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  1. I was actually thinking along the lines of the Magnorail cyclists.... but using the arms instead of the legs as the clear plastic wheel revolves!
  2. But do you have an animated man driven by a servo or a stepper motor to actually move it? Seriously though, this work is so impressive!
  3. Just had my order for the Siphon H canned. Not thrilled. Been on pre-order for months.
  4. I'll wait until Rapido are taking pre-orders themselves but will definitely be in the market for a deluxe pack. I suspect I'll end up with the buffet car as well, particularly if it is offered on its own.
  5. My sound fitted 6336 4S-043-001DS arrived last week and on Friday evening I had the chance to try it out on my local club's layout "Tulong" (named after the time it took to build!). It ran faultlessly, the sound quality was excellent and I could not fault the locomotive. Delighted with the purchase!
  6. It looks like the decoder and speaker will end up in the tender. However, it means I have to have 6 wires (pick-ups, motor, and firebox glow that cross from tender to the locomotive. Haven't yet plucked up the inner fortitude to tackle it...
  7. Well, I'm delighted to say when I got home from dropping my daughter at school on Friday a fairly substantial package was waiting for me. The word 'comprehensive' doesn't do the instructions justice! Really looking forward to starting on this once I've got my baseboards finalised for my shunting puzzle layout.
  8. My planned OO shunting puzzle layout definitely doesn't need one of these... but how can anyone modelling the GWR resist? Shut up and take my money!
  9. So true! - Definitely looking forward to it.
  10. Looking forward to receiving my canal side warehouse kit soon!
  11. G'day Everyone, Just wanted to check what were the likely sizes of the signs used in the steam era that said "Whistle" or "SW". Would the letters on the sign be about two foot tall, or would they be smaller?
  12. I've been getting my packages shipped from Hattons to Australia by DHL. Cost differential is not a lot. It also helps that I work for DHL and I get them sent to my office not home!
  13. Fascinating read. An absolute treasure trove. Thanks!
  14. I've just worked my way through this entire thread over the past few days and all I can say is... WOW! What exquisite modelling Chris! Incredible stuff. I came across the thread rather randomly and I am so glad I did. Inspirational.
  15. I actually contacted Hatton's yesterday about this. They indicated that they had not heard anything of this nature and that the previous delays in the sound-fitted models was due to Dapol not having the decoders in country and that this issue had now been sorted. They did promise to check on the validity of the rumour concerning Dapol abandoning the sound-fitted models and get back to me.
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