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    Light railways, micro layouts, 7mm 0gauge, card modelling, making my own DC controllers.

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  1. Hello Marc, Thanks for the reply good of you, well there we are then you are unable to do it. I and no doubt many others reading this would be delighted to see a video of your new couplings working on the layout. There's nothing quite like an O Gauge layout doing some precise shunting, it doesn't matter how small the locos are they have something the smaller scales are incapable of; "Gravitas". Amazing to have it and a pleasure for the visitors at a show, who often depart muttering, "This O Gauge caper is wonderful I must have a go myself". Cheers - Jim
  2. Hello Marc, It looks a lovely layout very well done indeed. Thinking about the couplings and while you've got the opportunity to change to something that works. May I suggest if it's possible to have a gap in the top, that you have a go at 3 links, once you've got the hang of them they are so easy to use anywhere on the layout, you'll also be able to uncouple while a train is moving. It makes a layout so much more fun to operate Cheers - Jim
  3. Hello Przemek, Looking at your design plans I would say that the easiest would be One or Two Why? Because the operation and physical stops for your traverser would be easy to make Eight pieces of wood made into in an L shape, with some 3mm bolts through the uprights at traverser height Drill a 2 mm hole and waggle the drill to make the hole a bit bigger Then screw in the bolts With those two plans you only need a two position traverser and the bolts can be used to adjust both the position and the alignment. Cheers - Jim
  4. Thanks for that WH, and welcome Phil, the PDF is on the way to you. Cheers both - Jim
  5. Hi Steve, Forgive me if I already sent you the PDF, I've only just relooked at this thread, I've recently redone the controller one with photographs of the stripboard layouts making it a lot easier to make them. And a 'taster' post here on my little site: https://ogaugemicro.blogspot.com/p/controllers.html there's a bit at the bottom explaining a common misconception about pulse/feedback controllers, with my usual direct evidence :-) Cheers - JIm
  6. Hello Ian, Solid baseboard that well done you obviously have hidden skills. I hope you don't mind me asking this but would you be good enough to stand the board upright, put a foot on the floor end and try to twist the board from the top, if you've got more than a couple off millimetres twist then you will need some diagonal bracing to stop it warping. If you were already going to do this then please accept my apologies. There is a page on my little/blog site about this: https://ogaugemicro.blogspot.com/p/baseboards.html Cheers - Jim
  7. Hello, The answer to using just one loco is a two road traverser with a single fixed loco release behind it. Very easy to make from wood and will give you lots more operating potential.. A little way into this video you can see one working: Cheers - Jim
  8. Hello Przemek, Welcome to RMW your in the right place :-) Adding to Keiths comment I make traversers from wood very simply, this is a 4 minute video of one. Cheers - Jim
  9. Hello Richard, What a lovely comment thanks ever such a lot. It's really nice to be able to read your thoughts on a new layout, especially as you are changing scale. If you'd like my how to PDF's you'd be very welcome to them. I do hope you'll start a thread in the micro layout section more O Gauge ones are needed. Once the running and shunting has been experienced there's no going back to the smaller scales. Cheers and thanks again - Jim
  10. Great pics Nh, I really like the one of the 'station' with the train shed. I thought straightaway about Bob Hughes and his enormous thread on the MTI Mag forum. Thanks for the memory (as they say) Cheers - Jim
  11. Hello Adam, Many thanks for the message good of you to write so comprehensively. I do agree with everything you say. I'm going to make a small diesel loco that looks quite simple. No need to cut out all the spokes from some old Hornby 0-6-0 wheels, hardly any radii in the body and big enough to take an 18 x 33 motor. You'd be very welcome to the drawings and pics. I can also send you all my PDF's, if you haven't already got them, forgive me if you have. Cheers - Jim
  12. Hello SY, I too like it better with the platform, it looks now more than the sum of it's parts. I think the well spaced sidings help with that too. Cheers - Jim
  13. Hello Andy, Superb stuff, I really like that brake van and the vertical boiler loco. Those figures are superb typical blokes, them as used to ride bikes to and from work, with a striped leather bag over the handlebars and moving so slowly one feared they would fall off. Cheers - Jim
  14. Hello Ian, Great track plan I like the way it has evolved. I have a couple of videos that might be useful to you. First of all how to make a simple wooden traverser And secondly a three road traverser to two track one working just after the beginning of this video Cheers - Jim
  15. I had a bloke at a show come up and say, "That's ridiculous!" in a loud voice. I said would he like to have a go also in a loud voice so he couldn't really say no :-) I showed him how to work it and sat at the front for awhile and then asked him if he wouldn't mind if I went for a walk round the show. He didn't apologise when I got back just said the he was going to make one himself. Cheers - Jim
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