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  1. Does it still say "Do not put in mouth" on those little packets of Peco track pins? Every time I saw that, I had this urge to enquire of them if it would be OK for me to put one in my ear instead.
  2. Somebody at Morrison's seems to be a firm believer in the old business maxim "Never over-estimate the intelligence of your customer". Just in case, it clearly states "Cook before eating" on the bag of their frozen sprouts that I've just emptied ...
  3. spikey

    Panic buying

    If they actually eat them. I've learned quite a bit from this thread, but one thing stands out. Judging by some of the comments made, Mrs Spikey and I must be somewhat unusual if not downright weird. In the present circumstances, we're just grateful for the simple fact that, substitutes notwithstanding, the supermarkets have continued to allow us to eat well. I guess our expectations are too low and our tastes are too unsophisticated for us to feel otherwise.
  4. Probably saw no reason to change their usual habits ...
  5. spikey

    Panic buying

    Eggs with a strong-coloured yolk and a brown shell have long been perceived as tasting better. Breed comes into it to some extent, but the main factor influencing yolk colour in hens' eggs is actually what they're fed on, and where supermarket eggs are concerned that usually means whether or not their feed has colourants in it. Can't remember what the artifical ones are, but marigolds and turmeric are the main natural ones. BTW, I trust that your lady wife knows that in the UK, the "best before" date on the carton is 28 days after it was laid.
  6. spikey

    Panic buying

    That "scrambler" is a trials rider on a trials bike. if he was a scrambler on a scrambler, he'd be wearing a crash hat rather than a ratting hat, and it's extremely unlikely that the bike would be registered for the road
  7. spikey

    Panic buying

    As you wish. But when I asked her the same question, she said she would if she could, but there was a long waiting list for jobs at Lidl. Whatever, we all shop where it suits us. FWIW as late as 10 years ago we still shopped at Waitrose (and Sainsbury's), being of the opinion that it was worth paying a bit more for the better quality. Then over time we discovered by following up recommendations that where what we eat is concerned, we were still paying a bit more but were no longer getting better quality.
  8. spikey

    Panic buying

    Hmmm. I haven't been in Waitrose for the best part of a year (can't afford their prices, can't stomach the patronising posters about how much they care etc), but on one of the last occasions I was, I said to the bored-looking Sunday girl on the till "Cheer up, could be worse. You could be in Lidl". "At least I'd be earning more" says she, then went on to explain that she was on minimum wage. If she was in Lidl, she'd be on a quid an hour more.
  9. Saw him just the once in 1962/3 and the main recollection is of how pink his suit was, how crap the sound was, how much he sweated and how many pink towels he got through ...
  10. Hmmmm ... interesting. I thought it was perhaps just me who couldn't really see any advantage over Google.
  11. spikey

    Panic buying

    Won't that depend on how Jewish she is ... ?
  12. Which do people find to be the most useful UK price-comparison website for general online shopping?
  13. To my way of thinking, life's going to be very interesting indeed from now on. Quite possibly I'm just failing to grasp some elementary logic, but if TPTB are on the verge of "easing the lockdown" and getting things back to some kind of normal, isn't that a sure-fire way of kicking off Round Two of Covid-19? Expose the herd to the disease again, see infections rise, re-impose lockdown, and see another few tens of thousands of the weakest perish? Wouldn't that amount to a (hopefully-)controlled cull?
  14. I was perfectly happy on permanent nights for the best part of two years, including the hot summer of '76. Worst system I ever worked was in the mid-1960's. Taking 6-2-, 2-10 and 10-6 as M, A and N respectively and day off as O, we worked a three-week cycle of MMMAANNOO, MMAAANNOO and MMAANNNOOO. Got used to it, but never got immune to it.
  15. OK ... seeing as how we're onto scrambled eggs, allow me to bring up (so to speak) NAAFI scrambled eggs - a mysterious pale yellow substance of variable density and consistency accompanied by a variable amount of liquid of uncertain origin, the whole always served at a range of temperatures ranging from ambient to never more than warm. I often used to wonder if anybody actually liked the stuff. Then in later years I worked nights with a bloke who always stopped at the chippie for cod and chips on the way to work for 2200hrs, left it on the top of his locker until around 0530, and then scoffed it cold for breakfast so he could go straight home to bed. So ever since I've assumed that maybe some folks did like NAAFI scrambled eggs ...
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