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  1. Irritating? Far from it: I've learned a lot from this thread
  2. Well I for one suggest that you volunteer. You'd be making a useful contribution to the fount of knowledge on here (or the font if you prefer, but don't let's go there), and your standing among your peers would be raised to even greater heights. I'd do it myself, but my inductance-fu is not strong ...
  3. IMO if your drill's got bearing slop, it's time to get yourself a new one. Be that as it may, a more vertical cut may be obtained by the use of the Dremel flexy drive.
  4. Indeed it is - but for the benefit of our younger members, I feel obliged to point out that it's actually t'other way round. The distance between the stumps is one chain, which is a unit of length defined as being equal to 66 feet / 22 yards.
  5. Gosh Bob, that's wonderful! Thank you very much for taking the trouble to post that. ETA - love the 45° "feathers" to represent glass. Never seen that one before.
  6. I once succeeded in making a workable device by wiring a "blade" formed from part of a tin can to the largest bit I had for a 25W mains Antex iron. Looked decidely Heath Robinson but did what was required of it perfectly well. Have you looked the the "irons" that aeromodellers use for shrinking the plastic film with which they cover some model planes? They're essentially soldering irons with what amounts to a miniature clothes iron instead of an ordinary bit. You can usually pick one up cheap on Ebay.
  7. Didn't think I needed to. I didn't know there was another model railway shop in Widnes.
  8. I'm not. Too many model shop owners seem to stop at thinking any website is better than no website, and they invariably look at the whole thing the wrong way round. That is to say, from considerations of cost, ease of use and so forth, rather than from the customer's POV. I also suspect that where model railways are concerned, web sales are a bit of a PITA where some proprietors are concerned, what with having to wrap stuff up and schlep it to the Post Office. (I speak as someone who successfully turned three hobbies into businesses, one of which ended up being almost entirely dependent upon the website hooking punters.)
  9. Cheers chaps. So I guess the rearmost one looked astern and t'other looked ahead. Admittedly my Google-fu is not strong, but as I've got nowhere searching for a piccy, I have to ask - what was the setup like inside? Mrs Spikey has visions of something like the U-boat periscope, with the guard (complete with trimmed beard and hat on back of head) resting his arms on the folding handles as he anxiously scans the horizon ...
  10. On the roof of my Bachmann Mk1 suburban brake second, there's two queerthings over the guard's compartment. They're vaguely semi-cylindrical, with their axes across the carriage, and are a scale foot or so long. One's on the 5th roof rib from the brake end, and the other's midway between the 7th and 8th. What exactly are they, and if as I suspect they're additional ventilators, why were they needed?
  11. Well I'm impressed, and that doesn't happen very often nowadays where retail is concerned. Ordered three carriages from Model Railways Direct yesterday lunchtime, and I've just now unpacked them - 21 hours later! Not only that, but the total was around £18 less than it would have been from the folks in Widnes if they had them in stock ...
  12. Was that cracking a characteristic of BFB wheels generally, or just of 34067's?
  13. Really? I don't understand how, but if that is indeed the case, it might not be a bad thing!
  14. Possibly. But I look at it this way; in theory, fitting a pair of diodes to each point motor reduces the odds of switch failure. By how much, I have no idea. At present I still have reasonable eyesight and dexterity, but the omens on that still being the case in a few years' time are not good. Therefore it makes sense to me to fit diodes while the doing thereof is no great embuggerance - especially when it only costs me 4p a point. It's all about planning for decrepitude
  15. Thank you gentlemen. The CDU does indeed deliver a fair old whack (obsolete technical term) and there are times when we're decidedly nifty on the switches. I've also had three switch failures in the last year or so, I'm getting older, and it's worth my while doing whatever I can now to minimise extra demands on my deterity and eyesight in the future. FETs are out on account of cost and complexity on a layout with 25 points, but fitting a pair of 1N4002 diodes to each of them isn't a big deal if I do it a few at a time, starting with the pairs of points that are fired from one switch, followed by the rest in order of use.
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