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  1. Are Hornby planning some updates for the pendolino release in 2020? I see that the carriage renders have full height corridors, like the real thing, and unlike the earlier Hornby releases. The price is also well over double the original RRP, so maybe a couple of other tweaks?
  2. Bogie frames are fairly easy to remove. IIRC from when I took mine apart, there's a small screw to undo, then lever the clip at either end of the underside of the wheel sets with a small flat head screwdriver.
  3. I bought that mag for the 87 review and have similar feelings to you all. It gets a brilliant 91% total, and scores highly across the board, but I would argue (dispite the fact that 87s are my favourite loco) that it is neither good value for money or good for features. It is miles behind the Bachmann 90 on these fronts and I think by the time we have the Accurascale 92 and Cavalex 91, the Hornby 87 will seem very dated indeed. Even the revised Heljan 86 will be ahead on features with 21 pin DCC and a sprung pan. If you think about it, the Hornby 87 is no better for features than when the Heljan 86 was first released many years ago, albeit it is more accurate. That said, I have still bought a couple that I got for good prices.
  4. Hi Cav, Yes I have, via your website. 1 x GNER 91, a few days ago. Dave.
  5. I've registered interest but have not received an email confirmation. Is this the same with everyone else?
  6. Will have to check with Hornby, but I think they will print STEPHENSON on one side, and Royal Scott on the other side, so we'll have to remove those printed names before you can put STEPHENSON name plates on both sides...
  7. Yes, I agree, although they would have to not print the names on the side of the loco either. I want one with STEPHENSON on both sides and no crests, as it was in 2003 when repainted in BR Blue...
  8. Just seen the new 87001 painted sample posted by Hattons on Instagram - they've put the correct TDM cables on the cab ends rather than the multiple working cables on the mock-up. Well done Hornby for noting!
  9. No worries, worth an ask! If you ever do go down that route, I'll put myself down for a few. Until then, I can save my pennies! Cheers, Dave.
  10. As Accurascale and RevolutioN are working on the class 92 together, would Accurascale consider working with RevolutioN to bring out an OO gauge version of the 320 / 321 EMU? I imagine there would be a good deal of interest, but whether there's enough...
  11. I was also successful with Halifax via Paypal, but I don't think people will be successful if they paid with Paypal using an existing Paypal balance.
  12. I successfully got my APT deposit back from Halifax using Debit Card Disputes. I'm being told by Nationwide that they can't do the same for my class 92 deposits as it's more than something like 580 days - has anyone else got their money back for class 92 deposits done on Debit card?
  13. Many thanks for the speedy response. Not too bothered about the OLE flashes, but don't ask, don't get!
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