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  1. Devastating news and my thoughts go out to you and your family. My wife has just managed a reprieve after a session of chemo, so do not give up hope. For me being a reader rather than writer and contributor Tetley Mills and Tetley Mills 3 have been one of my favourite topics and inspires me with many thoughts for my own layout to be built in a few years time. Your tremendous work rate and contributions will be sorely missed. Keep fighting as I'm sure a positive attitide is sometimes half the battle. Trevor
  2. tgh263

    Modern Day Sidcup

    As a complete aside, during the early 60's there used to be a model railway shop on the London side road approach. Don't know how long it stayed or whatever happened to it. From your photos it looks like that area has been re-built. The shop had a window display of Hornby Dublo and Triang (as it was then). Trevor
  3. Hi, can anyone suggest a suitable crimson colour from the Pheonix range or a mix of colours to achieve the Northern Belle Crimson colour (or at least a match to Hornby's version of it) ? Many thanks
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