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  1. Happy Easter everyone - looks like the Easter bunny has put a blue-grey mk2f TSO on a well known auction site.... and the sun is shining.... no more ‘stay at home’ order.... it doesn’t get much better than this !!! I must say, I was a little underwhelmed by the mk2f when it first came out, but it has grown on me. I want some Swallow intercity mk2f, but I’d suppose another production run of mk2f of any livery is probably several years away.
  2. These are looking great - the LNER Azuma looks incredible. Even the GWR green looks much better in this video. I think this is where my spending will be focussed in 2021.... despite savings from not going anywhere in lockdown, I haven’t spent a penny on modelling yet this year because there hasn’t been anything modern released yet....
  3. JR_P

    Class 158 - New Tool

    When I lived in Cardiff in the early 2000s Central Trains ran a Cardiff - Nottingham route, which I used to take from time to time to visit a good friend in Nottingham (and later my brother who also moved there).... as I recollect, it was typically a cl 170, rather than a cl 158.... but Central Trains’ network was surprisingly expansive.... making journeys on their services slow and tortuous (and torturous, for that matter!).... Regarding the SWT 158s, they also get roped into SWML services into Waterloo - seen plenty of substitution of 158s for 159s, especially during the pandemic
  4. Very disappointing if that is the case - I was planning to upgrade all of my existing cl60 chassis to the Next18 (less bothered about the sound aspect). The Bachmann website still shows 371-358ASF as ‘on the cards’.... of course that doesn’t mean to say that it won’t follow along several years later ! back on topic - very nice to see a GBRf loco named for Graham Farish
  5. If you watch the video a bit higher up this thread, the colour looks better and less over exposed. Even in the video though I’m not sure the colour is quite right.... starting to reconsider my pre-order for the GWR version. Surely it would have been easy enough to just ask GWR what RAL colours they use (or whatever colour system they use for vinyls)....? As an aside, if I want to run on DCC, is the general impression that you would need the three-coach pack for (x2) cab cars head/tail light and the motor coach (ie. DCC89), plus two additional FR11 decoders (interior lig
  6. The Oxford Transits [for example] are surprisingly heavy, so don’t get caught out by this when figuring out how many cartic sets to buy if you plan to run as a loaded rake.... I guess the clue is in the name - not called “Oxford Diecast” for nothing !.... it does limit the rake length if loading up with vehicles, as it really contributes a lot of weight.... I’ve had to split my IPA rake into two sets when I want to portray them as loaded (I have 32 Transits which really is a lot of weight!).... perhaps there are other brands of suitable vehicles that are made from plastic and therefore lighte
  7. ME TOO !!! But, you “gotta speculate to accumulate” as they say - I have fond teenage and early 20s memories of travelling the southern portion of the ECML on both WAGN/FCC and GNER - I too would love to model that accurately - so buy the FCC 313 and/or the NSE (slap some WAGN triangles on the bodyside to be authentic) and hope that Cavalex do their 91+mk4 as they previously proposed (or make do with the Farish version). I guess my point is that not all these things will materialise at once, so you sort of have to hope that they will arrive eventually.... this is somewhat a conseq
  8. I only just discovered recently that the 314 was delivered in TransClyde branded blue-grey.... hard to pin down how long that livery lasted from photos, as I can only find about a dozen images on the whole of the internet.... but, based on information I have read, it was superseded by SPT orange-black by early 80s, circa ‘83, so only lasted four or five years. I presume it is a standard blue-grey application just with the TransClyde branding - perhaps a possible retailer special....?
  9. Looking superb - I’ll be in for a bunch of these in both liveries. Some really nice details too.
  10. Looks very nice, but is this not another of Rapido’s ‘vanity projects’, a bit like their recently proposed class 13 (presumably one of the new UK employees has a personal interest in said class). If they can make a success out of doing models that they are personally interested in, then fair play. There is certainly some aspect of that for the other recent entrants (eg. Revolution and Cavalex) and there is nothing wrong with that - indeed that may even be advantageous to the paying customer, since you would imagine that in the event the developer holds a personal interest this woul
  11. 66783 - why???! Odd choice given that Dapol’s version has been out for ages and there are (for example) plenty of 66s with DB branded in EWS colours - a livery not yet covered by Farish.... I would have taken one of those.... Frankly, I would have traded those four irrelevant [to me] model announcements in favour of an honest update (with CAD images) on projects such as the 319 and 158.... I don’t need actual models to be satisfied; just something meaningful to look forward to....!
  12. Slight tangent to this topic, but I’m scratching around trying to figure this one out.... So I also use the DCC01 as my DCC system - it works fine; generally my locos are fitted with the DCC93 6-pin decoder and I can program their address on main or prog track no problem. I recently bought a DCC chipped Dapol 86 - it has an Inperium2 [Next18] decoder pre-fitted. I couldn’t change the address from the default ‘3’ to a different value, neither on main, nor on prog track... no worries I thought, that loco can just be the designated ‘3’.... I’ve since bought another couple of
  13. JR_P

    Class 158 - New Tool

    For those of us that don’t have membership, is someone able to photo the CAD image from the Bachmann Times (Winter 2020) and add to this thread - thanks No doubt it will have all the latest innovations like DCC Next18 and sound fitted, etc, etc.... frankly working head/tail lights will be a massive step forward for the Farish 158 ! I do wonder in which decade we will see it though.... 2030s perhaps [bit harsh?] !!!
  14. .... er, both my 220 and 221 were pretty rubbish and the opaque windows, lack of interior, horrendous running quality and pizza cutter wheels on the 221 (unable to run on code 55), meant mine have been in storage since I moved to code 55.... and whilst that was ten years ago, my move to DCC as a lock-down project earlier this year would definitely have finished them off!!! Apparently this new batch will be DCC, but that is gonna require three decoders (add £60).... ouch....! Hopefully they will add an interior and more realistically tinted glazing. I’d also like some ni
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