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  1. Honest, I've tried everything I can think of with the search function but got nowhere, so ... Can somebody please tell me in what way the Bachmann "EFE" J94 differs from the identical-looking J94 formerly produced by he of whom we do not speak?
  2. Fascinating. Did they never try hosing down the carriage sides rather than bucket-and-brushing it? Whatever, seeing that shoddy being used prompts me to ask - what is/was the difference 'twixt shoddy and mungo? Back in apprentice days, I was never sure which I was using ...
  3. I stumbled upon this charming 1962 film about carriage cleaning and am now left wondering what "ex mover" (x-mover?) was, apart from being a detergent of some kind used for carriage cleaning. Anybody know? Also wondering if anybody still uses shoddy ...
  4. Probably saw no reason to change their usual habits ...
  5. In our neck of the woods (inland East Sussex), Royal Mail seems to be slowly going from bad to worse, but amazingly Herpes is getting better! I had a loco sent via them from Manchester Saturday morning got here yesterday (Monday) early afternoon, DPD also seems to be still running as normal, as does Parcel Farce.
  6. Really? Acording to the description ... Gaugemaster GMC-PM4 Seep Point Motor with Latching Mechanism ... The PM-4 is a self-latching point motor, ideal for use with hand-made points, and also includes a changeover switch for operating accessories or changing frog polarity. Drive rod 41mm long.
  7. Thanks, so 32-214 (running number 5766 will be sprung. Right then, it looks to me like the definitive list of post-split-chassis 57XX panniers in pristine BR livery (early or late) is :- 32-211 r/no 7739 32-212 5757 32-214 5766 32-216 8732 Any dissenters?
  8. Good show! One down, just one to go now ...
  9. I'm trying to establish which Bachmann 57XX's in BR livery have the sprung centre drivers. I know for sure that running no 7739 (32-211 of 2005) and 8732 (32-216 of 2011) both do. As far as I know, the only other BR-livery 57XX's produced between those dates were 5757 and 5766, those being 32-212 and 32-214 of 2005 and 2009 respectively. Am I therefore correct in assuming that those two (5757 and 5766) also have the sprung centre drivers? And that the ones that came after 8732 are on the revised chassis with centre drivers driven?
  10. In many cases, yes. For the last 11 years of my working life, I was a professional wedding photographer in the sense that I made my living from it, was a "qualified" member of two recognised "professional" organisations, was VAT registered and was appropriately insured. Many wedding photographers are "professional" in the sense that they have a lot of expensive kit. Some are "semi-professional", meaning they have a decent camera (but not the essential backup camera!) and their mate liked the snaps they took of his wedding. It's like the term "Specialist". There's a builder round here who according to the back of his van specialises in roofing and chimney repairs, patios, garden walls and all general building ...
  11. Just out of curiosity, does anybody know what "a Government enforced 5-6 week despatch operation shutdown" is in plain old-fashioned English?
  12. Martin, thank you very much indeed for that
  13. Sorry, but I have to ask ... Could somebody please enlighten me as to why having the feedwater too warm is a Bad Thing?
  14. Ahah! Thanks, JImC. So I guess the boiler is clad pretty much as usual, the panniers butt up against that with the weight taken on those supports, and the straps over the top just hold the whole shebang together. Right ho - all we need to know now is what exactly takes the weight of a saddle tank full of water, and is there cladding all the way round the boiler under it?
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