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  1. Sorry if I missed it. But are you planning on doing the roller bearing versions of the 5' 6" and 8' plate bogies with air brakes as well?
  2. The bogie Dapol wagons I have. Megafrets, Silver bullets etc all seem to use #17 Kadees which makes me think that Dapol fit the pockets to far out. But in the case of the Turbot and Bolster E there's no choice due to the short wheelbase bogie been so close to the wagons headstock. So on my Turbots I decided to cut the pocket in half, then chopped the tail off a Kadee #17 and glued together.
  3. Seen on Facebook today top n tail 91s on a mixed prentendolino, Greater Anglia and prototype HST livered rake of MK3s test on the ECML. Sorry I'm unable to share the link
  4. Definitely did in the EWS era of the late 90s. Try having a look at Roddy Mcphee on Flickr there's bound to be a few pics that will be of use to you on there.
  5. If I remember correctly these TEAs are numbered in the 859XX series and worked exclusively out of LOR and Humber refineries untill the the 88XXX and 870XXX TEAs were introduced from 2005 onwards. Edit. There's some pics of clean tanks at Marcroft Swansea Burrows in 1992 on Paul Bartlett's site
  6. I have some MK1s also without the cams so I will be going down the Keen Systems route. But I need the return springs doe's anyone know of where i can get some?
  7. The Dutch 56 is 031, the grey patch in the centre of the bodyside between the yellow and dark grey is where its name plate was. Haven't a clue about the 56 coming from the Grimsby direction.
  8. Haha that's what I thought. Please don't be 1990s I can't afford another hit in the wallet. oh phew
  9. The tug still has its tail lights on its leading end. Haha contemporary scene the vid is 20 years old yet it feels like yesterday!
  10. Does anyone know what's the best match for BR engineers grey? I fancy having a bash at doing a couple of plain grey locos ala 73106 Thanks in advance.
  11. There was also a rake of the EWS red FKA twins in use around the year 2000. GBRF have gone on to use the 640xxx FEA twins and singles in blue and the odd Network Rail yellow FEA singles have made an appearance on gypsum and container trains in the past ten years or so.
  12. Dunno about the subclass been reused but yes the engines were trialed for the proposed the class 38. I hear the straight 6 Mirrlees Blackstone in 37901-904 is identical to the 8 cylinder prime mover in the class 60s.
  13. Livery wise not particularly my cup of tea. But at least we will hopefully have another working example of premier West Coast traction to enjoy.
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