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  1. Hi mike As Craigs partner in crime it was great to meet you hopefully see you at heywood phil
  2. Really sad mate you have had to let this go Hopefully will see you about maybe on a steam up or an exhibition in the future Phil
  3. And on his death it was broken up and sold off ,which was a real shame .phil;
  4. Do you have any live steam locos ? and how long to clean your track for dcc operation?
  5. Hi greg http://www.brianjonesmodels.co.uk/page7.html He will provide you with the basics and some advice .Not cheap but good quality reliable electronics. This Bachmann shay is radio controlled with the mac 5 8years ago and still runs well Phil
  6. Could be a burner issue and or gas jet problem especially if it seems to be lighting in the smoke box .Barley pit works do a replacement burner which is a vast improvement on the original. Phil
  7. My sympathy mate take it easy don't go too mad and hurt yourself! phil
  8. Been on a visit to Scorton bank today .Liked these wagons might copy these few running pics but don't do justice to the line Had a good day out , and while running our trains in the garden got to see the real thing running the other side of the road on the west coast main line albeit class 90s ,66s, etc
  9. Hi Bob if I can put my two pence in . There are no metalwork or woodwork classes in secondary schools anymore which is how I got my interest Then tech collage making screwdrivers on a lathe as part of my electrical course .A lot of kids are interested in games or phones etc. I was a member of Bolton model rail club now defunct, we tried a lot of ways to get young and old into the club but some parents seemed to think we could babysit their children on modelling nights [cheaply]. Club rule was children under 16 had to be accompanied. Some members didn't want kids in the club at all. So its like shooting yourselves in the foot .How can you pass these skills on? There are still a few model engineers out there self taught beavering away in their sheds . Over the last ten years quite a few I know have passed away, which is really sad ,that little bit of advice or drawing on a scrap of paper to help on completing a project now gone. I still think for the hobby to progress The young need to be encouraged to take an interest , hopefully in enough numbers to carry on . Talking to my local model rail shop ,he said the bulk of his sales were to 50 -65 year olds and he gave the hobby about 15 years. He did say that he will probably retire in the next ten years presumably to sell on phil
  10. hi Bob give it a coat of acrylic matt varnish ,that should dull it down ,weather later or leave it as ex works rebuild which would have looked all shiney and new. phil
  11. Hi Bob Im going to Bradford on the Saturday ,So if your going that day ill see you there .Just been given all clear so hopefully things should get back to normal now.(12 weeks) . Phil
  12. Chris s layout is still about and stored in his shed so he can run it .I think he has a regular meet at his house every Tuesday. He has a smaller one that a toilet door opens and a chappie is sat there reading his paper, a dog wagging its tail, He runs battery only locos because its an end to end with a traverser He took that to the first Manchester show when it moved . phil
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