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  1. OK number, location and date are easy. For info quite a lot of my sightings will be around Tonbridge. From 1986 I commuted to London for 4 years and sometimes saw ferry traffic heading for the coast as well as mail traffic. From 1990 I think I'll have some sightings around Willesden and Ken O. BTW how are you storing the base data? Excel, Access, something else? Would prefer to provide data in a way that prevents re-typing.
  2. Looking into my database for 47s with Dover in the destination field I could currently offer up 27 workings. However using Dover as the starting point I have 82 workings listed. Those numbers of workings will go up as I still need to complete work on my database, stated for winter 2020-21. So 47227 that I saw heading away from Dover Western Docks in 1989 must've got down there at some point but I cannot say what the inward working was. Is that of interest? If you want the best possible list should you include outbound workings from East Kent as well?
  3. Did anyone else hear on Facebook live tonight that the model will come with one super detailed end i.e. lots of pipework with the other having a standard coupler? I'm rather hoping I mis-heard as a loco without a coupler at each end won't work too well on my terminus layout.
  4. guzzler17

    Class 33 Book

    The publishers website says 30th July 2020
  5. Don't know what a D3 is but you might like to keep an eye here http://www.five79.co.uk/ as some of the Chivers range is being put back into production
  6. The loop at Tisbury sometimes has nearside to nearside passing. Normally a down train runs into the loop and once tucked away the up train departs Tisbury and passes offside to offside. However if a down train is late the up train completes its station stop runs into the loop and awaits the passing of the down train i.e. nearside to nearside.
  7. No announcements yet regarding the Swanage and SVR diesel galas.
  8. And the SR put them on the down. But there were oddities e.g. Brighton to Eastbourne. On the up side (south) from Brighton, MP 0, to Polegate and then on the down (east). Source = Bradford & Barton Pocket Guide 9.
  9. Another oddity, in the 1984-85 timetable, was the 06.30 SuO Hastings to Bexhill formed of a loco and 1 NFV. This was a portion from the 04.00 ex-Victoria (loco + 6 NFV). The van was then ECS, depart 06.55, back to Hastings. It rejoined the other 5 NFVs and all were worked back to Tonbridge.
  10. Please pardon the question but is 1985 correct for this diagram because the widened and electrified Hastings line wasn't open for standard stock until the beginning of 1986? If the date is correct a change to a 33/2 for Tonbridge to Hastings and return would seem more likely.
  11. By the early 80s the papers to Hastings were carried on the 03.35 ex-Victoria via Tunbridge Wells. The formation was a 33/2 and three bogie 'B' vans. Looking at a 1984 South Eastern Division WTT there was the following mail train along the Coastway 23.42 SX Redhill to Hastings (arrive 01.09) formed of a DEMU. I don't have a Central Division timetable to hand so I don't know the stopping pattern. There wasn't a path for a westbound service.
  12. Rather than ECS from Uckfield it was passenger to East Croydon, the 19.10 departure, and then empty to NXG.
  13. Didn't 57601 enter in service in 2001? My records show an expensive trip from Paddington to Reading in September of that year to "get it in the book".
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