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  1. Indeed: why did it have a roller shutter door over the radiator grille!?
  2. I remember when the choice of diesel locomotive was a Triang Brush type 2, a Triang EE Type 3 or a Triang Hymek, and that was basically your lot!
  3. Andy is right, though, isn’t he? Reminds me of the time when one one of my wife’s bank customers tried to get a print out of his balance from the ATM. Unfortunately the ATM ink had run out; the simple and obvious thing to do would be to walk ten paces into the bank and inform the staff direct, he could have had his balance immediately and the bank staff would have fixed the problem inside minutes. But no. He went home and wrote a letter about to the local paper.
  4. “And something else that remains a secret” ”that would be the cost of shipping” I understand that it is an extra feature on the sound chip which contains the sound of some people eating humble pie and bacon being fried....... (For the avoidance of doubt that was was a joke)
  5. Come on Chris, Colin was not pointing out your dyslexia to score any point, he didn’t know you are dyslexic and neither would anyone else. Unfair.
  6. I see. Didn’t even notice them so it won’t bother me, especially as mine will be black. But maybe someone will do an etched grille set.
  7. I am puzzled by Chris P Bacons remark as well; the ”bloomin great big grille in the nose” was always there in both wheel formats wasn’t it? What are you getting at, Chris?
  8. Yes, I’ve received the email too.
  9. I know accuracy is very important but it must be nigh on impossible to definitively decide the precise shade of brown and green; two photos of the same loco taken within minutes of each other could differ according strength of sunlight, cloud cover, etc. Not to mention the wide variations of colour arising from using Kodak, Agfa, Ilford of whatever other film, even between negatives and transparencies. Anyone who is lucky enough to have seen GT3 almost 60 years ago couldn’t be expected to have an absolutely accurate memory of the colour today. All credit to KR for asking their customers. I remember the wide variations there were in BR blue, which was supposed to be standard. As I never saw GT3, which was scrapped when I was a toddler, for me provided its not miles off I will be happy with it, I’m sure.
  10. Thanks for that. With D11, D13, an A2/3, the Hush Hush, The Fell and at least one, probably two BR 2MTs arriving at about the same time the wallet is going to be well bruised!
  11. If you order an early Peak from TMC now do TMC take the payment immediately or when the model is sent out to buyers?
  12. The Hornby 37 was also fitted with inaccurate Class 31 bogies, later changed of course.........to equally inaccurate Class 47 bogies!
  13. The website says they have enough EoIs to go to production so they are definitely going ahead with production so it’s not reliant on crowdfunding; pretty clear I would say. The three stage payments are not crowdfunding but to make it more affordable as there are a lot of other popular models being released.
  14. Had an email from KR this morning; they have enough EoIs to proceed and are now taking orders for the Fell. Three instalments of £50 plus p&p for the standard version. KR state this is not a crowdfunded project but they have had a lot of requests to be able to spread the costs over a period of time as there are a lot of models coming out at the same time which people want.
  15. I just love quirky things like this!
  16. Very interesting! Do you have any dates, please?
  17. It was email, not a response to an enquiry from me.
  18. Latest from Keith is that the second sample is expected shortly for traction testing, the third will be a decorated sample and delivery to customers is on track for June. EoIs still being invited for the Fell.
  19. If you model the Waverley or the Kelso line you’ve got to buy four, 78046 to 78049.... i said on here some some years ago that the Standard 2 would have been an easy win for Bachmann and promptly had the p taken out of me by a couple of people....not sure why but there you are
  20. I have seen photos of “Honeyway” on the Waverley Route but did any A2/2s ever run on the Waverley? Unlikely I know...
  21. I’ll have an A2/3, a Hush Hush and two or three Standard 2s. the wife will kill me.
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