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  1. Generalising somewhat: the sounds of a passing loco or train as heard by a bystander at the platform or nearby can differ considerably from the sounds heard by someone on board - in the cab, or as a passenger in a coach. Perhaps the next stage in sounds for diesel traction is decoders for alternative scenarios (perhaps a single decoder with a CV).
  2. I have 3 Hornby class 153 and one Hornby class 156. The first two class 153 models I bought, and the class 156, were very early Sanda Kan models. They run smoothly and I am satisfied - sometimes (very) slight grinding on speed step 1 - I can live with this. The third class 153 is a little bit less smooth - grinds on speed steps 1 and 2 - again not enough of a problem to make me want to sell it. They are all certainly high-geared. More recently, I bought a Hornby spare motor bogie for a Hornby class 156, intending to fit it when I get time to a really old Hornby class 155. It was available at a good price. The design of this motor bogie is completely different from the earlier design. In particular, it now has two dark tyres on diagonally opposite wheels. When I get around to fitting it, I will report back on smoothness. I suspect this means that recent production runs of established models powered by a 4-wheel motor bogie are using a different manufacturer. I don't yet have experience of how well they perform.
  3. It is probably good for the hobby that they continue to exist. I won't be quick to buy anything of theirs, as I model the diesel era and already have too many poor-quality Hornby offerings.
  4. it has been reported that some webcams were used by thieves to judge when a property is empty
  5. No doubt, some shopkeepers nearing retirement will be thinking, Now is the time.
  6. It's now ridiculously difficult to contact them. In one dispute concerning a fraudulent seller, I had to spend 5 hours on the phone - a 25-minute wait each time, a different person each time, so I had to explain the whole thing all over again, to someone whose first language wasn't English. On another occasion, I stated that I wanted to explain the details of an issue in writing by email rather than on the phone. The person on the other end kept saying why and asking what is the issue. I just kept repeating that I want to explain the details of an issue in writing by email. After twenty minutes of going round and round with this, she finally gave me an email address. I emailed it and got a message back saying Ebay don't monitor this email address. I'd like to see a law passed requiring online companies to provide a functional Email address or a UK postal address,
  7. Hi Dennis, I worked for 3 years in Flanders and enjoyed my time there immensely. I still miss the frituur, the mussels, chocolate, and of course the beer. That was 40 years ago. I used to enjoy watching the NMBS trains - in those days most of the loco's and EMU's were Belgian built. I remember the series 55 diesels in your avatar - when they were mainly green, before they received the broad yellow stripes. I feel that trains generally, in every country, are now a bit less interesting than they were in former days. More uniformity, some closures; faster, it's true - but somehow less interesting. Leuven, in particular, has lost a lot: the overbridge over the station where you could look down on trains, the old depot with its street-laid tracks (locomotievenstraaat), the parcels bay to the immediate south west of the station. I will look forward to following this thread. Mike
  8. The Dapol Class 121 models have unreliable pickups. Unless fixed, they exhibit hesitations, lights flickering, and occasional stalls. I bought two of them new - one was so bad I sent it back immediately for a replacement. The longterm solution is to fit additional pickups - or fit a Stay-Alive. The Dapol Class 121 models also whine. A Dapol Class 73 I bought new, derailed quite a bit, on a layout where there were no problems for my other 70 locos. I sent it back and refused a replacement. I shan't be buying any more Dapol products. All my Bachmann locos run without problems.
  9. Thank you, Hamburger, for that. very interesting. Mike
  10. I'm not familiar with the concept of : I would be grateful for some enlightenment. Particularly, how it: Thanks, Mike
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