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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - boxed, complete and unmodified

    Hornby R3863 OO Gauge NRM LSWR Class T9 4-4-0 120 DCC Fitted Era 2 Boxed and in excellent condition, from a smoke free home


  2. Time Left: 24 days and 6 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - boxed, complete and unmodified

    EFE Rail E85007 SR (ex-LSWR) Adams O2 0-4-4T 182 Maunsell Green DCC Fitted. Boxed and in excellent condition, from a smoke free home


  3. For those coughing up their coffee over the keyboard as they rant about the price increases, go onto YouTube and search for Simon head of brand for scalextric talking to a former employee and we’ll respected member of the slot car hobby. They talk about costs near the start and it’s very interesting. Prices have not gone up for the fun of it.Channel is called slot car news. I have cancelled numerous items I had pre ordered last year, I’m also selling various items to fund last years items price increase and the couple of items I’ve ordered this year. Times are changing and it’s about priorities, life has and always will be about priorities. for me trains is not one of them, I’m drifting back to slot cars, my son has got into them and I’m finding the interaction for more enjoyable than trains right now, they are also cheaper.
  4. Time Left: 23 days and 3 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - boxed, complete and unmodified

    Hornby R3841 OO Gauge LNER, W1 'Hush Hush', 10000 'British Enterprise & 5 Hornby Super detail Teak Coaches together with the 5 coaches it makes a very impressive train. R4172 3rd Class Corridor Coach 1435 R4173B Buffet Car 24080 R4827 1st Class corridor coach 31885 R4174B 1st Class corridor sleeper coach 1317 R4174 1st Class corridor sleeper coach 1209 (not in original box) all items except r4174 are in original boxes. Collection preferred but will post at the cost show


  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - boxed, complete and unmodified

    Accurascale ACC2400KUA KUA nuclear flask carrier wagons and 2 Hornby Mk2F Coaches in the Direct Rail Services (DRS) Compass Blue Livery Hornby R4967 Mk2F BSO brake second open 9521 in DRS compass blue Hornby R4967A Mk2F BSO brake second open 9525 in DRS compass blue 2021 Hornby Magazine 'Best wagon of the Year' in OO.


  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - boxed, complete and unmodified

    Accurascale ACC2086DRSS Nuclear PFA flats with Containers Triple Pack OO Gauge, now sold out everywhere including accurascale. They have already done a second run of these so a 3rd run is highly unlikely These wagons transport low grade nuclear waste and are operated by DRS. Usual seen behind a class 66/37/68, makes a great complete train.


  7. its the old lima tooling i believe, no lights, still a nice model though for under £100, abit of weathering and detail added
  8. i think its a good range of product, some nice new flashy stuff, old staples making a return, a new HST addressing previous complaints, a modern EMU/DMU, stuff for the collectors that will bring in good revenue. Something gone below the radar is the RailRoad range, lots of nice stuff in there, 37's, 67's,66's,31's, all for under £100. Playtrains, brilliant product, yes they may noticed what someone else over English Channel is doing and thought, great lets do a similar thing and theme it. Nothing wrong with this, i really hope it sells well and brings in youngsters to the hobby, any other UK manufacturer doing this? (Bachmann with Thomas it not the same thing). Did not think so. if i had the deposable income i could see my self buying allot but as it stands, Drax wagons and shifting my pre-order of 2007 to the steam and sound version, also the 67 in colas and a couple of the 66's. Sign of the times i'm afraid (i'm getting back into slot cars which is looking a cheaper hobby right now, although cars have got to the £50 mark) I think Hornby have to be given credit on a few fronts, introducing steam/lights/sound to a RTR steam loco. Some have said this is a gimmick, well on that count so are raising pantographs, spinning fans and tinted front windows, gimmicks seem to be ok there. Moving to 21 pin, heard complaints about this as well, 21 pin does the job and is fine for other manufacturers, so why not Hornby, allows for day/night/cab lights, do you need anything else? As i've said previous the trains on film range if done right could be a winner long term, i'm not glossing over titgate as thats another subject, as long as the law has not been broken. That's a capitalist economy for you. They are trying to address the order allocation, yes shops are restricted, i've spoken to a few and both give the same story. At least they all know where they stand which is an improvement on the last few years. if Hornby can't improve the QC then it does not matter what they do, its a slippery slope which they will go down head first, they have to sort this out and only time will tell. I'd like to say i'm surprised by the sheer froth, negativity and abuse towards Hornby, but i'm not.
  9. I have the biomass wagons in my wish list at kernow, can no longer get to the item, no one else seems to have them either, should I’d ordered when I had the chance
  10. i should of phrased it better, pioneering
  11. Hornby started all this main stream pre grouping froth with Rocket, why are they not allowed to try and capitalise on it with other ranges, if another company is doing the same then so be it (as long as the law has not been broken), like or not we are in a capitalist world here in the west. Car companies all make the same looking cars, same size engines, same number of doors, they copy each other all the time, so does nearly every other industry, why are trains any different? Hornby can see the competition creeping in from all directions across their entire train range of products, are they to simply say fair enough, you go and have that product, you over there, have that one, you over that have that one as well? Hornby can't protect all their area's of interest so have to be strategic on what to defend/go up against. if this means the smaller competition then so be it. I for one like the concept of this range and look forward to where it may go, as someone has already said, James Bond (Hornby already do Scalextrix Bond themes), i would be up for that 100%.
  12. 100%, i've said it before, all these new comers make great models but they cherry pick, they don't produce anything for the trains to run on, nor anything to control the trains, nor the scenery to make a layout etc etc. they rely Hornby/Peco/Bachmann to do the boring stuff but essential stuff
  13. take off the lets hate on Hornby hat for a minute. They have actually created a new line of products here, this can be expanded to include allot of things in the future. I actually things it's a very good idea. love the packaging. If you look at the railway children loco that has the studio canal logo so i assume its officially licenced, surely SC know about this already. If you want official merch then you know where to go and get it.
  14. just wanted to say i've been in contact with Mike and its all sorted, great customer support via this forum
  15. that's a bit harsh on Sam, Phil and Holly are so far up their own ar......... To bring it back on topic, the price of the power cars is eye watering.....i have a pullman set on order and i'm seriously considering cancelling it, i just can't afford that, along with price raises on the 91 and APT, something has to give.
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