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  1. You will all be wanting the 313 in OO next ! .... who would have thought that N gauge would be leading the game for RTR BREL EMUs.... and obscure nuclear flask wagons for that matter ! Stay safe everyone
  2. Deco samples received according to http://www.revolutiontrains.com/top-secret-revolution-kuas-break-cover/ .... looking pretty awesome - I am really looking forward to seeing these in the flesh :-) !!! Also briefly featured in the latest Revolution Trains YouTube video.
  3. JR_P

    2020 predictions?

    The 319 front end is orders of magnitude better.... I’m glad they took note of the comments made on this forum (and probably elsewhere). With the way it is looking now, I think I’m almost certain to buy at least one example. Two comments though; 1) I’d still like to see actual handrails below the cab windows; 2) the rain gutter above the passenger sliding doors seems very pronounced - almost as prominent as the footstep, which surely cannot be correct. But otherwise looking much improved. still mystified as to why they are pursuing the 450 with such rigour.... I ride these all the time from my local station and I might get one for posterity, but I’m not sure that there will be a wider appetite for them.....
  4. Spotted this latest news item this morning regarding the 313/314 project: http://www.revolutiontrains.com/pep-talk/ A visit to see Southern’s 313 for R&D purposes - I think these are the only active 313 (or 314) left on the national rail network now, bar the sole yellow NR example.
  5. Spotted this latest news item this morning regarding mk5 coaches: http://www.revolutiontrains.com/dreamy-sleepers/ The CAD looks great and sounds like tooling has just commenced !
  6. Sad news - I have no vested interest other than in an N gauge 91+mk4, but I was hoping the OO project would be a success for them to help pave the way for the N gauge version. Hornby apparently stamping on competition (as an impartial bystander, it certainly looks more than circumstantial in this instance) is simply not good for the hobby generally.... so much for the free market economy. Very disappointing all around really.
  7. JR_P

    2020 predictions?

    I think this is the crux of the problem - the spending in the N gauge market is limited by what’s on offer.... if it isn’t available, it can’t be bought!!! I reckon a few years ago I was averaging half a dozen Farish loco purchases per year; I just checked and in calendar year 2019, I bought just one loco (which, although was a new release, was just a re-livery of existing tooling) and x6 mk2a coaches.... that was all. By contrast, I did buy a number of models from Dapol, RevolutioN and Realtrack. So I think Bachmann is the problem, not the market! Moreover, if that ‘buying pattern’ is replicated by many of us, then I can see why Bachmann might think the market isn’t as large as they would hope.... BUT, that belies the truth of the matter.... I would gladly buy some air con mk2s and one or two TPE 350 and a 31 in NR yellow, but where are they???! I can only buy what’s put in front of me. Ironically, I’m probably as frustrated at lack of models as Bachmann are at the apparent lack of market appetite. PS: my knowledge and comment is framed by modelling era of mid-90s onwards.... the situation might be different for different eras.
  8. JR_P

    2020 predictions?

    No chance - Dapol have squarely staked their claim to the mk3. In the same way I couldn’t see Dapol touching mk1 or mk2 (unless they fancied doing proper height mk2a coaches !) because those are covered fairly comprehensively (once the air con mk2s come out) by Farish. If Farish were astute, they would announce a completely new class 90, but I won’t hold my breath. More generally, I’d just be happy to see them give ‘firm’ timescales for previously announced project like the TPE 350/4 and the 319.... and preferably for delivery this year.... again, I won’t hold my breath though....
  9. Thanks for the response Arran. Maybe I’m really confused, but having received three out of a possible four of the packs and in livery-terms only the ‘eco-message’ wagons, it still isn’t clear to me which pack letter I need to order to get the Castle Cement ”Heidelberg” sub-branding ! .... or is it that the pack letter relates to the running numbers of the three wagons, rather than the specific livery.... but that would be a very peculiar way of doing things, not least that the running number is too small to read (for me, at least)....! Thanks in advance for the additional clarification !
  10. Mine arrived yesterday - probably the most detailed N gauge model I’ve ever seen!!! One query though; which of J, K, L or M packs were the ”Heidelberg” sub-branding and which were the “building a better environment” ‘eco-message’…. I would have preferred more of the “Heidelberg” sub-branding and fewer of the “building a better environment” ‘eco-message.... I received J, K and M all three of which were the ‘eco-message’ sub-branding - so my question is; is pack L the ”Heidelberg” sub-branding, or indeed were there even any of the ”Heidelberg” sub-branding produced??? i am hoping these are still available for further purchasing!!!
  11. Twin pack only, as others have indicated. I notice that Accurascale also did the same with their announced 4mm KUA, so I reckon the rationale must be sound. I think among other factors / considerations, is that if you look closely, the labelling, even down to the wagon number is actually quite different on each wagon, thus making each one unique.... accordingly, owning one wagon would effectively mean choosing one over the other - the twin pack resolves that conundrum ! These are going to be fabulous wagons - probably my favourite wagon on the national rail network - cannot wait to see the EP1
  12. oooh, guess what I just found in the closet.... .... no, it wasn’t R Kelly.... .... but it was a spare 374-681, ie. the first DRS mk2a courier coach that Farish produced in 2013.... looks like that’ll be going on a well known auction site in the near future !
  13. Haha, yeah, I’d overlooked that - it’s been in some kind of limbo state for about two years now !!!
  14. The funny thing is, over the past five years that RevolutioN have been in existence, the ‘delivered-to-market’ duration from Farish/Bachmann has become significantly longer and more protracted, just at a time when they are starting to encounter increased competition.... it’s almost like they’re willing to concede market share to the likes of RevolutioN.... By contrast, over the same time frame, RevolutioN have really ‘dialled-in’ their announcement to delivery process - look at how fast new projects are getting turned around.... .... take the KUA nuclear flask wagon; just announced last week, order book opened this week, with EP1 expected around Christmas!.... yeah, sure there was R&D in the background, but six or eight weeks from announcement to EP1 is seriously quick.... that rapid delivery of a tangible prototype makes seasoned model makers like Bachmann look somewhat out of touch with the current market place. Perhaps Bachmann simply aren’t bothered if they concede territory to ‘challenger’ model makers???!.... if Bacmann wanted out of N gauge, their current strategy would certainly enable them to slip into obscurity [with minimal protest from us lot] over the next few years.... .... will be interesting to see if in January whether Bachmann announce a new Class 90 from Farish - I think that will be the real litmus test of their long-term intentions.... only time will tell....
  15. The continued delay of some key Farish products / projects (mk2F, 319, TPE 350) is really disappointing - it’s really starting to feel that the Farish range is the ‘poor relation’ of the Bachmann stable.... At least in terms of modern image, 2019 feels like it’s been a really lean year in N gauge - I didn’t get to Warley, so I don’t know what Dapol are up to in N at the moment, but I didn’t read anything salient online about product announcements or advances from them either. In fact, if it weren’t for RevolutioN (at least in terms of announcements), there isn’t much to celebrate. Perhaps Ben and Mike are starting to make serious in-roads into market share?.... as it stands, the through-put in modern image N gauge from RevolutioN is what is capturing my interest.... .... speaking of which, I noticed elsewhere that the order book on the KUA is now open - happy days - at least that is one thing to be glad for !!! Lets hope 2020 turns out to be a bumper year
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