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  1. Recent commissions -Scratch-built conveyor and residential building. And then weathered a 1/87 Digger and added safety bars and aerial, ready to be added to the layout.
  2. Thank you , an honour to be followed by yourself, love yours and your clubs layout. Will be adding some updates this week.
  3. Trains4u in Pboro, 2 floor large showroom, tonnes of second user, and all the latest releases. They also do repairs/dcc fitting and weathering.
  4. Today has consisted of several small jobs being completed. More static grass added to both boards. Ive gone for a spring green, with a mix of a wheaty coloured static grass to tone the green down a little.A gravel walkway between the tracts 2 +3 can be seen in an overgrown state. Scratchbuilt buffer stops ,put an end to the sidings. Fueling module in place. The track and ballasthas also received a dark wash, and once i get the airbrush out will add a more general track grime effect. The dark wash looks darker than what it will be as it currently still drying. After giving the track a once over with a rubber , I then had a very short play with some of the stock. NR 57305 Enters the fuelling siding with Mk1 Generator Coach making up a very short train, to the nearby NR Siding where it shall make up a larger train. NR 57305 seen stabled in the siding with MK1 Gen making up the train. View looking down the layout towards the fiddle yard. Next days modelling jobs are : Laying track for traverser fiddle yard and wiring up. For the future; -Lineside Junk -Signage -Adding imperfections to the grass. -Painting scenic break boards and installing. and a million other jobs..... Thats all for today. I hope in the next week or so to film a few running videos showcasing some of the sounds and beefed up speakers. I will be uploading them to the facebook page.
  5. Traverser fiddle yard built up today, the roller bearings slide in both directions. Plan is to lay as many tracks i can fit on, which will then traverse to scenic section to run locos in and out.
  6. Looking really good Luke, love the scene and the compact size despite it being a loop , with the prototypical scenery looks very authentic !! Cant wait to see the stock.
  7. Tonights Scratchbuild - Depot Hoist. Just needs weathering now.
  8. A few people have asked over on my facebook page for the layout:https://www.facebook.com/amodernscene/ about the layout trestles , for this i have used.... Photo from ebay....
  9. Fuelling lane/Servicing siding Infill now complete. This will be one of several infills that will be made so i can vary stock and the purposes for it. Scratch-built fuel silo using PVC pipe and for the dome ends i have used OOGLY Eyes often found in the kids craft section. The Portacabin and Kiosk both being Bachmann buildings heavily washed to give a nice grimy feel. The pipe work is all made from evergreen rod, heated and shaped using a lighter. Barriers and pallets from Scalemodelscenery. Concrete texture created using Plastikote suede texture aerosol and then given a mig dark wash.
  10. The last two hours have consisted of several cups of tea , travelling back to 2015 and some really interesting reading of this thread, i am now following it. Great work, the scratch-built buildings really make the layout. I am definitely going to give the rock cuttings a go as they look brilliant. Keep it up!
  11. New to the fleet DB 08 gets working hard building up a train.
  12. Another back-scene filler completed.
  13. Thanks Luke!!! its still a work in progress but its getting there!
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