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  1. I had intended to use a Chime whistle for Papyrus and found , at least a similar whistle as the one I had seen in a video about the whistles of Flying Scotsman, on Ebay. It was a 6 tone Chime whistle and so I changed it to a 3 tone one. But it was in vain, because meanwhile I had found out that no Chime whistles at all were fitted to A1s/A3s, except to 4472 when it visited the US in 1969. Rgds Bernd
  2. Only just an image , after having fitted 2 different LED`s. Rgds Bernd
  3. I corrected my bad mistake and fitted lamps to the A3 after not only having changed the colour, but also the rather thick lamp handles by replacing the printed ones against thinner wires. Some time ago I had already replaced the original quite thin plastic steam brake pipe by a brass one from "62CModels" I changed a little. Rgds Bernd
  4. As Brian (Bribri) had shown I `ve tried to have a little firebox flickering flame , but without doing the wiring job. So I ordered a Firebox Lighting kit from Train-Tech . Though it`s not perfect or perhaps as good as a wired firebox flicker I´m quite happy with it. "A low power microprocessor constantly monitors a tiny sensor which can detect small amounts of motion. When motion is detectedit flashes LEDuntilno motion is sensedfor 4minutes, then turns off the LED to save power and back to mnitoring." Rgds Bernd
  5. I filed down the original moulded works plates and replaced them by brass ones from Narrow Planet. Rgds Bernd
  6. Meanwhile I had asked the chairmann of LNER Society about lamp colour and must say sorry for having relied on only one wrong source before ! As I didn`t like Heljan`s bogie wheels ( too coarse and not really prototypical) I replaced them by Slater`s 10 spoke A3 wheels , but was more difficult as I had thought, because of different axle diameters : 3mm to 4,76 mm. I made a "control gauge " from brass and filed the holes out. Drilling wasn`t possible as the axle holes were open downside. Rgds
  7. http://tottenham-summerhillroad.com/early_railways_of_tottenham.htm (scroll down to B17 Tottenham Hotspur) Found this image, but because of black/white photo difficult to say what colour the lamps are. They look like the colour of the buffer beam. But eventually I`m open to conviction and can change the colour. Rgds Bernd
  8. http://www.igg.org.uk/rail/6-livy/lner/9-lner.htm Rgds Bernd
  9. Hi Bob, it`s from Laurie Griffin and a bit worked at by me. Bernd Hi David, that`s what I did. Different from Heljan.
  10. Some more detailing. New correct smokedoor handles and LNER lamps. ( Colour red on locos aand brake vans until early thirties) Rgds Bernd
  11. Hi,

    have got a question concerning your A3 , unsrewing the cab. Does the backhead come off with the cab? Thanks in advance!


    1. two tone green

      two tone green

      Yes, it all comes off as one. 

    2. Franzburg


      Many thanks !!!

  12. Another attempt of a short video after deleting my post by silly mistake. Rgds Bernd Second take with this time correct whistles, I hope.
  13. Sorry, maybe I am mistaken, but shouldn`t it be 6 chuffs per rev ? Rgds bernd
  14. See link: https://www.railforums.co.uk/threads/union-of-south-africa-damages-carriage-gangway-on-the-elr.197172/ B
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