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    Light railways, micro layouts, 7mm 0gauge, card modelling, making my own DC controllers.

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  1. Hello Andy, Thanks for the nice comments good of you. I like making those videos now having got a bit more used to it, I'm going to do more about my new and smaller layout and I've got to make some small wagons and another loco so I'll do some screencasts/videos about their construction. Cheers - Jim
  2. Hello all, This is the third of my layouts and is called Maltby not to be confuse with the one in Yorkshire this is in Lincolnshire not far from Louth. Its only claim to fame is the springs hence the Maltby Spring Water company. It was just on the Louth side of Hallington station the siding can still be made out on the photo. There are two fiddle yards to make the running and shunting a bit more complex. The loco is the Lady Armstrong from the North Sunderland Oakwood Press book Cheers - Jim
  3. Hello Ian, I've just found this thread after typing 'Carl Arendt' into the search, I had noticed that 'micro' layouts were straying away from the 3 to 4 sq ft and was going to do something about it myself. Your idea encompasses lots more than I would ever have thought of, fair play to you. I'll post on the Gauge O Guild forum and the 7 mm Scale Society forum with a link to this thread and a link to Issue Zero PDF? We need more O gauge micro layouts, why? Because if you make as much as you can yourself it's far cheaper and easier than any of the other scales. People can learn skills that that they never thought they would be able to attain. Having made one thing, a wagon from card, a point to their own radius, they will be able to tackle their next item with confidence. I recently sold all three of my micros and have started another one and have done a little video on this thread: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/160301-the-skarffe-lt-rly-government-agency-factories-first-operating-video/&do=findComment&comment=4517401 Cheers - Jim I too feel quite strongly that we should honour Carl's legacy and his tireless work in promoting micro layouts.
  4. Hello all, I've got the first bit of tracking working and the video is a test to see that it works OK. And a Plea for more O Gauge micros Here's a few links; 1/. Ian Holmes post on RMW about the MMRD e-mag: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/164805-a-new-e-mag-for-the-micro-layout-enthusiast/ 2/. Issue Zero of the mag: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ophuj2uvq82uj3y/AAAxyOu9VECNQk71Ll3j2zGka?dl=0 3/. Micro and Small layout sizes on Carl Arendt's original site: https://lone.net/trains/carendt.morphoist.com/about/index.html Cheers - Jim
  5. Hello Andrew, I'm pleased that you've found some locos that respond quite well to the UF controller, for OO the running is not bad. Though I do hope you are going to rip that lot up and go to O :-) @ManofKent Hope you don't mind me fiddling with your pic, it's an extreme example but can be made to work. With a large image it would be worth doing far more than I've done in a few mins. Cheers both - Jim
  6. Hello Jeremy, Hope you don't mind me breaking into your thread with some info for @jamest Hello James, Some wagons under construction here: The flat one ended up as the above after finding the slurry tank in the GANSG archive it's from 1910 (and looks it) I do some how to PDF's if you or anyone else would like them please send me a nice message, I ignore one line phone speak demands, with your email address and I will gladly send them to you. Cheers - Jim
  7. Hello John, Thanks for your nice comment good of you. All I had left from older builds was a few offcuts. Cheers - Jim
  8. Hello Jeremy, It's quite surprising the amount of stuff in the way of buildings and loading platforms that were dotted around East Anglian ends of line. I've sent you a scan of Upwell Depot, surprised me as well looking at it closely for once. Cheers - Jim
  9. Hello all, I use Tesco's cheapo office paper for springs, measure the width I need, cut a strip and reduce the length by 3mm each time. I glue with a PVA dropper and bend them in my fingers to fit on the W irons, a few minutes and it's done. Cheers - Jim
  10. Hello Jerry, Nice to hear from I hope you and yours are OK. Thanks for the nice comment I'm grateful. I'm going to wire it up next and will do another vid or screencast when I do, hopefully! Cheers - Jim
  11. Hello Joshua and Hello all, Well I'm amazed! Really pleased to see you back and having a go with it, fair play to you. I noticed that you mentioned the 3 links, the craft section on eBay is a good place to find Black Aluminium 0.4 or 0.5 mm wire. I tried for the third time in OO and failed miserably, again, such is life. I've still got some stuff though, I'll photo it and put it on here J if you don't mind. Cheers - Jim
  12. Hello all, I had a little idea, little things please ..... I thought but didn't say in the vid that it might draw people attention away from the moving crossing timber. Such is life. Cheers Jim
  13. Hello Rob, If you would like to have a go at making your own backscene there is a simple way to have a graduated blurring. Using Photoshop* Make a selection of roughly 3/4's of the upper part of the image Feather the selection by anything from 150 to 500 pixels Use the Gaussian Blur tool from 5 up to 20 pixels. Cheers - Jim *PM me
  14. Hello Jeremy, Lovely to see that you've started a thread fair play to you. I can think of several light railways where the locos carried sliding rerailing jacks for when the track spread. They also carried spare spikes, shovels and sledgehammers. It was common practice to moved the sleeper(s) to one side to try and find some good wood to knock the spikes into. They also bought 2nd or 3rd hand sleepers! Using an old soldering iron bit it is possible to release the super glue. I have to do it all the time especially with card sleepered points, this is what you find. But, you do end up with a lot for very little dosh and the 'how to' knowledge, if you can remember it. Haven't left my specs in the fridge ...... yet! Cheers - Jim
  15. Hello Mike, This is what you find, "Have you got any medals, Mannnerrring" said the Captain for the East Platoon. Cheers - Jim
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