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  1. Apparently the loading gauge at Wakefield Europort was turned off as the loco kept triggering it, the report is somwhere on the RAIB site. I don't know about Australia but in the late 90s in USA there was a diverted stack train that shaved the roofs off a few containers and knocked some box's off its wagons when it went under a Freeway bridge
  2. A Wakefield to Southampton intermodal had a highcube box loaded onto a normal height flat wagon instead of a lower deck megafret/FKA. I think the RAIB report said it wouldn't have fitted through the tunnels further down the line.
  3. Next PFA release? Often used to see two or three of these Omya tanks on the Doncaster to Mossend Enterprise.
  4. You can 90005 to the list of plain unbranded Virgin 90s working for Anglia
  5. RP82

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    Container and steal trains seem to be the in thing at the moment. So I'm hoping for something along the lines of the EWS FCA container twins. FTA FSA Frieghtliner flats and seen as we have the chassis the BPA, BMA/BNA slab/plate wagons would be nice. Fingers crossed
  6. RP82

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    123 and 124 would also be rather nice
  7. 37223, 285, 332, 334 and 335 also kept their frost grills on to the end
  8. Don't worry about sticking name plates on straight and level
  9. Iv been visiting Doncaster for 20+ years and the north end of P1 has always had a main aspect with route theatre box and position light signal at the end. Before the sidings were removed to make way for platform 0, there used to be a position light mounted under the canopy controlling access into these sidings.
  10. Excellent guys. Any plans to do the version with a more rounded hood with green frames and silver panels?
  11. It was towards the inner headstock on one pair of FEAs
  12. FEAs can carry 45s. I saw a yellow P&O ferry masters box on an FEA twin at Stafford around ten years ago behind a pair of 86/6s
  13. Looks like predator when it takes it helmet off
  14. Thanks AY MOD. So unless I'm been completely thick I need a letter from the liquidators. So I have just fired off an e-mail to them then take that to my bank with my PayPal receipts
  15. Hi added my £90 for three OO class 92s. I payed by debit card via PayPal and i am unsure how to go about trying to clam. Any tips guys?
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