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  1. I understand it isn’t step forward in terms of tooling however to those of us who are not skilled enough to make the modifications to standard stock it leaves us empty handed if they avoid it. Is there a modelling business that converts standard releases to custom stock? if so I can understand why some would not want these to be released. I agree it shouldn’t be used as a way of ticking off the modern image market for 2021 however it should be a fairly easy win for both Hornby and modern image modellers if they were made available. The ROG barrier wagons have a
  2. I would like to see some ROG Mk1's & Mk2's barrier wagons along with some more NR Mk2's (no windows) ROG MK1's - https://coaches-library.weebly.com/mk1---barrier-coach.html ROG MK2's - https://coaches-library.weebly.com/mk2---barrier.html NR MK2's - https://coaches-library.weebly.com/mk2---departmental.html
  3. I would like to see more modern DMU's. Either a 180, 185, 195 (331). I understand DMU's/EMU's generally not viable as they cost a lot to tool and generally don't offer much coverage however surely there is market at least 1 of them. Class 180 - FGW, Hull Trains, Grand Central, EMR Class 185 - FTP old, FTP new, EMR? Class 195 (331) - Northern (widespread)
  4. Yes I agree programme logic is abit of an issue. Hopefully one day the software/hardware becomes more inteligent to work out its route from A-B and what things are connected. A current fix for this could be to have mutiple train controller files depending on what layouts/sections are connected. If you know there is only 4 layouts/sections to be connected then it will only be handful of files which need to be set up. Plus it only needs to be done once and then the logic is done forever.
  5. Sorry if i understood this wrong but are you saying the DR4088 can be connected into the DR5033 Lnet port instead of going back to the DR5000 Lnet T port? (as shown below)? I have seen it been discussed in length on multiple threads. Its clearly something people want to do if its brought up so much. Just a shame nothing materialises. I can see the added challenges of freemo because it seems like its structured so that endless amount of layouts/board can be attached. Also each scenic sections attaches directly to each other which I don’t think lends itself
  6. Yes I plan to just do it as in house thing. My original thinking was that when I had completed one scenic section I could simply remove the modular baseboards and replace them with new blank baseboards to start a new scenic section. I could then swap them round as and when I want to depending which layout I want to run trains on with little fuss. I then got thinking that by doing this I could run the scenic sections in series so trains could pass through both (space permitted). As mentioned in my original post this would give a good sense of journey as it travels up/down th
  7. Thanks for the response Nigel. Your electronics/DCC knowledge clearly outweighs mine. I think to play safe I will try and stick with dijikeijs products and use a simple wiring diagram as is possible. I will keep your comments in mind if I run into issues down line. Dan
  8. Thanks for the responses. Yes plan to control the layout(s) through train controller which is why I have block detection modules (as you pointed out) I want to keep the connections to each of the layouts simple which is why I ideally only want 2 loconet cables connecting them all together (loconet T and loconet B). I did look into the idea of running from a single command station but I feared the power supply may not be enough to power multiple layouts/ locos. By each layout having its own supply the possibilities of adding more layouts in the series in endless (until I
  9. More images added to my orginal post. My main concern was about the siginal for the DR4018 coming from the digiboost instead of the main command station. Can the digiboost pass signal through the Loconet port to the command station? Dan
  10. Hi, I have two small layouts wired for DCC control and was wondering if I could run them as one if I was to connect them together and wire them as shown in the image below? I have seen videos of modular railway meets (freemo?) and I imagine they have to do something similar when linking layouts together? It’s a shame that it only seems to be popular in America/ mainland Europe. If I can get the power and control to work, I would like to create even more layouts to run in series. I have long term ambition to create multiple small sections of the former
  11. Thanks Apollo for the links. Didn't think of searching free-mo layouts on YouTube. Those layouts are much bigger than what I had in mind. Like BrianUSA is saying I was thinking of using selected sections along a line and having a siding imbetween the layouts (not visible to spectators). That way the subtle colour difference of the grass for instance between 2 layouts can't be easily seen as the layouts are split from a spectators point of view. If it was a group of individuals who are aiming for a similar goal then this could work. Getting clubs together would be a lot more difficult
  12. Hopefully with the use of modern technology its possible to have a UK wide model railway society as such with members only interested in certain gauges and era's (Maybe layouts can be era "neutral"). Maybe get away from the idea of having a club house and simply store and run the layouts at either exhibitions or test days (hire somewhere out). I find the downfall of the Freemo standards is that they are too complex and through for just one person to take them all onboard. It sort of sucks all the enjoyment out of designing and creating a layout to that many constraints. One possible way t
  13. After visiting a few model railways recently I find there is a lot variations in with layouts in terms of era, gauges and countries the layouts are set in. I find myself skipping many layouts which are not of interest to me which got me thinking. Could we have exhibitions based on set era's, gauges and countries. Even further could we join up layouts to create a model rail network. For example say a exhibition is organized which is specific to modern image (2010+) all in 00 gauge based in the UK. Then all the layouts are put together strategically to mimic that of the UK network or at-lea
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