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  1. In its current start a half built bridge, in its finished state it will be a road over rail bridge, dual carriageway. With overhead signage etc. just haven’t got that far yet, it’s on the don’t want to do list lol.
  2. Portacabin added, alongside matchstick fence, as well as an attempt at weathering a network rail super guv
  3. Whitwell Sidings, - Oo Gauge Garage a layout. using peco code 75 bullhead, set around 1999-2019. A few photos of the GBRF Shed and the rail leasing depot. ,
  4. My other main layout is also undergoing a remodel.
  5. Today’s work has been scratch building the raised depot, and oil tank storage area. tanks to be added to lower section in cut away, and lean to canopy fuelling road to be added over girder sided area.
  6. Backscene loosely in place. frotn fascia added, and rod and tube point control installed.
  7. Buffer stops built and painted. and track loosely ballasted.alongside line side trucking and dummy point motors,
  8. The layout began, after a free post On Facebook, someone locally was giving away Peco Bullhead points and track. traxk initially layed on scrap timber for mock-up.
  9. Popped in the shop today, brilliant service as always, from the friendly and enthusiastic staff ! Picked up some modelling materials, and three Hornby. KFAS at a very competitive price. thanks T4U. The best and most established model shop, in Cambridgeshire! And beyond....
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