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  1. I have a requirement for a few sheets of brick/stone paper, which I will need to cut it into strips about 25mm deep, then join the strips end-to-end to give me a total run of about a metre. We are talking 4mm to the foot and I'm not fussed whether it's brick or coursed stone, but ideally it needs to be aged/weathered or otherwise "old". Given that I've not used modern brick papers before and I don't have the means to print out the Scalescenes (?) ones, can somebody please suggest one or two that might fit the bill?
  2. Although the bridge can be removed, that's a major PITA so to all intents and purposes it's a fixture. Thanks for all the suggestions, gents. Seeing as how so much of the rest of my railway is actually improbable and this bit's on the far side of the room, I've decided that the application of some paint and a suitable brick or stone paper will do the job for now.
  3. Because in order to do that I'd have to take up the track (which includes a point and which would probably end up being scrapped), scrap the extrusions (because the trackbed's epoxied to them), buy two new lengths of angle, cut a new trackbed, make the new bridge, re-lay both track and point, re-do the wiring and construct a new bracket to fix the r/h end to the wall.
  4. Needs to be just the structure, be it bridge, viaduct or whatever, rather than "landscape". Making it into something that passes for a bridge is the obvious way forward, but all I can think of is Plasticard stripwork stuck to the ally to turn it into a representation of a girder bridge. For some reason though, I keep coming back to the idea of brickpaper - possibly sitting above 10mm of "beam" or girder. However, I've never used modern brickpaper so I have no idea which one might be suitable to use as 25mm deep strips butted end -to-end. And if I can find a suitable brick paper,
  5. At one end of my railway, the two main baseboards are joined by a "bridge". It's just over a meter long, it's made from two lengths of 35 x 35mm ally angle, it carries a single track on an 85mm wide trackbed, and originally it was intended to be purely functional. However, I've just been persuaded by my Lady Wife to continue a backscene along the wall behind it, so that it now looks like this when photographed from my operating position 8ft away ... I'd now like to "landscape" the bridge structure to some extent, even if all I do is disguise the two vertical faces of
  6. As in Bachmann 37-501, for example. When did wagons of this general type start going into service?
  7. Gosh. I have no idea what you mean, but I do like that sentence. It almost has something of the haiku about it.
  8. Robin, thank you very much indeed for that.
  9. Sorry to interrupt the flow, but can anyone please suggest where I might find the answer to my query?
  10. Can somebody please tell me exactly what Hornby has done with the glazing on these vans? Depending on which images I look at, it's either non-existent, clear, or what looks to be "reeded". I need to buy one online, and I'd like to be sure of the glazing before I order.
  11. Check out watch- and clock-makers' suppliers for the kosher articles at the corresponding price, failing which suppliers like RS and Farnell. Having said that, though, both the slotted and the crosshead sets I currently have came off Ebay. There's nothing wrong with either of 'em - and I speak as an ex-working jeweller.
  12. Thanks, but the only turntable kit that the very helpful Dave's still got that would suit is a 70ft which I'd have loved to have bought off him, but despite my best efforts over the past 24 hours to fiddle the finances, there's just no way I can afford the £200 for the three kits that make up the complete motorised unit. I seem to be destined to scratch-build my second turntable ...
  13. All I'm saying is that how he runs his business is up to him. In case it's of any interest to anybody else, I got an email from London Road Models this morning in response to my yesterday's enquiry saying that they're currently working on a 60ft turntable, but don't hold your breath ...
  14. I ordered a turntable that is described on his site as for 0n30. To my surprise, he emailed asking if I intended to use it for 0n30 or for H0/00. Seeing no reason to lie to the bloke, I replied 00 but that I was primarily concerned about reliability and smoothness rather than authenticity (or words to that effect). I don't want to copy his response to me verbatim, but the gist of it is that he's 0 gauge and 0n30, I ordered an 0n30 turntable but intended to use it for 00, he doesn't get involved in 00, so order cancelled and payment refunded.
  15. Cheers, but being way outside my budget, the Continental ones are non-starters.
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