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  1. i bought mine from the Rails Vault about a year ago for just under £200, i keep an eye on them and i woudl say £200-£250. Best thing to do is look at sold items, not what is currently available and the asking price. I can see the wartime version going the same way so glad i've got a pre-order in place.
  2. slightly off topic but it will be a year before we see this kind of change. Social distancing and everything that brings is here for some time, they need to get past autumn and winter, if we get past that unscathed (relative) then maybe next year we will be back to "normal".
  3. and you know this as fact do you? my pre-order with my local shop is still valid, they have not had anything cancelled by Hornby. Stop blaming Hornby when you know nothing other than gossip on here. i will also say you can't blame hattons 100% either, although they do seem to be having the bulk of the issues by far. I've never had a pre-order cancelled by anyone retailer (i don't pre-order from Hattons it has to be said)
  4. i wonder if this is what Jenny is filming at the minute but can't say much about (she mentioned it on her youtube channel a day or so ago)?
  5. i don't see the issue, still less than 2 years from announcement to delivery, thats about the going rate for a model these days. i've got an original on order and i'm sure it will be worth the wait
  6. although i appreciated your review Graham and effort to get it up onto your site i thought the digs at Sam where un called for. I must be in the minority on this forum but i actually like his youtube channel, he reviews every model the same, same benchmarks etc. He always says its his personal opinion on colour and his OCD to certain things on a model. I agree with above, its good to see the model on screen and in such detail, it allows the viewer to make their own mind up. Now having said all that, i do actually think the blue looks a little lifeless, whether that is how it's suppose t
  7. sorry Phil, you posted as i was typing and clicked send
  8. This thread has gone off track, it's turned into a lets bash Hornby about anything affair. Certain members have made their point, repeatedly. To bring it back to the rolling stock this thread is about, i picked up the LSWR 4 wheelers on Saturday to go with my impulse buy (LSWR T9 120). From a distance the coaches look nice, the livery is good, wheels and underframe are nicely done, the roof also looks good. However as some have pointed out the moulding at the end of coaches is abit.....well rubbish, they really let the model down. I'm pleased with my purchase (£25 each)
  9. not sure that's just Hornby either, it's a fair few retailers, some big ones as well from my personal experience. but i do agree with Dan, i've dealt many times with him and its a great experience (i think i have my blue pullman HST set on order with him).
  10. Thank you for the clarification and manual, it was the different coloured resistors that had me worried. panic over!
  11. Should say I’ve tried to read cv 8 and 7 but I’ve always had issues with my gauge master prodigy reading on the programme track
  12. Hi all, bought what I believe is a loksound 3.5 off eBay. However when looking on line for a wiring diagram I have come to the realisation my decoder does not look like a 3.5 decoder. The chip does work (not added the speaker) but I want to confirm I have what I bought before I start soldering it. thanks
  13. wow..just watching it sent shivers down my spine. What a sight and sound, nothing modern even comes close to that! makes me want to stop working, get in the garage and run my sound fitted MN for a few a while (maybe at lunch time hey).
  14. i seem to remember another member has been doing this, recently posted an update...might be in this section or under the prototypical section.
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