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  1. I don't. It's just one of several things about Peco that I've found extraordinary over the years.
  2. And the moulds, judging by some I've seen. And a worn mould problem instantly gets trickier to work round (by adjusting machine conditions) as soon as you start using anything but good quality virgin plastic.
  3. Good job I didn't know that when I was running shifts at an injection moulding company where as was normal throughout the industry the styrene sprues were reground and fed back into the feed hoppers ...
  4. Why? How many H&M controllers do you think a person would have to breathe the crushed innards of to risk asbestosis?
  5. In which case, I wonder why when I tried it I very soon regretted the decision ...
  6. And here comes another. I posted a while back about Derails helping me out with a problem with a Bachmann pannier. They bounced it back to Bachmann under guarantee and in due course back home it came - running if anything slightly worse than when it went! "Send it back", says Saul so I did, and today he's emailed offering me the choice of store credit or full refund. All I can say is that the last 30 years of my working life were spent running small businesses which were entirely dependant upon first class customer service, and I still have high expectations from firms I spend my money with. Very rarely are those expectations met nowadays, but they have been whenever I've dealt with Derails - and in fact they've usually been exceeded.
  7. Dunno, but the one Bachmann use and recommend is Hob-E-Lube White Grease HL-657. Got mine from somewhere or other online.
  8. It is excellent. And the customer service is good too.
  9. Blimey! 41 minutes to have the answer provided. Can't beat that for service ...
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/141951453821?hash=item210cf74a7d:g:4F0AAOSwC71cp7gk Works well for tweezers too.
  11. Ah. Beg pardon. DC. Being somewhat long in the tooth, I keep forgetting about that new-fangled alternative ...
  12. In order to save raking my meter out and trailing its leads across bits of the layout I need a thingy with which I can quickly check whether or not a section of 00 track has a voltage across it and also its polarity. Can anyone please recommend such a thing?
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