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  1. Last month Pen & Sword published my book "The Metropolitan-Vickers Type 2 Co-Bo Diesel-Electric Locomotives" (Anthony P. Sayer). This is far from being a picture book, although it does contain over 180 images within its 272 pages; rather it is an in-depth history of the class, derived from various archive sources and personal information, with considerable quantities of previously unpublished material (particularly surrounding external design (including those very strange windows), Works visits, problems in traffic, the Dukinfield rehabilitation process, and the scheme to re-engine the 20
  2. On the basis of recent posts, it seems as though it is perfectly legitimate and accepted practice to personally advertise books in this section of the RMWeb Forum. So here goes..... Pen & Sword also recently published my book entitled "British Diesel and Electric Locomotives Abroad - A Second Life Overseas" (Anthony P. Sayer). This is very different from my NBL and Metrovick books, in the sense that it is largely a picture book (240 images in total). Having said that, however, it does provide in-depth locomotive details of all locomotives sent abroad (including movement details
  3. Further to recent comments regarding the full yellow ends (fye) on forthcoming Dapol Class 29 models. The fye on D6129 being an Inverurie BFY repaint is correct in having the "stepped" boundary near to the bottom corner of the driver/secondman windows. However the stepped boundary is NOT correct on (D)6112 (GFY) and (D)6107 (BFY). Both of these were Glasgow Works repaints. D6107 received BFY on conversion to a Class 29 in June 1967, with (D)6112 getting its fye (on the pre-existing green) during its first Classified repair as a Class 29 in June 1971. To help illustrate the point
  4. Hello, In anticipation of 26th February, is anyone able to supply a full list of locomotives seen at Crewe Works on Sunday 26th February 1967, please? Any help appreciated. Best regards, Tony.
  5. Brilliant, Mike. Many thanks. The pictures show that the locos were indeed in the Cowlairs Triangle.
  6. Very interesting photograph. It looks like it was taken on the Cowlairs Triangle opposite Eastfield depot. Do you, by any chance, have the exact date for this photo, please? And, better still, do you have any more photos taken at this location and date you can share with us, please? Many thanks, Tony.
  7. Thanks for the 25th April 1972 Glasgow Works report. Very much appreciated. Cheers, Tony.
  8. Hi, Absolutely fascinating thread this one. Turning this one round a bit. Can I make a request for visit reports based around the OTDIH approach? What I'm interested in is whether anyone has any reports for Glasgow Works and/or Eastfield depot any time in the period between 9th April (1972) and 14th May (1972). Not far into the future so could fit the OTDIH model. Thanks for any help. Cheers, Tony.
  9. Hi cb900f, I too am interested in the Fertis Class 56's and indeed the Class 58's. Would it be possible for copies of the photos you mentioned, please, whilst you were training drivers in France? If this is OK, I'll let you have my e-mail address. Many thanks in anticipation, Tony.
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