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  1. Just had a FOC replacement from Hattons on 11th Dec, running OK at present & keeping fingers crossed that this one will be a "good" one.
  2. Hi There, my Baldwin has just developed identical symptoms, did you send it back to Bachmann?, how have you solved the issue?. NB: I only bought mine on 15/10 & it has had very little use. Regards Chris
  3. Just building a JLTRT CCT kit now & with the useless instructions provided these pictures have proved very useful, thanks for posting.
  4. So glad you put this picture of the underside up, the JLTRT Instructions are a total disgrace & without your picture I would have been clueless how to fix the brake gear, well done & thanks. Not had a lot of time to get the JLTRT CCT progressed but he is where I am at the moment. The instructions are a series of photos with some basic narrative. I'm not too keen on them as they jump around a bit and things like putting in the window bars before painting will mean that fitting the glazing will then not be easy, especially as I have some Shawplan Laserglaze for these vehicles and it needs to be carefully manipulated to get in right. Hence, I've not really followed them and just approached it logically - roof, sides, ends, underframe etc. The roof is not too challenging, - just stick the ventilators on. DSCN1755.JPG However, when I was looking at pictures of the vehicle ends, I noticed that my chosen vehicles had BR shell vents and not the BR dome vents supplied. Having had a good look on the net, I can't find any CCTs with all dome vents, so off they came and I fitted some Sidelines ones I had in another (unstarted) kit. Having had a look in my other two kits, one has BR dome vents and the other has what looks like the ridged BR dome vents, ho-hum.... Anyway not too difficutl to fix. DSCN1805.JPG The ends of the JLTRT CCT are missing the vertical locking bar and handle. I've added some brass strip and wire to represent these. I''ve been trying to get the clips around the locking bar to look right but everything I've tried to date looks too chunky so I'll revisit this later (I haven't yet tried a sliver of sticky paper label and hope that the paint seals it and keeps it fixed in the years to come). I used some Laurie Griffin cast lamp irons rather than the whitemetal ones that come in the kit, they are not really 100% accurate but they look the part. Not much to do to the sides except add the hand rails. It is a bit strange that there are no drilling marks for the hand rails - its up to you to work out where they go. I've worked off photos and have noted the measurements that I've used so thet other two will be consistent. Also there is a hand rail on the extreme right hand end of the sides that is really part of the vehicle end (that is not mentioned in the instructions). DSCN1802.JPG The underframe castings have taken quite a bit of cleaning up, the buffers especially. There are some components missing that Brian Daniels highlighted in his build. DSCN1804.JPG Thats about where I'm at, I need to scratch build these fittings to complete the brake linkages. So glad you posted this, picked it up from
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