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  1. The Dapol Class 121 models have unreliable pickups. Unless fixed, they exhibit hesitations, lights flickering, and occasional stalls. I bought two of them new - one was so bad I sent it back immediately for a replacement. The longterm solution is to fit additional pickups - or fit a Stay-Alive. The Dapol Class 121 models also whine. A Dapol Class 73 I bought new, derailed quite a bit, on a layout where there were no problems for my other 70 locos. I sent it back and refused a replacement. I shan't be buying any more Dapol products. All my Bachma
  2. Thank you, Hamburger, for that. very interesting. Mike
  3. I'm not familiar with the concept of : I would be grateful for some enlightenment. Particularly, how it: Thanks, Mike
  4. I'd be grateful if someone could point me to a link describing updated features of Zimo decoders. I have several older MX600. Cheers Mike
  5. Thank you everyone for your replies - very interesting observations.
  6. Please help my poor old brains - I can't see the benefit of keeping the room dark.
  7. Thank you Peter, Great News - long desired ! And your enterprise I'm sure will be rewarded. Could not find these yet on your web site. I have sent an email to place an order. Cheers, Mike
  8. A nice layout, Thomas. I lived for many years in GWR territory. And as a kid travelled to school on a GWR branch line. Here is a link to a hobby railway (scale 1:1) where they run SJ 1212, I believe similar to NSB Class 89, they also have/had some Scandinavian steam locos: http://www.simplonpc.co.uk/NeneValleyRly.html Cheers, Mike
  9. I don't know if this would help: You have two or more sidings on the layout, each can be isolated from the main layout. You park locos/EMU's/consists in the sidings. A loco with address (say) 10 is parked in siding A. Another loco with address 10 is parked in Siding B. If only one siding is energised, then only one loco will move in response to the controller. That way, you can have more than 40 DCC locos on the layout, while each can be controlled individually, remaining within the capabilities of the Rosta.
  10. Tony Hancock was very impressed when he learned that Sid James had modernised his business. He used a computer to smash the Jeweller's window.
  11. The soil round Aylesbury is clay. When some road works necessitated replacing a stretch of ancient gas pipes, it was discovered that the pipework had rotted, but there had been no leaks because the shaped clay conduit was impermeable to gas.
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