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  1. Hi Steve, I could not find a picture of the whole layout - but this is as close as I could find - showing the general trackplan during construction. The second one has the final board with the exit to the fiddle yard missing (so just the first two 3ft by 1ft scenic baords)
  2. So I finally finished off the SPV - it had a lot of weathering to blend in the poor background to the transfers. It has not photographed so well, but here it is finished off. At least it works and can be used on the layout (which is still not built!!). Any thoughts/comments welcome!
  3. Recently I have been working on the weathering on some milk tankers for the Charlton layout. There is not much choice for the 6 wheel milk tankers - so I am going with the Dapol version. I know this wagon contains a multitude of sins, but I think it can be made to look like passable, generic representation of a milk tanker. Anyhow, first attempt on the left and second attempt on the right, being shunted on the Charlton layout. The tanker on the left came preweathered and required a lot of work to disguise a bad paint job. The one on the right was a pristine finished which I weathered with vertical streaks. Both have various details on the chassis picked out with paint.
  4. So having been at the Pevensey show this weekend a few more pics of the layout in operation. The show was very busy and lots of people stopped to have a chat which made it very worthwhile. I had a few errors with point setting, sending the trains in the wrong direction - but otherwise the layout performed faultlessly! Great fun - but definitely exhausting as a one man show!
  5. Hi Colin, it was a pleasure to meet you and stop and have a chat. Thank you for the very kind comment - much appreciated!
  6. Hi Rich - no woman was harmed during the destruction of the class 45!!! Thanks Nick - much appreciated!
  7. Thanks Steve for the kind comment. Yes I detail all the stock myself. I use an airbrush and fit generally Howes DCC sound into the locomotives. I am not sure if I have a pic showing the track plan - I will see if I can dig one out!
  8. Well last weekend I did my first exhibition - it was at the Bluebell weekend. It was very relaxed and I learnt a lot through doing - not least I lost a class 45 to a clumsy woman who knocked it to the floor and it now refuses to do anything but crawl along. Anyhow - here are a few shots of the layouts outing - I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the layout worked pretty much perfectly! This weekend is being spent tidying up the baseboards for another show next weekend at Pevensey.
  9. A rare day of modelling has transpired today. The layout is heading out to its first exhibition at the end of June. So today was spent doing some odd bits of detailing - a bit of grass here and there, as well as some more trees behind the station. I have also finished fitting a sound chip to a detailed Warship and this has it first run out today. The warship was a second hand bargain which I have detailed, although there was absolutely no room for a speaker inside. I fitted a tiny speaker, but the sound reproduction is suitably small too. Hopefully it looks ok! Anyhow some snaps of the layout ready for the exhibition.
  10. So a little bit more about the rolling stock on the layout i I am slowly building up the right stock for the layout from a mixture of kit built and detailed ready to run wagons. I recently finished a Dance Hall brake van - this is a cambrian kit. It is being run within an engineers rake at the moment. I love cambrian kits, although they do require a little bit of work to get the best from them. I was not entirely happy with this build and plan to do another one soon, to get it right! Anyhow the results will do for now and it looks fine from a normal viewing distance....
  11. Hi Connor - I am DCC - I love having the sound in the trains. Express Models do DCC ready lighting kits. It does take a little effort - but the effect is definitely worth it You just have to be really careful about getting a light-proof seal between the body and the roof to stop any light bleed. I take the coach apart completely, all the glazing, etc, weather and then reassemble, add microstrip and glue and glaze between the roof and the sides - as per the photo of the upside down body shell.
  12. Hi aac, thanks for the comments - as for the the Iphone speakers - I use the double ones supplied by Road and Rails (I am a very satisfied customer!). They work fine with Loksound V4 decoders - but if you are not sure talk to them - whenever I have had a query they have been really helpful. In my opinion the sound reproduction is the best I have heard for their size.
  13. I thought I would also post a few more pics of the layout. It has had a lot of the details added recently, but no real time for running sessions! However, I have added some of the details around the station, especially the lighting and trees. I need to build these trees up a little more to stop too many shadow effects on the backscene - but in general I think it is shaping up well. So the station and provender store (taken during various stages of completion on the layout!)
  14. Hi All, thanks for all the kind comments and likes - it is much appreciated. Connor - I used the express models lighting kits - I have been experimenting around with a few types of lighting kits - but I do like the effect of the Express Models ones. The key thing is to make sure the gap between the roof and coach sides is filled in and blacked out to stop light bleed.
  15. Hi Michael, yes - it was a gloss surface - I think it was because I only used microset instead of water - but never mind! It is now more of a challenge to weather it away. My transfers are often a bit hit and miss! More weathering to go now.
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