL black . is the turquoise just faded green or a separate livery? What coaches should be with them?, again we have the washed out turquoise (dated 76) or dark green but those are with 45t tanks?? Help.
  14. Can anyone help me out with introduction dates (year) for the various post liveries on both loco`s and stock?
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