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  1. I've seen pics of chopped up class 31s in SSA scrap wagons from Stockton in Tees yard before. Some class 56s that were cut at Immingham also had a last ride through Barnetby in said wagons at the turn of the century.
  2. Loco buffers is a varied subject. For instance class 37s have had large diameter round Oleos, oval head, rectangular and elliptical headed buffers over the years. Class 60s have had elliptical and ovals. Class 90s have had two types of retractable buffers chopped round and full circle and a mix of oval and elliptical. In the case of the class 60 and 90s some locos have had one of each oval and elliptical at one end at one point.
  3. Seems there's been a little confusion, the title does say elliptical.
  4. I've tried that in the past but wasn't happy with the results, I couldn't get the shape right and they looked too small to my eyes. I've decided to have a bash at using some spare Lima class 59 buffer heads and short pieces of tube.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate you taking the time to look. But the style of buffer head I'm after is what's fitted to class 60s and 66s. Hornby did do spares but they are currently unavailable.
  6. Hello, apologies if this is in the wrong place. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a supplier of oo gauge sprung elliptical buffers, or failing that non sprung would do. Thanks in advance.
  7. Yes please and the cut down versions, tops code PJA would be a nice addition
  8. During 1999/2000 56011 was turned out by Tyne yard and worked the Low fell-Plymouth vans. Don't know if it was swapped at Doncaster or worked further south.
  9. Thanks, I'm not all that clued up on the 2005-present day coaching stock scene. It's a out of my preferred modelling era.
  10. I dont think B4s were all that common under mk1s. It depends on the period you are modeling. Off the top of my head some SO did, with the FK and BCK were most likely to have them, I'm sure someone will be along with a more comprehensive list soon.
  11. RP82

    EFE Rail Class 58

    Another case of checking photos as bogie swaps occurred during their service life with BR, EWS
  12. I can't remember if it was either a Workington/Huddersfield/Lincoln TPO that was formed of a sorting coach and BG in the late 80s/early 90s
  13. I seem to remember reading in HST silver jubilee that the traction motor commutators would suffer glazing and possible flash overs if the power cars weren't providing traction power all the time. So the decision was to run in multi with the 91. Has all the Mk3 TGS coaches had the retractable buffers removed now?
  14. Regarding the alphanumeric headcode. Will the headcode box be empty with some made up for the modeller to fit or will they be already fitted to the loco?
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