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  1. Thanks Mike and Brian I only just received my Merry-Go-Round on the Rails book from the UK yesterday in the mail and I was very impressed with the packaging as it was pouring rain here when it arrived and it would of been sitting in the letter box most of the day ( Living on a rural property so we have a large old milk urn as a letter box ) But inside the well wrapped sturdy envelope the book was also inside another nice plastic wrap, But most impressive of all was the nice handwritten note from one of the Volunteer's thanking me for buying from HMRS ( I would like to mention the young lady's name here but wont in case she does not wish to be named or it is against forum policy. Sum of the larger companies could do well in buying sum thing from HMRS and see how well and professional posting content should be handled I think lol, Probably a bit over the top in this day and age I suppose but I'll certainly be buying from them again in the near future I just wish I had of bought two books so I could save one in a glass case still in it's original wrapping lol. Cheers Mick.
  2. Thank you very much for the quick reply's fella's, Phil there are a couple of HAA for the Sim Trainz but they were made for a version many years ago so I'd like to try my hand at making an updated model with texture's. Jason it wont be shared around or it isn't to make money from but I will check out what permissions are required if and when I can get that far with it. I just joined HMRS and purchased the book so I'm pleased I can now make a start when it arrives in Aus, Thank you both very much once again for your help. Cheers Mick.
  3. Howdy All, One of my first post's here so I sincerely hope I have placed it in the correct spot, As the title suggests I am after a good quality drawing/plan for the HAA wagon please. Now I have found this book online https://www.amazon.co.uk/Air-Braked-Wagons-Colour-David-Ratcliffe/dp/0711034605/ref=pd_sbs_14_9?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=0711034605&pd_rd_r=af6006b9-4388-11e9-8fc6-2bca7a965228&pd_rd_w=WfzV6&pd_rd_wg=w8qzG&pf_rd_p=18edf98b-139a-41ee-bb40-d725dd59d1d3&pf_rd_r=0QMYAPEDHYSFQHNYP2BT&psc=1&refRID=0QMYAPEDHYSFQHNYP2BT Would any Modelers here happen to have this book and doe's it actually cover the HAA ?, I have sum rather basic drawings from the Barrowmore Modeling site but I was hoping to find sum thing with a lot more detail incuded, This would be for a Train Sim but if I was to get that far with sum help then I have no problem sharing the mesh to another modeler here who could take it further in producing an actual model from it ( If that is actually possible ). Thank you for any help folk's. Cheers Mick.
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