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  1. These Dapol small o-6-0's are a real bargain and so well made. I hope you enjoy them. Paul R
  2. He does indeed. I shall watch with interest! He also does BRUTE trollies and I am thinking of getting a couple for Black Notley for when I operate as a 70's period. I have the Bachmann electric tractor units. Paul R
  3. nice - good job there! What will you do next? Paul R
  4. Just had a delivery from that well known Widnes trading emporium Nearly finished the ABS open wagon and I will post when done Paul R
  5. They did it in HO. Peter Clark Models do a basic kit but I know you don't do kits. Mind you Heljan are going to run out of stuff to do once they cover the 58 unless they go more modern or electric. I don't suppose the latter would sell well that said. They just announced an 02 shunter which looks pretty neat but not one I want to get. We can hope! Still hopeful for a Lion prototype or Kestrel Paul R
  6. Pity they don't do any RTR yellow self propelled maintenance vehicles. A tamper would look good in here. Paul R
  7. Looks like a lonely wagon at the end of a long forgotten siding and its been there some time as a tree is growing up inside and just peeping over the end. We've got a bogie bolster like that parked at the end of a siding at Crowborough with a tree growing up between the rails and through the wagon floor. It would be impossible to collect it by rail as the tracks have been covered in ballast and other rubbish. I presume its still on TOPS somewhere. Paul R
  8. Any thoughts on getting a Dapol Turbot Andy? Paul R
  9. And I would recommend Connoisseur although I am not sure if they do much GWR Paul R
  10. Be careful on missing bearings for Dapol wagons. I've got a banana van and Dapol sent me a replacement but sellotaped it to a comp slip and it burst the envelope and it fell out in trasnit and now they claim they have no replacements in the UK. Now going to have to source another. To be honest the quality control on the banana vans is pretty poor as 3 others needed work on them before I could use them Paul R
  11. Its supposed to be part of a circus set but the body is like no prototype I ever saw Paul R
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