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  1. I'm busy converting some into a quad set and have popped the metal frame off from underneath to reveal lots of pockets that can be filled with liquid lead, so all is not lost.
  2. Thanks have messaged him. Will have to do a bit of research now for liveries and markings
  3. OO gauge flat racks, now they sound nice. Are these scratch built op?
  4. Might be a good idea. I'm on another forum and the comments on there are getting used by the news groups. A similar thing happened on a forum after the Shoreham airshow crash
  5. The gradients in Wales are too steep for a single shed on its own. On the flat it would be ok but would take an age to get upto speed
  6. Good ol' reliable/hunk of junk (delete as appropriate) shed 66198 is doing the honours
  7. According to a local gen group it has failed and a 1Z99 is on the way to rescue
  8. EFE Rail? Never heard of them before. I do like the look of the clay tigers though. Better start saving my pocket money.
  9. 60091 had it's engine shut down between Brocklesby and Melton Ross the night before. I'm surprised it was dragged dead all the way to Westerliegh and back.
  10. You don't necessarily need any runners. You could run one or both flasks with an Regional Railways and or EWS livered inspection saloon at each end or more recently the DRS MK2 coaches.
  11. They look ok to me in that pic. They are in the retracted position with the buckeye raised. When the head is dropped to use the hook there is a pin on the buffer shank that is removed allowing the heads to be rotated 90 degrees and extended. AFAIK class 33, 73 and 91s also have the same type fitted.
  12. Maybe I'm been selfish. But nevermind all this talk of diesels, I'd rather Iike a OO gauge Euro spine wagon with the Parcel Force trailers instead please.
  13. Yes they have been the on EWS FCA and FKA twins, privately owned British Gypsum KFAs and all varieties of GBRFs FEA twins and singles
  14. I'm not all that interested in units but I agree with the chap above something like the Electrostar would be a good earner what with all the liveries they carry. Might I suggest on the wagon front the EWS FCA twins or FAA flats. Coal container FPA, Railtrack JNA or how about the ex TML JNA/PXA bogie box's?
  15. It started off been diesel hauled to Dollands Moor. The Dollands Moor to Belmont yard leg went over to 92 quite a while later, I'm thinking around 2010? Oh just remembered there was for a short time Dollands Moor to Tyne yard cars that was Dyson hauled also In the 2004-08 ish timeframe
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