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  1. https://www.olfacutters.co.uk/Olfa-PC-s-cutter I use one of these i also cut sheet metal with it its a heavy duty laminate cutter but when I blunt the blade ive sharpened on the grindstone great for cutting plastic sheet too
  2. You have got quite a bit done and with those footings if you need to[ as you get older] you could raise the track up . YEP love a visit in the future nothing like a good steam up phil
  3. If you havnt yet joined the 16mm society id advise you to do so and obviously when things open up visit as many steam ups as you can. Plenty of ideas etc and obviously advice without making costly mistakes [time and money] . The one thing i would say is if you do have steam ups and invite visiting locos etc you will need siding space .They need parking space while waiting to have another run or a cuppa and a couple of passing loops this will ensure you can have 2 or more running at anyone time A steam up bay off to one side will help so that preping a loco will not interfere with running . points are expensive and i run on 45mm track but the peco track i have has been outside 20 years with minor problems, so no complaints. I found when i built mine as soon as i got a circuit that was it for a while i was too busy running trains Ive still got a lot to do but you are never finished out there + I rebuilt mine so i could get my garratt round the curves and raised it to save bending down
  4. couldnt your turn table go into the empty space lose 1 of the ashpits not the road . to park locos on cos not all of them stayed in the shed? phil
  5. Hi gordon ive followed your thread and admired your pointwork for a long time .If i might add you could always put the turn table in the shed and it becomes a round house Burton Shed had 2 turntables one in each shed and in their hey day had over 100 locos based there It even had a wheel drop pit . The LNER garrat made an appearance at one stage overheating journals and it went over the wheel drop pit It was on its way to the lickey bank as a banking engine . Although its a midland shed we had an LNER shed 1mile down the line till about 1964 [ Beer traffic and there was lots of it] . Any way i digress with a round house where the turntable is everything would flow down to the shed and you wouldnt need so much point work TYdesley shed had a double round house too and im sure somewhere on line there is a trackplan of 1908 vintage + they also had repair sheds too phil
  6. Hopefully they will sort out your health issues mate ,So are we building somat to run on 7 1/4 guage?
  7. Agree bit disapointed this year of stafford show but will be attending next year regardless .Be at doncaster show next sunday dont miss that one either .
  8. well we garden railers tend to hibernate in winter servicing our stock or building something more to run in the new season . building the railway outside tends to take a while too . Impressed that you are going dual guage wont be cheap phil
  9. Hi mike As Craigs partner in crime it was great to meet you hopefully see you at heywood phil
  10. Really sad mate you have had to let this go Hopefully will see you about maybe on a steam up or an exhibition in the future Phil
  11. And on his death it was broken up and sold off ,which was a real shame .phil;
  12. Do you have any live steam locos ? and how long to clean your track for dcc operation?
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