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  1. Hello TM, Hornblocks make so much difference in fact an 0-4-0 won't go anywhere without them. Worst case scenario a cardboard 0-4-0 chassis made using a 6" rule. and the axles lined up by eye on a cutting board. And a video of it working: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TtpHJpefRQ&feature=emb_logo These HB's are from High Level models and very good they are too. I send out in exchange for a nice message a PDF detailing how to make a loco from card, if you let me know your email I will gladly send it to you. Cheers - Jim
  2. Hello Brack, Plausible will be fine for me, although I made one from card: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=-TtpHJpefRQ&feature=emb_logo all sorts of stuff made its way onto light and industrial railways. One of the tales that amuses me is the Brymbo Iron Works sending Mr Boulton two wagon loads of loco bits and 'would he make one loco from them and he could keep the rest of the bits'. he returned with the asp loco a few weeks later. Cheers - Jim
  3. Hello Penlan, Thanks for the input good of you, I have a collection of light railway books and have never seen a single or double slip on any of them. I did make a single slip for one of my layouts but altered it when I found the The Barry Slip in the Tramway book. They are just two points superimposed and are wired up as you would two single points the only other thing is cutting two slots in the tie bars to stop a short. Here's a demo pic of the simplest frog switching arrangement possible (under the base board of course) using the blades as switches, if contact is lost one merely bends the wire a bit. If you look closely to the left of the bare wire you can just see the 'sticky up' bits, I file a flat on them to make the contact a bit better. If you would like to see it working there is a video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=-TtpHJpefRQ&feature=emb_logo Cheers - Jim
  4. Hello all, I've altered my track plan I thought a 3 way point would not be the sort of thing a light railway would have. A Barry Slip though can be found on the Selsey Tramway so I've included one of those. And a factory some sort of rural industry or an 'agency' factory on HMG contracts. Cheers - Jim
  5. Hello all, The lawyers loophole (there is always one) Pirates!! good heavens no! Privateers, ahhhh that's better. And Mr Gilbert at Hunston 'Station' employed, the company was always out for a bargain, to do onerous duties including pumping water by hand from the ditch into the water tower by hand, no doubt using a Semi-Rotary pump at 5 miles a fortnight, came very cheaply, he only had one arm! It wasn't all an arcadian idyll Cheers - Jim
  6. Hello Mark, That was quick! But they look fantastic. Fair play to you :-) Cheers - Jim
  7. Hello RS, I found the page on the LNER site: https://www.lner.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6750 it looks fine to me. I scratch built a Y7 and a Y8 in cardboard for 0 Gauge. Cheers - Jim [edit] The North Sunderland Railway hired a Y7 from the NER and insisted they have the 'hole' at the back blocked up and a window fitted.
  8. Thanks Ed and Thanks John, I'm grateful to you both. Cheers - Jim
  9. Hello all, May I ask another question please, would someone be good enough to measure the length of Nellie just over the buffers, I'm doing a micro track plan drawing and as usual trying to get a quart out of the pint pot. Cheers - Jim
  10. Thanks John and Thanks Malcolm and Thanks David and Thanks Pat, A wealth of suggestions there, I'm spoilt for choice :-) I'll have a scrabble through the cleaning cupboard and see what we've got. Thanks for your help - Cheers - Jim
  11. Hello all, I've got an old Nellie and finding this thread I would really like to have a go at it. The body has been badly painted and I read that disinfectant will remove the paint, is this right? I like the way you've done yours Hayfield the primer looks so smooth. Cheers - Jim
  12. Hello Jack, Thanks for the message glad you liked Marcel's site I've turned some of his pics into low relief buildings. I used to take 10 and 12ft 0 gauge layouts to shows, I'm an independent modeller and running up and down all day and then driving sometimes 100 miles got to be a bit wearing. I'd found Carl Arendt's site and his 4sq ft challenge, I left my layout at the Ilkeston MR show for them to play with in 2009 and spent a year making my first 0 gauge micro at 4ft 7ins. As soon as I started operating it I realised that I could sit down to do it, I have two chairs in front of them (I've got 3 now) so that people can stop, sit and chat, while I operate it. I've always liked light railways after my MiL bought me a book on the North Sunderland Railway. Spidery track, spikes no chairs, oddball locos, even odder wagons, vans and coaches. Their stories are so much more interesting, the Bishops Castle running in receivership for 70 years, the Selsey Tramway running illegally as a railway, the cyclist overtaking the train on the Wantage tramway etc etc. Cheers - Jim
  13. Thanks Wheatley and thanks Ken, Nice of you to give some more input, I have though thrown them in the bin. I'm making the frames from card so I'll go back to my usual way of doing it, I found some 14mm old Hornby wheels. I was just about to set up and glue the frames together after checking and adjusting with some paper strip to get the brass bar parallel to the board and then square it up from this angle, before fitting the horn blocks. I also wanted to see if the motor would fit between the frames. Cheers both - Jim
  14. Hello all, Two steps forward ...... I thought I would have a go at squaring up the chassis and get the bushes parallel with the 1/8" brass rod, bits of paper glued on the frames to do that. My wheels had arrived from Scalelink the square axle shanks would not go into the plastic squares in the wheels, into the bin! and the motors from China, at least they look OK. I found some 14mm dia old Hornby ones I'll use those. Does anyone know what loco they may be off they are very small? Cheers - Jim
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