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  1. yep, i broke my sand pipes clean off, when trying to get the body back on, stupid design. having other running issues but hopefully covered in previous posts so need to work my through them. i think it's a bit tight at a certain point in the rotation, makes a right thud noise as well at the same rotation point. i think it's one of the flanges on the last wheel set catching the track, don't think the wheels are square on, it's this i think is causing it to stutter on a couple of points as it passes through the check rail bit
  2. have i missed the boat ordering these for 00 gauge? can't find an order section on their site
  3. i generally like watching Sam's video's. it's entertainment, he does get into the detail of the loco, running, performance etc. he does it all on a level playing field for all loco's so don't go blaming his track or carpet, it's the same for all loco's and most run ok. picking up on one point about the BWT, the seem across the top of the boiler. I raised this before its release as an issue and was told their was not one. Having got the loco in my hand it's a horrible seem, so Sam has a valid point. If i had not already bought said loco, would watching his video have swayed me not to
  4. now the price has come down, the difference of about £30 to a Hornby 66 sounds very good and a more than reasonable difference for such a detailed model (especially given the fixes for the hattons 66 are explain on here). do i need another 66.................
  5. southdevonrailways on ebay have just popped the Hornby large prairie, use the ebay 20% code and its yours for less than £100, just bought one.
  6. do it.....i bought the green one on Saturday, all detailed up and it's stunning. Of course went to get the SR black as that is my era but then saw the green one and could not resist.....rule one and all that. not noticed any leaning, i will have to check tonight.
  7. watched the review last night, pleasantly surprised, looks stunning and abit of a bargain, I'm concerned with running though. to be fair to sam he does perform the same tests for every loco, i think it is structured 1: examines the box to ensure good packaging 2: exams the product to ensure nothing has fallen off 3: reviews the instructions 4: gives some history 5: on the white background a: checks livery b: build quality c: detail 6: then slow running with no run in 7: runs it in 8: back to slow running 9: then a proper run wit
  8. i took a trip to Tony's trains in saturday having said i'd be picking up the SR black, i made the mistake of asking to look a the preserved green, i think took about 20 minutes trying to decide to before invoking rule one and walked away with preserved green. its a stunning little loco, as Tony said, its eye candy! it does have the seem line across the top of boiler but i can live with that (did it have this in real life)? i'm just adding the detail back, fitted some nice 3 link couplings to the front i got from accurascale. took some pics, i'll post them up in due course
  9. did this loco ever pull the gatestock coaches? i can't find anything to say it did so i assume not.
  10. i had a duh moment. my Bachmann chip is a loksound standard chip so is only 4 function! Put in my lais 21 pin 6 function and remapped f2 to f3 and worked a charm. lovely loco, shame about the interior though. I've read some create blogs on decorating the interior, not sure i'm upto that in case i ruin it.
  11. i think Gaugemaster also have it for this, thats where i got it from for the same price. cracking loco
  12. wish i had read this yesterday before i added matt varnish to my autocoach last night, my windows are now looking rather wintery (frosty), is there a way to undo this (you live and learn as they say)?
  13. sorry to drag this thread up (and if my question has been answered already). recently picked up No8 from rails and fitted an ESU LokPilot Standard (Bachmann 21 pin). I can't get the internal lighting to work, cab and direction lighting is fine. i assumed F2 would turn the interior lighting on but nothing. I don't have a dc power supply to check they work. I'm using a gaugemaster prodogy express any help much appreciated thanks
  14. someone trying to steal march on the competition with pre-orders maybe, promising something sooner than the rest? or just jumping to conclusions. i have to say i very nearly ordered from Rails 2 weeks ago when they announced getting them in last week but closed the browser as the pay now button, i'll wait to see what they look like first
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