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  1. Layout by Night... Ex Freightliner MJAS for GBRF workings. Scratchbuilt ballast boxes for Freightliner Infrasture trains (FEA)
  2. 4mm portable building cut using silhoutte cutter mix of 20tho and 10 thou and some 10 tho EMU Cab windows in 7mm
  3. Some WIP shots of how I built this / using silhoutte cut formers. This loco was built from one sheet of 20 thou styrene. And all bar pipe work and mesh cut using silhoutte.
  4. A free lance 009 diesel , again made with 29 thou styrene using my silhouette cutter
  5. A 7MM EMU corridor connection made up with 20thou styrene. silhoutte used to score/cut and then teased away by hand.
  6. More work completed on the aggregates loading terminal.
  7. The bridge is no more, aggregate industries have moved in....
  8. Scratch built Comms Cabin, LU Battery loco. and new hard standing/siding,
  9. Major works today has seen new boards built and track initially layer.
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