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  1. Well I said this was a slow burner project, however I did not quite mean the glacial progress achieved over the last year or two!! However, I have recently picked up the 0 gauge modelling again and have made a little progress on his 13t open wagon kit. I hope to get the build finished on this in the next week. I also have a little 4ft board, which I am thinking will form the basis of an 0 gauge micro (or at least a test run in this scale!) Anyhow, a little progress, hopefully more to follow soon!
  2. I recently have finished a few more wagons for an engineers train, being repurposed 'Big Four' stock. I snapped the Class 45 on this train earlier, in-between the foliage!
  3. A couple of years ago, when I did my first exhibition, a woman crashed a wheelchair into my layout and sent my class 45 to the concrete floor. In the two years or so since, I have been slowly doing a new model, to replace the old one, cannibalising a few parts etc. Today I managed to put the 'new' class 45 back together. I have given it a quick check over and it all seems to work fine, but needs a proper running session. It has Howes sound and a Road and Rails double Iphone speaker. It was caught at Charlton station c. 1979!
  4. I hope everyone is having a great xmas! I have spent today running some trains and caught a class 37 on an evening passenger train, c. 1975, as well as a class 25 on an engineers trains early in the day.
  5. Here are a couple more from the the running session yesterday and a link to a video of the layout running. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6CCS8Moi_o
  6. I did manage to find a little bit of time today to run some trains om my layout. The sturgeon was seen in a n engineers trains on a summer Sunday in 1972(ish!)
  7. HI Rich, I used have the Dapol wagons. The model includes a multitude of sins, but I went for this option, as that is about all there is and they can be made to look passable. I take the wagon apart, then clean up the mouldings, before weathering them. They run ok on the layout, in the limited space I have available. However, the do not like tight curves and will buffer lock on them using 3 link couplings. I have large turnouts on the layout and they will traverse these OK. Good luck with you rake!
  8. Hi Paul - thank you for the kind comments. Am running the Sturgeon today on the layout - will post a few more pics later
  9. A little time has passed since my last post (where does the time go??), so I though I might share a pic or two of my recently finished Sturgeon wagon. It is the Cambrian kit and I finally managed to get the transfers put on last week. All in all, I am pretty happy with how this one turned out!
  10. A few more from the layout. A recently finished class 37 is seen running light at Charlton, as well as a Class 25 on milk tankers.
  11. I have recently managed to put up the layout and gain a bit of running time, so I thought I might share a few more snaps of Charlton. I am about to embark on a more ambitious layout (the relevant planning authorities have been consulted and permission has been given!), as I now have a little more room. I am not sure what to do with this layout now, so in the mean time here are some pictures of it running. Last night a class 22 was snapped on an engineers train.
  12. Hi Julian, The Grampus was painted with Railmatch enamels via an airbrush (Iwata 0.5mm nozzle) and I used a combination of waethered black, light rust, sleeper grime and frame dirt. The light rust went on after the weathered black, but I did those steps twice. The picture of it does not really do the contrast justice, but it looks ok when it is sat on the rails. It would be great to see your wagon when you have finished it!
  13. These are very strange days and I hope everyone is safe and well. Before the world went crazy I did m first exhibition of the year at East Grinstead. If was a very friendly show and I had a good two days operating the layout. During the odd quiet moment I managed to get around to the front of layout and take a couple of pics.
  14. Thanks Mudmagnet - it was a long job and was a first attempt at chipped paintwork, but I was really happy with the outcome in the end. It has a road and rails double iphone speaker and Howes DCC sound file - it sounds fantastic too!
  15. There is also healthy parcels traffic on the line, using a variety of kit built and detailed rtr items. I definitely have more parcels stock than there is room on the layout!
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