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  1. The layout measures 15ft, incorporating a canal level. The layout will be set in the 80s featuring NSE small dmus/ Parcels vehicles and freight for the local industries.
  2. Welcome to my new thread for my New 7mm Layout Whitwell Canal Sidings. Set in East Anglia In the fictitious 1980's new township of Whitwell, The layout is based around a centre point of a canal, and the featrures the sidings, a station halt, stableing shed and various factories located around the rail infrastructure employing the townships new residents.
  3. This layout is now for sale, Please see on ebay.
  4. beginning to get a feel, Looking down into the south end of the layout, where the wagon loading tower is.
  5. Track weathered and baseboard covered in base colour.
  6. The garage conversion is now complete... Units installed for storage, and 15' baseboard installed.With traverser fiddle yard to the left. and scenic break/ fiddle yard to the right.
  7. perhaps either - to the south Buffers of Devon, or north, Habburn Hobbies of Edinburgh. i am Located in Peterborough.
  8. Lima o gauge mineral wagons - resprayed and weathered. Kit built wagons, Sprayed into ews.Yes thats a rudd in EWS lima 33
  9. Bridge / Sceninc break in primer. Washes/Paint and moss added. Layout overview.
  10. A scenic test bed.... fully operational of course...
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