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  1. Hi @arran would you ever consider doing an RTR 20ft container in N gauge?.... the Farish and Dapol examples are relatively hard to find these days (albeit they do pop up on EBay) and there are loads of liveries not yet covered. I also notice that the Farish containers are slightly wider than yours (at a guess I would think their width is incorrect), but it is somewhat apparent if you have Farish 20ft adjacent to one of your 40ft HC on a KFA for example.... the width disparity isn’t massive, but it would be nice if we had 20ft containers same width as the 40ft HC - so that makes another good reason to do them !
  2. Slightly OT, but I would love a 91 and mk4s too.... I don’t think Cavalex ever formally abandoned this project in N gauge, but it is not on their website anymore.... real shame, especially since they’d already done the R&D work - might be a real opportunity missed, since at some point soon the 91 and mk4s won’t be operated together any more and/or some/most/all of the 91s and mk4s will be scrapped.... sad times - one of my all time favourite trains.... Anyway, back on thread - I’d take a few K class Pullmans to go with my Farish 1960 Met-Cam Pullmans.
  3. Wow, what is this.... Dapol have remembered that they do do [new tooled] N gauge models ! Frankly I’m far more interested in where the mk3 sleepers have gotten to, for which I’ve already paid a deposit on the KMS exclusives.... !
  4. Nice one! I’ve been telling Ben and Mike for a while that we needed brown containers, especially TEX.... Other notable brown coloured HC containers that we could do with include Triton, Genstar, Beacon, Magellan, Chronos, CAI (technically red), MSC (technically maroon), plus others.... If you watch YouTube videos of intermodal flows, it is noticeable that typically they are mostly grey (generally Maersk) or brown coloured containers....
  5. Further to one of my previous posts; I can confirm that you can run a non-DCC chipped cab car on DCC without issue as long as the light switch slider is in the off position.... so that saves a few quid on decoders for those of us running pairs (ie. 10car) on DCC ! I also found this Kato motor decoder instruction sheet (in English), which others might find helpful: https://www.katousa.com/PDF/29-351-EM13-English.pdf
  6. JR_P

    Farish Class 319

    Ah yes, good shout about the 466.... completely off my radar. The 450 is on its way.... I wouldn’t consider the rest of those you list as ‘modern’ (which I did caveat my statement with).... I guess ‘modern’ is a very relative term ! Anyway, I forgot to say that the 319 has a much improved cab face and I think it was well worth Bachmann taking onboard everyone’s observations about the errors to produce a much better looking model. Definitely a Northern one for me!
  7. JR_P

    Farish Class 319

    If you are keen for a First Capital Connect liveried EMU, then Revolution are offering the 313 in FCC ‘urban lights’ livery, which is the same livery as the 319 and 365 wore during FCC operatorship. I am pretty sure you will see a Revolution 313 in FCC long before you see a Farish 319 in FCC ! I suppose that there is the possibility of a second production run by Bachmann and they could do FCC, Southern, the later Northern livery and LondonMidland and if they were smart (and had tooling to allow for the extra underframe equipment), TfW and GWR [769].... I think they’ll get good mileage out of the 319 tooling....! As an aside, am I right in thinking that N gauge is now better catered for RTR than OO in terms of modern EMU/DMU/BiMU?.... the only thing I can think of that OO have that N gauge doesn’t is the Thames Turbo.... I’m not counting any of the Bratchell stuff since it is non-powered and therefore not RTR if you want it to run!!!
  8. Given the shortage of the DCC89 pack of decoders, but some limited availability of the motor decoder, I wonder if anyone has tried using the cab cars on DCC without a head/tail light decoder but with the little light switch in the off position.... and not fried the electrics?! I ask this because I have managed to find just one of DCC89 in stock and have now fitted it - in doing so I noticed the surprisingly ‘mechanical’ arrangement of the light on/off switch - the small cream-coloured plastic slider appears to physically separate the electrical contacts.... which makes me think that I can run the cab vehicles on DCC with the lights off (slider in the off position) and without a DCC decoder.... I’m just wondering if a) anyone else concurs my observations and b) whether anyone has given it a try?! I guess the worst case scenario is that I give it a try and it fries the head/tail light electrics and that cab vehicle then has to be nominated as one of the inner cab vehicles in the ten car set - so be it I suppose.... if no one else has tried I’ll give it a go and report back! But this could also prove to be a cost effective way of chipping a ten car set for DCC since the inner cab cars wouldn’t require decoders!
  9. Thanks all for the reassurance that I’ll be able to source the decoders in due course ! As an side, we’ve managed to make this thread a ‘hot topic’ !!!
  10. Thanks for the heads-up, but I also notice they cost £0.00, which is probably too good to be true !!! Odd the individual motor head/tail decoders are available in very small quantities from a few retailers - I wonder if Kato significantly underestimated the demand in the UK for the DCC decoders - I believe DCC is not popular/common in Japan.
  11. Has anyone been able to hunt down the DCC decoders, ie. DCC89? I saw a YouTube video where the guy installed the DCC decoders, but I’ve not seen them in stock anywhere since the GWR 800 arrived, so I’m somewhat puzzled.... I had them on pre-order too, so presumably if they had come in, I would have received them.... bit of a mystery how that guy got hold of his....! That aside, the simplicity of the Kato 800 is incredible - very impressive.... a ten coach set really looks the part, but having had a high-speed journey to the floor with the motor vehicles as 4th and 7th coaches, I decided to move the motor vehicles to 2nd and 3rd coaches to avoid any further high-speed disasters.... pleasingly the body shells were simply and easily swapped around so everything correct (albeit not some of the minor underframe details).... happy with that!
  12. Mine arrived this morning - very nice - I especially liked the included pieces of unitrack - was not expecting that!.... I’m guessing Kato perhaps do that with all their train packs, but this is my first/only Kato rolling stock. The paint job is top quality, but I am gonna say this - the green colour is wrong - it just is.... I’m aware of all the ‘colour is subjective’ chat, but it is wrong. There are also several minor livery ‘discrepancies’, although some of those are strictly for the purist and even I can overlook them. The two different shades of yellow on the nose cone (which was pointed out to me by someone else) is also quite apparent - bit of a shame. I also feel the body side cantrail line is a bit thick, but passable. In terms of running, they don’t run as quiet as all the hype about Kato led me to expect.... perhaps we’re so spoiled these days that ‘good runners’ seem ‘average’.... it was smooth, but the motor whine was not especially quiet. The other thing that others may not pick up on, is that the flanges are a bit deep by modern standards - I know this because my DC layout uses Atlas code 55 and the flanges are just skipping across the tops of the small moulded sleeper spikes, making a very noticeable and characteristic noise - the only other ‘modern’ standard model that has that problem that I own is the Dapol Super Voyager. By contrast, my DCC layout uses Peco code 55 and there was no such problem with the flanges (pushing the non-powered cars along the Peco track with power off!). Clearly my 800s will have to be chipped at the earliest opportunity so they can run on track with the necessary flange clearance. A really nice model overall and cracking value for money, but I do wish the green had been a bit closer to the real thing.
  13. Since they are bothering with the 450, they should go ahead and release in SWR livery as well - it looks really crisp and I reckon at least 20% of the 450s must be in the new livery now, based on my causal observations of them passing through Esher/Hersham. As an aside, seen the new 701 Arterio several times at the same locations over the past week - that also looks very sharp in the SWR livery!.... I won’t expect to ever see that from Farish though !
  14. Happy Easter everyone - looks like the Easter bunny has put a blue-grey mk2f TSO on a well known auction site.... and the sun is shining.... no more ‘stay at home’ order.... it doesn’t get much better than this !!! I must say, I was a little underwhelmed by the mk2f when it first came out, but it has grown on me. I want some Swallow intercity mk2f, but I’d suppose another production run of mk2f of any livery is probably several years away.
  15. These are looking great - the LNER Azuma looks incredible. Even the GWR green looks much better in this video. I think this is where my spending will be focussed in 2021.... despite savings from not going anywhere in lockdown, I haven’t spent a penny on modelling yet this year because there hasn’t been anything modern released yet....
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