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  1. http://tottenham-summerhillroad.com/early_railways_of_tottenham.htm (scroll down to B17 Tottenham Hotspur) Found this image, but because of black/white photo difficult to say what colour the lamps are. They look like the colour of the buffer beam. But eventually I`m open to conviction and can change the colour. Rgds Bernd
  2. http://www.igg.org.uk/rail/6-livy/lner/9-lner.htm Rgds Bernd
  3. Hi Bob, it`s from Laurie Griffin and a bit worked at by me. Bernd Hi David, that`s what I did. Different from Heljan.
  4. Some more detailing. New correct smokedoor handles and LNER lamps. ( Colour red on locos aand brake vans until early thirties) Rgds Bernd
  5. Hi,

    have got a question concerning your A3 , unsrewing the cab. Does the backhead come off with the cab? Thanks in advance!


    1. two tone green

      two tone green

      Yes, it all comes off as one. 

    2. Franzburg


      Many thanks !!!

  6. Another attempt of a short video after deleting my post by silly mistake. Rgds Bernd Second take with this time correct whistles, I hope.
  7. Short video filmed by mobile (QP) B
  8. Sorry, maybe I am mistaken, but shouldn`t it be 6 chuffs per rev ? Rgds bernd
  9. See link: https://www.railforums.co.uk/threads/union-of-south-africa-damages-carriage-gangway-on-the-elr.197172/ B
  10. Don`t know how people couple a coach to the tender as the corridor connection is in the way. So I detached the rubber bulge (hardly glued) from the tender back , drilled two 8mm holes into the outer edges, fitted brass pins and as there are 3 more plastic pins at the top, it can be removed and refitted now. Rgds Bernd
  11. Shortly before Christmas 3 further photos of Papyrus. Real coal for the tender (on plasticard) and mudguards prototypically broadened a little bit with plasticard. Rgds and blessed Christmas Bernd
  12. Did a little detailing , as fitting the fall plate seemed a bit difficult, I drilled 0,5mm holes in bottom sides of cab and soldered 0,5mm wire to both plate sides. Then I made new small dust guards from brass and long guard irons in front of them. Rgds Bernd
  13. Thank you very much Brian!!! I´ll try your chosen values and see what happens. My decoder is MX 696KS and I set the values : 2 =5 ,3=40 ,9=98 ,56=77 . Works quite well, too . Only running backwards at speed step 40 (128) is a bit jerky. Rgds Bernd PS Is your programmer MXULFA ?
  14. Hi Brian , I`d like to know, as I use a Zimo decoder too, concerning "running and setting up DCC", which values you chose for CVs 2, 3, 9 , and 56 ! Rgds Bernd
  15. I`ve tried to model the draincocks of early A3 versions and as I really don`t know why Heljan didn`t construct a simpler solution to connect loco with tender but to use srews , I soldered a pin to a small brass plate and srewed it on the loco and so , though it`s a bit fiddly, I needn`t use the srews anymore. Rgds Bernd
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