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  1. Fully air braked wagon load trains always look odd to me without a brake van even though as we know they are not required! Paul R
  2. If I was starting a layout over this is the was I would go. I have become increasingly frustrated by the fixed nature of Peco points although I would continue to use the flexi track in appropriate places. Paul R
  3. You should place a convenient dumped mattress there for LJ to sleep on and an abandoned shopping trolley! Its all in the detail you know! Paul R
  4. Looking good Andy The only problem is what are you going to do now this is largely finished? You've probably got enough room in there to do a T gauge layout - assuming you could see it of course!! I think I might struggle with my eyesight! Paul R
  5. I think most of us are guilty of having too much stock. I have managed to acquire kits for all the BR standard steam locos (almost) over the years, just because I like them despite many types not running into East Anglia. So Rule 1 applies. Hmm - How am I going to explain the presence of Duke of Gloucester on a diverted Clacton Interval! Paul R
  6. Rule 1 works for me Andy! If I ever take Notley out to a show I will run through the various eras from the 1950's to the early 1980's during the day. The layout itself is supposed to be fixed to a 1958 mid summer date which will allow me to make posters for what's on at the Witham and Braintree cinemas and find a news headline for my new newspaper seller. Rule one however applies to the road vehicles most of which date from the 1960's! Paul R
  7. That's impressive. The bit on my 75w iron is getting down to the unusable stage but I can't get a replacement as they are no longer made. Mine is a Litesold and I thought I bought a spare back in the day but seemingly not. As you say you need maximum heat for minimum time. I ordered a new variable temp iron but the tips supplied are really small. Where did you get this brute from? Not that the missus would sanction yet another soldering iron! I already have about 15 of them of various sorts and she knows it! Paul R
  8. Ha ha - well it was a Ford! Mind you most cars of the period were not that comfortable! My dad had a couple of Morris Marina's back in the 70's. I'll say no more! Paul R
  9. Decided to see what these Smart Models figures are like. These came today. They are 3D printed and surprisingly good. The newspaper seller is printed with the mesh grid on it so I might file that off and have a printed headline with grids on. I'll need to work out what the headlines were in 1958. The seventies figures I just couldn't resist! I'll pop them on the layout when I am running blue diesels. Not made any progress on the wagons this week. Hopefully soon. Paul R
  10. Depends on the area - steam finished in the UK in August 1968 on LMR. I think on the GE it was 1962 Paul R
  11. Very true. They did it in 00 and with Heljan retooling existing models its not beyond the realms of possibility although I think we might get a 33/1 first. Paul R
  12. LJ will have a fit what with all this new stock. A 47 in toothpaste livery would look nice on your layout Paul R
  13. They are also on the HMRS transfer sheet. I have some and as I am never going to build a Palbrick I am happy to cut them out and send them to you. Just PM me your address Paul R
  14. I'd go for that. Fitting sound chips to O gauge diesels is expensive! That said Hornby magazine had an article about installing a Hornby TTS sound chip into a class 40 in parallel with the main chip. The main chip powered the loco and the TTS chip just the sound. Its a good way of cutting costs but currently I have no plans to go DCC. Paul R
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