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  1. Thank you, gentlemen. That Humbrol stuff is readily available locally, so I'll give it a go tomorrow ...
  2. I have need of a varnish or laquer with which to put a matt protective coating over models painted with acrylics. Brush or rattlecan application will work for me, and it's a proper matt I need - not semi-matt, satin or almost-matt. Any suggestions please folks?
  3. I'm sorry if you chose to be miffed by my response, but I tend to credit most people with a sense of humour.
  4. No it isn't. As Mr Bacon says earlier in this thread for those who care to read his wise words, it's one of the various old cement/asbestos boards. Not at all the same thing as "asbestos".
  5. I tried SE Finecast embossed sheets once and swiftly changed to Slater's, with which I am entirely happy. Note FWIW that the courses of many of them are very slightly on the slosh i.e. not quite parallel to the long edges of the sheets.
  6. Is there any space in the boiler of the Oxford Dean Goods into which lead could be added in order to improve adhesion?
  7. Had cause to phone them this afternoon after deciding that a loco needed to go back to Bachmann under guarantee (Bachmann says to return to retailer in first instance, not to them). Saul couldn't have been more helpful on the phone, and Derails' return policy turns out to be truly brilliant. All done online after he sent the appropriate email with the links in, and loco will be picked up from here by RM tomorrow. Hassle factor - zero. Total cost - 60p RM collection fee
  8. Is it not the case with other major suppliers nowadays that in practice you place an order and hope for the best i.e. you don't know for sure what you're getting until you open the carton?
  9. Did Pullmans and Mk1s ever run regularly in the same train? I feel sure that on more than one occasion during the 1960s I've seen trains (going through or stopping at York or Doncaster) which consisted of blood and custard Mk1s with either one or two Pullmans in front of them. Am I imagining that?
  10. In the case of Hornby products, to Hornby.
  11. Didn't they just. And unless my recollection of the 1980s is completely wonky, the prime exponent of the practice was ... Hattons.
  12. Are we still allowed to say that?
  13. Wasn't that in their T & Cs anyhow?
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