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  1. I do use the archers ones brossard. I like to give it all a coat of primer, then the rivets with microsol, then another dust of primer. They are not always easily available in the UK, but I have ordered direct from the USA in the past and since they are small sheets the postage is not bad. It is a large circular fabrication Mikkel. I don't want to step on copyright by reproducing the image, but it is on the front cover of the book so a link is fair . https://www.crassoc.org.uk/web/node/126
  2. Top class workmanship. I can see you are having a great time resolving the design issues on this one. It is all fascinating to watch, coming together bit by bit. I'm very impressed by the figure carving.
  3. It's a tempting idea Caledonian. However looking at the design there isn't anywhere to add some weight without it showing or getting in the way. I think I will therefore go for a crate full of "glass", effectively making the load the weight.
  4. I seem to be in a wagon building mood these days. Dunno whether I’m locked down, locked up or or which tier of the cake I’m on, so wagon building is a cheap and time consuming activity. Now it might be argued that I’m getting my ratios wrong again, too many unusual wagons and not enough of the bread and butter diagrams. I’d agree, but the fun is in the odd stuff. I therefore decided to have a shot at one of the 1896 built D38 glass well wagons. Decent pics in the wagon books and a diagram for the basic dimensions. The wagon was built on a steel channel frame. Pla
  5. I tried to log in Saturday morning, password issue. So I emailed and within an hour Derek had reset the password and emailed me back. Logged in, order placed by lunchtime. All the stuff arrived today, with the brass sections all nicely taped to a bit of plywood, from which I shall probably make something odd. Many thanks. First class service as ever even in these difficult times , very satisfied customer.
  6. The internet is a transport system. It transports data. Sites are the stations of the internet. Of which this is one. Look at any other transport systems stations, road , rail, air and so on. They are covered in advertising. The advertising revenue helps offset the cost of travel and provision of stations by those means. Do folk write to the local bus , train or airport operators and complain that the ads are irrelevant ? Nope, they just ignore them. So why complain about internet advertising ? Oddly some of us put a lot of effort into ensuring that the
  7. Chapter 2.6 in the wagon book gives the information that the RCH recommendation was 1910, postponed to 1915. After that remaining solid buffered wagons were not allowed on some routes and could not work into England. ( A summary, more details therein) Many wagons were converted including the CR D22, the CR issued a drawing in 1900 for traders to follow for conversion.
  8. An odd title you make think, but I shall explain. Firstly the real one. The CR had large numbers of pig iron wagons, in practice used whenever a low sided wagon was needed. Another of those general types you can never have enough of. This example is built from the 51L kit, though I have used my usual method of a copperclad sub chassis for the W irons and sprung buffers. Ok, the imaginary wagon. I mentioned that I cut some extra bits when I made the Lime wagon, and that it was basically a D22 with fixed ends. So I stuck them together and
  9. Impressive modelling. I'd agree with compound, there is an art to sculpting figures, those are full of character. I have tried it and failed miserably.
  10. Superb storytelling Mikkel. The modelmaking is excellent and the characterisation outstanding.
  11. Ok, the round one does look a bit like a whisky still....... Nice prints, I keep my eye on 3d printing, one day.
  12. Really, top class Jim. I'm hard pressed to get that level of detail in twice the scale. I might get my wallies sprayed blue and lined out tae match.....
  13. Agreed, Enamels just aren't what they used to be. I have the same issue, tried various tricks but it is still not good. I also find that if even if you use thinners it still doesn't brush on well and matts tend to go a bit glossy. Oh well, big box of acrylics as a christmas present to myself .....
  14. I am in the same position, a move to DCC and sound would be too costly. I can see the advantage of your idea, but I note from the DCC forums that the experts spend a lot of time setting up a particular DCC chip to suit an individual loco both in terms of sound and running characteristics. Having the chip on the train would mean that you still need a different chip for each loco and that would still be pricey. There might be some simple way of having all that data on a computer and downloading it to the DCC chip as you change locos, but thats beyond my ken, perhaps someone knows how
  15. Possibly Compound, that was certainly true of St. Rollox.
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