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  1. Hello Andy, Good to hear from you too I hope you and yours are OK. On the left is that little 12ft wheelbase coach made from your drawings In front of that a little outside cylinder 0-4-0 chassis from the Chronicles, the 9ft wheelbase 1886 Tinplate van is from the GANSG site and the 8ft 6" wheelbase cattle wagon from Mr Russell's GWR wagon book. I'm making an 0 Gauge shunting layout in 4ft x 1ft 7" and taking lots of time to do it, I think we are going to be stuck with the virus caper for a lot longer than we imagine. Fortunately we both have
  2. Hello Andy, Thanks for the message somehow the RMW code had added to the URL e.g. https://www.scottpages.net/ReviewOfControllers.html %C2%A0 really odd! It's not an emitter follower, in my estimation they come in as 'useless' Cheers - Jim [edit] The link above does work as does the one in my original post now , though not the one in Andy's quote! [edit2] "=C2=A0" represents the bytes C2 A0. However, since this is UTF-8, it translates to 00A0, which is the Unicode for non-breaking space. This is what you find :-)
  3. Hello ikcdab, Thanks for the comment good of you, Seccotine never went away and is available from Cornelissen's the colourmen and from Lucy Coad at the Square Piano company in Chippenham. I like it because it takes awhile to go off and I can fiddle with stuff while it does. Hello Maurice, Thanks for the link, that's a nice kit, shame about the couplings. I failed to make anything in 2mm, 3mm and 4mm and went to 0 gauge. It's the cheapest of the smaller scales if you make as much as you can yourself, I've always been a mean old geezer. Cheers both
  4. Hello all, I'm making a very small 0 gauge layout and need some small wagons. Some years ago while making another small layout I started but didn't finish this; It's my 'kit' drawing stuck as follows; body to artists mount board, W irons to 0.6 mm Ryman's mount board the brake gear to cereal packet card. I went to get my specs out of the fridge and popped into the garage and eventually found this; I'd got this far and didn't like the bolt head blobs and have just filed them off. I now use the Seccotine with some Cornflour and can get some nice pi
  5. Hello all, The model is called Moxley not far from Bilston. Old Ephraim nearly falls over backwards as he sees Mr Betjeman coming out of the back door, knowing full well what's going to happen. "Ahhhhh!" says Mr Betjeman, "I'm glad your here I was just going to the caff for an egg and tomato dip sandwich" (Mr Betjeman's dad had sent him to his factory to learn a proper trade, making fountain pens and paid him accordingly) "Now your here Ephraim I shall recite my new poem, 'Bathing Belles at Bilston Baths'..." Cheers - Jim
  6. Hello all, I do tend to go on a bit about DC controllers, I've made them since the late 70's. I wish I'd come across this one first instead of about 5 years ago. So simple it doesn't even need a circuit board. Scroll down this page to see the circuit for the above, it's the second one down with two BC557's: https://www.scottpages.net/ReviewOfControllers.html A Triang/Hornby 'Nellie' chassis with the original motor. I stop it several times to demonstrate the ability to move a few millimetres and on the way back s
  7. I recalled a gas holder from when I used to travel around, in Swan Village not far from West Bromwich. More about the works here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swan_Village_Gas_Works Might be a bit easier to make than a frame jobbie Cheers
  8. ... as I am with your kit building skills, I wouldn't know where to start. Cheers - Jim
  9. Hello NJ and Hello anyone else who happens to read this Reading through this thread made me realise that 'Cameo' applies to the layouts I've been making for the past 11 years. 1/. I make my own baseboards using thin plywood and geodetic construction, they don't warp like lots of others. 2/. My own track for 32mm, 7mm scale, 0 Gauge, using card sleepers and copper clad strips for the points and slips, made to my own radii and from my own drawings. 3/. Wagons, Vans and a Coach from card and paper, including the W irons, axle boxes, brake gear and coupling hooks
  10. Hello Andy, I found your thread yesterday, very well done indeed and I really like the locos they might be card, but, they have character. The Leggit and Hyde is great, reminds me of the shop front boarding up company, Bodgit and Scarper. Just down the road from Ma Pardoes pub in Netherton was Batchit just before the canal bridge, I often wondered how they answered the phone. You may remember the 12ft wheelbase coach drawing you gave me, I made that and when I saw the heading for this forum I looked because I'm on the way to completing an 1886 tinplate van.
  11. Hello Grahame, Eileen has just seen this, she is reading The Big Yin's autobiography and in there are the words to the ABC Minors Song and a mention of the gestapo Monitors who broke up the fights :-) Cheers Jim & Eileen. Very well done indeed [edit] PS They used to fight to get out at the National Anthem, so ABC put in the middle of the show.
  12. That's interesting Neil, very good prices I'm quite surprised. Cheers - Jim
  13. Hello, Seeing the video above I wondered if you would like to have a look at this; A 1970's Triang/Hornby 'Nellie' chassis still with its original 3 pole motor, cleaned but not oiled. I have authored a PDF on how to make the very simple 3 semiconductor controller and assumed that the reader knows nothing about electronics. I show in the video how I can move it just a few mm first time every time and on the way back how the feedback works. Please send me a kind request with your email if you would like the PDF. Cheers
  14. Hello Paul, Thanks for the question, the board is 56" long by 18" wide, made from 6.0 mm ply, once made I can pick them up with one finger. I just weighed this one; I used an old spring weighing thing and it came to 6 Kg, very easy to carry into a show even up stairs as sometime happens. Cheers - Jim
  15. Hello, Initially with both screws and glue, once the glue had set I removed the screws. The board I posted above is now 11 years old and is in a room at the back of our garage, Its damp in the winter very hot in the summer, it's never warped and the traverser works like melting ice on melting ice. The board, now with a loco release extension is 56" x 18" Cheers
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