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  1. A few more from the layout. A recently finished class 37 is seen running light at Charlton, as well as a Class 25 on milk tankers.
  2. I have recently managed to put up the layout and gain a bit of running time, so I thought I might share a few more snaps of Charlton. I am about to embark on a more ambitious layout (the relevant planning authorities have been consulted and permission has been given!), as I now have a little more room. I am not sure what to do with this layout now, so in the mean time here are some pictures of it running. Last night a class 22 was snapped on an engineers train.
  3. Hi Julian, The Grampus was painted with Railmatch enamels via an airbrush (Iwata 0.5mm nozzle) and I used a combination of waethered black, light rust, sleeper grime and frame dirt. The light rust went on after the weathered black, but I did those steps twice. The picture of it does not really do the contrast justice, but it looks ok when it is sat on the rails. It would be great to see your wagon when you have finished it!
  4. These are very strange days and I hope everyone is safe and well. Before the world went crazy I did m first exhibition of the year at East Grinstead. If was a very friendly show and I had a good two days operating the layout. During the odd quiet moment I managed to get around to the front of layout and take a couple of pics.
  5. Thanks Mudmagnet - it was a long job and was a first attempt at chipped paintwork, but I was really happy with the outcome in the end. It has a road and rails double iphone speaker and Howes DCC sound file - it sounds fantastic too!
  6. There is also healthy parcels traffic on the line, using a variety of kit built and detailed rtr items. I definitely have more parcels stock than there is room on the layout!
  7. A regular local passenger service is also provided by a Dapol class 122 DMU. The sound chip is Howes, although it takes a bit of timing to drive this one into the station correctly. The Dapol paint finish wasn't great and the weathering I did seemed to attack the original finish somewhat (this has never happened with a Bachmann or Heljan locomotive). Anyhow, after some fiddling around it turned out ok.
  8. It has been a little while since I posted on here - so I hope one and all had a very merry Christmas and are looking forward to the new year. Over the last couple of days I have found some modelling time - most modelling had stopped in the run up to Christmas. Feeling somewhat inspired I thought I would show off some more of the stock on Charlton. One of my favourite locomotive on the layout is this Heljan Western. I took about 3 years to complete it, but it is now a regular turn, primarily due to the ease of being able to couple it up to the coaching stock easily - it is fitted with Howes DCC sound.
  9. Have just finished the Brighton MRC show. A really friendly club and a very family orientated show. All in all an exhausting but really fun weekend. A friend of mine shot a couple of videos on the Sat - so one of the class 22 pottering about. WhatsApp_Video_2019-11-16_at_20_37.54_-_Copy.mp3
  10. Tomorrow I am exhibiting Charlton at the Brighton Model Railway Exhibition - if you are about it would be great too see you! For tomorrow I managed to finish off detailing a class 47. It is fitted with a Howes sound chip and sounds fantastic (IMO)! Meanwhile a couple of shots of her snapped at Charlton this evening (whilst track cleaning!)
  11. Hi Steve, I could not find a picture of the whole layout - but this is as close as I could find - showing the general trackplan during construction. The second one has the final board with the exit to the fiddle yard missing (so just the first two 3ft by 1ft scenic baords)
  12. So I finally finished off the SPV - it had a lot of weathering to blend in the poor background to the transfers. It has not photographed so well, but here it is finished off. At least it works and can be used on the layout (which is still not built!!). Any thoughts/comments welcome!
  13. Recently I have been working on the weathering on some milk tankers for the Charlton layout. There is not much choice for the 6 wheel milk tankers - so I am going with the Dapol version. I know this wagon contains a multitude of sins, but I think it can be made to look like passable, generic representation of a milk tanker. Anyhow, first attempt on the left and second attempt on the right, being shunted on the Charlton layout. The tanker on the left came preweathered and required a lot of work to disguise a bad paint job. The one on the right was a pristine finished which I weathered with vertical streaks. Both have various details on the chassis picked out with paint.
  14. So having been at the Pevensey show this weekend a few more pics of the layout in operation. The show was very busy and lots of people stopped to have a chat which made it very worthwhile. I had a few errors with point setting, sending the trains in the wrong direction - but otherwise the layout performed faultlessly! Great fun - but definitely exhausting as a one man show!
  15. Hi Colin, it was a pleasure to meet you and stop and have a chat. Thank you for the very kind comment - much appreciated!
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