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  1. Nice engine Edwardian. Looking at the photos the first thing I'd do is take the chassis out and give the wheels a really good clean. Treads and wheel backs, polished to a shine.
  2. That really is top class modelmaking. The thing that stands out for me is the subtle variations in shade of the brickwork. Most modellers ( including myself ) tend to make colours too dense, but that is just about perfect.
  3. Quality modelmaking of any sort is never boring.
  4. I like the Dawlish scene, more the beach details than the train. A 2 wheeled pram is something I must make. I wish I could afford as many cigars as IKB. Seems like fun software, I'll have a go .
  5. I like to fit crews, more noticeable as you go back in history and the cab tends to cover less of the footplate. These are the posable Andy Stadden figures. Anyway, you think the crew are visible, spare a thought for the brakesmen.
  6. An interesting discussion. Compound, the Caledonian did have a van with a single sided sliding door and sliding roof panel, built with some variation of details between 1871 and 1885. They were similar to the LNWR D32 van. As built they had a single sided push rod style scotch brake located on the same side as the opening door.
  7. They are all just made up with stuff from the bits box Mikkel.
  8. I'd agree, a good quality matte photo paper makes a big difference. They also seem to be manufacturer specific, so maker As printer works best with maker As paper. These were done on an Epson printer which uses liquid inks; https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blogs/entry/20738-some-poster-boards/
  9. Dead easy, several suppliers make plastic ones. Buy some and plant them ? Well, no. These are not any old telegraph poles, these are the telegraph poles of the Caledonian railway. As with so many aspects of pre-grouping different railways did things in a different manner. “Signalling the Caledonian” by Jim Summers has an entire chapter on the subject giving many details and a couple of useful pictures of the L+D under construction so combined with photos from elsewhere I know what I’m trying to build. So, for my location and period big A frame poles where possible, thou
  10. For glueing PVC try pipe solvent weld. Any plumbers merchant will have it.
  11. HNY Jim. I would never have got started without the CRA, so I do try to give a plug wherever possible. I'd agree that the Drummond brake van is a bit plain looking. I only have three brake vans, but that exhausts the list of available kits. However over the last year I have become a bit more confidant about scratchbuilding so I might have a trawl through the wagon drawings and pick one.
  12. Dave John

    Happy New Year!

    All the best.
  13. A great piece of video making. I really enjoyed seeing the low angle shots, the clarity was excellent. Very smooth running as well.
  14. Yep thats the size. In practice Pacific that equates to a loco, 20 wagons and a brake. I run 4 bogie and 2 npc passenger trains comfortably. I could probably work with 6 bogie coaches when I get round to making them.......
  15. A D299 is on my list, though there is a MR 3plank and a van ( both slaters if I remember correctly ) which make the odd appearance.
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