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  1. JR_P

    Class 158 - New Tool

    For those of us that don’t have membership, is someone able to photo the CAD image from the Bachmann Times (Winter 2020) and add to this thread - thanks No doubt it will have all the latest innovations like DCC Next18 and sound fitted, etc, etc.... frankly working head/tail lights will be a massive step forward for the Farish 158 ! I do wonder in which decade we will see it though.... 2030s perhaps [bit harsh?] !!!
  2. .... er, both my 220 and 221 were pretty rubbish and the opaque windows, lack of interior, horrendous running quality and pizza cutter wheels on the 221 (unable to run on code 55), meant mine have been in storage since I moved to code 55.... and whilst that was ten years ago, my move to DCC as a lock-down project earlier this year would definitely have finished them off!!! Apparently this new batch will be DCC, but that is gonna require three decoders (add £60).... ouch....! Hopefully they will add an interior and more realistically tinted glazing. I’d also like some ni
  3. Got a bit of of a question on real life operations of these reefer containers.... if loaded on a 60ft wagon, ie, x1 40ft container and x1 20ft container, I presume the refrigerator end would have to face outwards at the wagon end, rather than be adjacent to the 20ft container, yes?.... I’m thinking that the chiller unit would need a free flow of air and being face-to-face with an adjacent container probably doesn’t provide sufficient airflow. I have spent ages trying to find some photos illustrating this but Google is failing me....!
  4. Yes, apparently so !.... your photo is pretty compelling evidence; comment amended accordingly. It still looks a bit odd on the model though.
  5. Well my two TSO examples turned up today - these are nice enough and certainly welcome, but a) not worth a 7yr wait; and b) possibly not worth £40 quid.... I’m not really seeing any step change for the extra step up in price. A few observations.... The bogie and coupling situation has been discussed above, but it occurs to me that they actually had to specially tool a new BR B4 bogie to not have kinematic close-coupling.... very bizarre design decision and perhaps even more so from a commercial perspective.... they did use the opportunity of the new tooled bogie to include the
  6. An excellent choice - I particularly like the P&O example. Nice touch having the two different refrigeration gubbins; Daikin and Thermo King - probably could have gotten away with some generic representation and no one would have been any the wiser! I’ll certainly be in for a few of these
  7. OK, so curiosity got the better of me and I bought a couple of these [TSO]. I don’t really need them but I’m itching to take a closer look and I assume I’ll be able to dispose of them easily enough on a well known auction site in a month or two once the batch has sold out.... As an aside, The Model Centre Is offering free postage over £60, which is pretty sweet - and they still had a few TSO left....
  8. You would think that after seven years of gestation that they could manage to design them with kinematic close-coupling.... feels like a very retrograde step.... On the other hand, if they have sorted out the overall height issue, that is great!.... looking at the photos online, I can’t help but feel they’ve just achieved this with a rather large gap between the bogies and coach body - there is a lot of clear daylight in side-on shots (RoS photos, for example).... That said, the glazing tint looks good; not too dark - I had been worried about that. Anyway, I’m only in f
  9. JR_P

    Farish Due Soon

    I just happened to be on the KMRC website just now and noticed this.... made me chuckle having read your post earlier this evening....
  10. This week has been like Christmas come early!.... in the space of 48hrs I received my KUAs (expected) followed 48hrs later by my IPAs (unexpected!).... these IPAs are absolutely delightful wagons - in fact, they might be my favourite Revolution product yet, perhaps even edging out my beloved KUA !!! This is the first I’d seen of the IPA in person and I must say the detail is fabulous and the weighting is spot-on - I’ve said this before but the weighting has been a somewhat self-limiting factor with other Revolution wagons; the HOA especially.... but these IPA are perfect - I have
  11. Hi Arran, these are looking very nice - I’m especially pleased to hear there is a full length metal spar for rigidity and to keep the deck flat and true.... too many container flat wagons (from all manufacturers) suffer from either deck twist, or bowing at the ends - the Dapol spines are particularly notorious for the latter! Also looking forward to more containers - as mentioned above, regular 40ft containers are incredibly hard to come by at a reasonable price these days and it is purely a supply and demand scenario. I’d really like to see some of the more ‘drab’ liveries, ie, br
  12. One thing I noticed regarding DCC - the OO gauge description for Caroline clearly states “DCC socket”, whereas the N gauge description entirely omits any mention of DCC.... I’m presuming this is a simple error of omission from the description, rather than the N gauge version being DC only....? Particularly in the case of the NR brunswick green variant, there is a plethora of front lights and it might be nice to have some DCC control over which of them are on at any time.... Regardless, it will make for an interesting train - personally I think I’ll run mine with the Fa
  13. This was a ‘surprise’, but if you notice, there are a few BCKs due soon-ish, so I suspect that it is all the same batch and they needed to add a livery to make up MOQ.... I would guess that the charter FOs will follow the next time they do a production run of FOs. One question I have though - should the BCK have ‘intercity’ in swallow italics??? The only photo is can find online it does have the italic ‘intercity’, so does that mean the Farish BCK represents a very specific period in time, or is it just wrong ?!
  14. It always does that even if both/all items are in stock.... always seemed silly to me, because in the past its meant I’ve actually spent less with them as I’ve just bought the loco with free postage, when I also wanted to add on some additional items (perhaps as much again as the loco in £ terms) to my order - thus they lose revenue overall in my opinion.... adding a decoder to the basket is an obvious item likely to be appended to a loco order. i don’t imagine the postage costs RoS an order of magnitude more if you add on more stuff.... since they are paying your posta
  15. Indeed - I only buy Farish 66s - it is the cab front lamp iron that is vastly over-scaled that killed the Dapol 66 in my eyes.... Annoyingly Dapol do churn out lots of re-numbers which is useful.... and Farish have yet to offer a 66 in EWS maroon/gold but with the cab side/front DB logo, which is probably the most wide-scale livery on the railway not yet produced by Farish.
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