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  1. Weight is always a consideration for layouts that are transportable. I have embarked on a fictional underground layout using the new S8 stock, Utilising 50mm kingpin foam boards has allowed me to incorporate deep cuttings for sub surface stations and tunnels. I will have the outer tracks to run a shuttle automated capable of being switched in and out as required. The track sensors fro the shuttle control also double up for triggering scenic sounds like approach of trains the obvious one "Mind the Gap/Doors" etc. The boards will fasten together with track sides facing and will fit into my C3 piccaso. All the wiring is topside so I can sit down in relative comfort for this task. All point work will be controlled by a Megapoint control system and the trains will be DCC, although the Shuttles tracks are switchable between DC and DCC.
  2. Scenic Sounds and More have just produced their latest version of their Scenic Sounds Generator. The generator is scalable for the largest of layouts or for smaller single track book shelf type layouts irrespective of gauge. With 16 sounds available to play on demand they can be played either individually or together to to give a richer mix to the scene. For example sounds of sea birds combined with those of rain, traffic or people. Sounds can be initiated using magnetically activated switches in the track bed from a small magnet fitted under the locomotive or rolling stock. Sound of coaches passing, the sound of waggon couplings etc Locomotive sounds triggered from the track bring the realistic sounds of the trains to the analogue layouts without the expense of a DCC conversion. The generator a 3.5mm stereo line out / headphone socket and the ability to switch output from the internal 2.5 watt mono amplifier from the on board speakers to an external speaker(s). Powered from a 9-16 V dc supply the unit can be powered from the layout via the multiway plug or using a separate PSU plugged directly into the rear power socket. Your imagination is the limitation in creating your railway sounds. Sound tracks are stored on a removable micro SD card. The unit featured in the video clip is a prototype we are now looking for a manufacture who has the resources to produce a commercial product for the marketplace. The unit could be made available as a simple four button sound unit right up to something with sophistication of the unit featured in our video demo. Follow the link for short video Demo. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2uaw0u3eg4m8jlt/Scenic%20Sound%20Gen%20Mk%203%20Demo.mp4?dl=0 For more information about this product how to arrange a demonstration or for manufacturing opportunities please contact: Iain Hale Tel 01723 86411 e-mail [email protected] 12th September 2016
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