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  1. I just spoke to him and he knows of them, hes just wasnt sure if it works with ESU.. I guess it doesnt matter at the end of the day. Really all i want is to swap direction of the current.. plus to minus and vice-versa
  2. Oh thanks.. I called DCC concepts and the techie guy didnt have an answer for my problem.. Maybe he is unaware of this ?
  3. here is the signal. https://www.dccconcepts.com/product/12x2-wire-lms-br-ground-signal/ I want to control it without the control board.. One way Other way Thanks
  4. Is there any way of controlling a 2 wire ground signal to change on a electro frog point change? So the track power from the point/track(2 wires) and the polarity from the frog( 1 wire of course) to go to the 2 wire signal so it changes the signal on point switch. In this case a am using a ESU switchpilot extension connected to a Switchpilotservo for switching the points.
  5. Nothing better than watching trains climb a hill etc.. I dont really get a Helix thing myself, then again a don't really get fiddle yards on a static home layout when you can turn it into a freight yard.
  6. Thanks, i went for the Brown N gauge ballast from DCC Concepts as i couldnt find the above mentioned. Thanks
  7. I think i might leave them in after all the comments. I think they can be accessed from the top anyway if they do p1ss me off ;-)
  8. Its based around Glasgow Eastfield or Grangemouth type of thing Also who is the best producer of N gauge ballast ?
  9. I had this back in the day.. it always smelt like it was burning ... hahaha
  10. What is the best/Correct ballast 1980s Scottish diesel depot? OO Gauge. Thanks in advance
  11. I am modeling 80s and interchangeable with DRS.. But 80s rides over the DRS side
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