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  1. What is the maximum amount before it looks silly or never actually happened? In this case Maroon MK1s Thanks and stay safe Nick
  2. Hi.. I had this problem.. I think a software update sorted it, but not 100% sure if that was it..
  3. If you want to run Locos double headed as i do with loads of mine you might want to take into consideration the different sound producers pull of times will be different which isnt good for both locos. If you get 2 LegomanBiffo decoders you can offset the sound with a Lokprogrammer on Sound slot 1. Min and Max sound speed plus and minus a couple of percent on one loco which makes them tick over different...
  4. Hi.. This bit of kit is worth the money for testing decoders. You can eliminate the problems to decoder or loco. http://www.esu.eu/en/products/decoder-tester/ https://www.coastaldcc.co.uk/products/esu/53900-decoder-tester
  5. Hi Nick... Where did you get those DRS 20s from ?? Thanks Nick
  6. I have 4 Hellfire class 33s with Howes sound ESU V4 with speakers in the tanks. I actually run the double headed and they are amazing.. It really annoyed the EX wife downstairs from the loft. (Still cant work out why we got divorced ?? )
  7. Yes. There is no more room left with this speaker fitted hence having to file the nipples off the metal part of the chassis.. I guess its so tight that the bass really gets going.. I tried so many speakers and am happy i found the solution.
  8. Not Argumentative mate.. Too busy building an exhibition layout for BR blue and DRS (Obviously not running on the same day ;-) )
  9. After much headache i got rid of 5x 3.5 decoders and changed to V5s.. Still have another 4 to buy from Charlie and Biff.. Cant beat them !!! I also have 2 DRS class 20s with V4s and they sound great too..
  10. Hi All.. How high should a exhibition layout be ? Cms please.. Thanks Nick
  11. I dont have time to film and as said it sounds alot better than an Iphone speaker.. i get the fact that you make money from selling Iphone speakers but the speakers i mentioned are alot better.. Try them !!!
  12. I have the z21 and the ECoS... and used many other controllers.. The ECoS is the best controller i have ever seen.. i control all locos and points with it... Amazing !!
  13. cost of adding sound !! i think i am up to about £8000 with speakers... DoooooH Even my 08s, 03s and 2 class 13s have sound..
  14. Hi Richard.. I know you sell your speakers mate but in this case.. The speaker(s) i have installed are more bassy .. Videos dont do it justice.. A class 20 is the most annoying (But still nice) high pitched sound ever thats why you need more bass.
  15. I have spent ages trying to work out how to get a good speaker than fits in a 20 with amazing sound !! most didn't fit and went into other locos or just sounded really bad !! Now i found one that fits and sounds amazing with legomanbiffo's class 20 V5 decoder. and i am seriously happy and its loud. It's the Youchoos Icecube 28x18x07 2watt .. (No i dont work for them, before someone asks.).. File off the 2 nipples in the class 20 Reverse solder the wires so the speaker can go complete flush against the nose. Add the speaker with Blue tack underneath and if its sitting right against the nose and roof its a perfect fit when the body is back on. its then so compressed it cant move which i guess gives it a better sound. It goes without saying that when you attach the wires and put the body back on to make sure the wires sit on the top on the chassis and do not fall down the sides. I also got a speaker in with a class 20 with Fan, but had the cut the fan housing somewhat.. Hope this helps someone avoiding the headache i have had for a couple of years now !! Nick
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