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  1. But you can't buy a DJM one, can you......... Tongue firmly in cheek. Gary
  2. To All the team at BRM, well done!! Credit where credits due, love the new layout, and the contents not bad either !! Gary
  3. Local Smith's in Pontefract, Magazine and DVD £4.75 Gary
  4. Thank You Howard, thats good to know. Gary
  5. If you don't model in the scale the kit is re-produced in, then No, like wise if you have moved on from using dvd to down-loading everything, that's a waste too. I understand BRM are looking to get a head of the game, Any chance of Video content being available for down-loading in the future ? What do other's think of this ? Gary
  6. Think you have hit the nail on the head, "Wifi permitting" if the file was downloaded, you wouldn't need wifi think that's what most people are getting at. Gary
  7. Talking about the merits of Paper v Digital, would the digital version survive without the printed magazine, and more importantly how long would Rmweb survive in its present format, without having to have a subscription ? Do Warmers have just a digital version of any magazine ? or if duel media, any that outsell the printed copy, I understand this is commercial information, this is a very interesting discussion. Gary
  8. Hi, I understand if something is passing you at speed and you're talking photo's, it's not always possible to get the number, but when its stood in a station, in a clearly accessible location, what's difficult in walking a few extra yards to record the Loco number ? there's a photo of a western region Named 47, nameplate visible and even the caption gives a list of possible identities, but you could have had the correct loco number by walking a few extra yards. I have no problem with the Photo's they are to Tony's excellent standard, but reading captions that say an un-identified 47 on a Mk 1 set or Mk 2 set, As I said not for me. Gary
  9. Agree, the photography is excellent, However too many captions give details of the train, but don't give the loco number, so on this occasion, a miss from me. Gary
  10. Cmax

    York Show 2018

    Peter, Just tried again and the links work, I have a Ad blocker enabled, which seemes to be the problem, Sorry for any confusion caused. Gary
  11. Cmax

    York Show 2018

    Its Very Good, Not sure if anybody at the club knows, but cliicking on any of the show links for layouts,Traders or Demo's, shows no infomation at all. Gary
  12. No connection with the Yeovil Club, but this is from the clubs website, explains it all. The Summit Following on from the success of South Junction there were moves in the group to produce an ‘O’ gauge layout of exhibition standard that kept trains running (a group philosophy!) and most of all could accommodate the ever increasing number of big O gauge locos being built by members. It was difficult to find a suitable location to base the layout on but eventually the Summit on the Settle to Carlisle line was chosen. As with South Junction it had no station where trains could stand for hours at an exhibition! but did have sufficient interest with some sidings and provision for a banker… Building the layout was no quick and easy task! Track was laid and then pulled up to enable a better curvature to accommodate the intended traffic. The build did not seem to progress much for weeks or even months then there would be a great leaps forward. On the first night that trains ran around both main tracks a film was produced and a copy given to each member for a souvenir. The track is laid on a set of curved layout boards with minimum scenery that form a backbone to the layout. The scenery is of lightweight construction and attaches to the layout boards. It was intended that the scenery would be dramatic and its construction was a huge task in itself. Tall sections tower behind the track and wide sections at the front drop down, which together with a viaduct, tunnel and bridge give the layout the intended ‘wow’ impact at exhibitions. The Summit at Guildex Telford 2015This layout was exhibited at Guildex in 2015, Taunton Railex and Warley NEC in 2016 and has won awards at every appearance. It can only just be squeezed into a 7.5 tonne lorry and requires a team of ten to erect, operate and break down the layout. During exhibitions we try to have two members (in addition to the signalman) in front of the layout to answer questions and generally engage with the viewing public. The Summit is available for exhibitions and further details can be found here. In 2016 to cap a very successful year The Summit won the Railway Modeller Cup for layout features as voted for by their readers. Operationally the layout is DC, with clever circuits to automatically control the fiddle yard. Points and signals are interlocked and operated from the front of the layout using a Modratec lever frame. Gary
  13. If Hornby or Bachmann are reading this, they must wonder, why they bother ! In the 70s & 80's when Hornby just had the Mk1 range and a "generic" range of big four coaches, modellers were asking for detailed specific models.....moving on today you have a fantastic range of coaches from both Hornby & Bachmann, and what are you asking for...a basic coach, separate detailing packs or somebody else to do aftermaket add on pack(s)....... i accept we all have different opinions, but design clever was'nt one of Hornby's better Ideas. Gary
  14. Just spotted this, and while not relevent to the S & C, i wondered if this might be of interest. Its the track layout and siding length for Normanton Station, West Yorkshire drawn by the North Eastern Railway as of August 1901, appologies for the photo quility, its from my phone. Gary
  15. Gordon & Mike No not a typing error on my part, i am an active Beta user of OSX, i should have explained, so sorry for any confusion, I will say yes to leaving well alone, as the old saying goes, if it ain't broke....etc, it was just when Gordon said it wasnt working with Safari. So once again, appologies on my part. Gary
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