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  1. I'll see what I can do - I haven't posted much for some time, so it would be a good project to cover. There are a few things I need to clear out of the way first though. Regards, Alan
  2. That's really excellent, exactly what I needed. Now I know what all those little bits are for! Thank you so much. I suppose I'll have to build it now................ Regards, Alan
  3. Thanks Andy, that's excellent news, a copy would be much appreciated. Regards, Alan
  4. Would anyone have a set of instructions for the Jidenco / Falcon Brass (LK72) Highland Railway "Clan Goods" who could send me a scan or photocopy? I've acquired one which is missing the instructions and it would be useful to refer to them even though they are likely to be fairly basic! The instructions should (probably) also include a diagam of the various etches identifying the parts, and a line drawing of the locomotive, both of which would be very useful. Any assistance greatly appreciated. The example of this kit which I have seems to have had a "challenging" pr
  5. No relation that I am aware of! Personally I prefer the river names, though the engines carrying these had the smaller Fowler style tenders, at least in NCC days. The Worsley etches are supplied with the larger Stanier style tender. The choice of 103 came (if I remember correctly) from the description of her in "NCC Saga" as being a crack engine which was generally employed on the most important jobs (at least at that point in time). I have got a second set of Worsley mogul etches for a locomotive only, with the idea that I would build one of the smaller tenders to g
  6. Thank you for the comment. 103 was named "Thomas Somerset" . Thomas Somerset was the Chairman of the L.M.S. Northern Counties Commitee at the time (he was also the M.P. for North Belfast).
  7. Well, just a few hours left now, and all we can do at this point is wait! Plans have been finalised, rotas drawn up, lunches ordered & food for refreshments bought. Fingers crossed that all proceeds to plan..... Hopefully see some of you at some time tomorrow! Regards, Alan
  8. Looks good! I'll look forward to seeing it "live" tomorrow. Alan
  9. We have had a last minute addition to the traders - Modelux will be attending, with some of their range of kits. See below for an example. Regards, Alan
  10. The Exhibition Programme can now be downloaded (PDF) from the Website: http://www.cambridge31a-mrc.org.uk/exhibition.htm Regards, Alan
  11. We are putting the final touches to this year's Cambridge Exhibition. I've reproduced the details below. As always, RMwebbers will be very welcome. Feel free to make youselves known to me (or indeed any other 31a club member). We have some excellent layouts coming this year, along with many of the usual traders plus some new ones. There's a wide variety of exhibits, so there's likely to be something to appeal to most interests. Hope to see some of you there. Regards, Alan Edgar 31a (Cambridge) E
  12. until
    Cambridge Model Railway Exhibition Saturday 6th April 2019 Sawston Village College New Road Sawston Cambridge CB22 3BP There is a Large Free Car Park at the College Admission Adults: £5.00 Children: £2.00 (Please note that children must be accompanied by an adult) For any group with 2 or more Children, one child will be admitted Free Children under 5 are admitted Free Web Page: http://www.cambridge31a-mrc.org.uk/exhibition.htm Directions: http://www.cambridge31a-mrc.org.uk/directions.htm Layouts c
  13. It's a real shame to see such damage to what seems to be a good model. However, it is probably not as bad as it looks at first sight. I would echo Sandy Harper's comments above: front platform should reattach easily. The cab side can probably be straightened by careful finger tweaking. The tender bulkhead and smoke deflector could prove more of a problem - it can be difficult to straighten brass and remove all the creases once it has been bent like this. In the case of the tender it would probably not be noticeable once the bulkhead had been repainted. If the smoke deflector cannot be
  14. Thank you for the comments. Here are a few pictures of some of the layouts last Saturday. I did take my camera, but as I suspected did not have a lot of time to take photos myself. Thanks to Ian Beresford for these photos. General view Hobb's Warren Hobb's Warren Airfix Oakham Airfix Oakham The Wagon Works Victoria Beyton Bridge Beyton Bridge Motley MPD Norton Wood Norton Wood Neely Neely
  15. Well, I have just finished putting together the last of the welcome packs for the Exhibitors and Traders so I think everything is now ready for tomorrow. A Guinness beckons after which I'll try and get some sleep before tomorrow's early start. If anyone comes along with a camera and takes photos of the layouts we would very much like to see them (posted here, for example). I will be bringing a camera as will a couple of the others, but whether any of us will have much spare time to take photos remains to be seen. Hopefully see some of you tomorrow! Regards, Ala
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