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  1. Wow... Just watched a Youtube tutorial on it.. very impressive indeed. Which format and size do you save for Youtube ? Thanks
  2. Hi Guys, Whats the best video "simple free and easy" edit software for Youtube videos? Basically just want to stick iphone clips together. Thanks Nick
  3. Oh !!!!!!! havent got that far yet.. Too busy breaking bits off the PCB to add a bigger double speaker :-)
  4. Just spoke to Charlie and its supposed to be like that and looking at the cab doors on both sides makes total sense.
  5. On both my locos the cab step (Left hand side on forwards drive) is missing. Anyone else have this? Both my locos are from 2 different suppliers.
  6. Hi All, Anyone know the brick type or wall itself (Plastic) for a Scottish (Glasgow) depot Retaining wall ? Thanks Nick
  7. Ok thanks... But i still have no idea which paint to use :-) That said, on every photo i have ever seen there still looks like a colour miss match..
  8. Hi All, does anyone have an idea of the colour or actual paint that might be used to cover the old Railtrack logo as seen below? Thanks Nick
  9. Same problem here. i used a screw to get it back in.. i use it as a front runner so might have actually taken it back out.. i cant remember TBH
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