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  1. Just a thought. Perhaps have 2 decoders, one for each motor, only one with sound. Endeavour to get them Speed matched. Perhaps use one decoder with the Back EMF reduced or turned off.
  2. So you want this thread to exclude a great deal that is old fashioned and 00 gauge. That isn't clear from the thread title. There are other threads whose titles make it clear they focus on (for example) Hornby Dublo. I think your intended focus would be clearer with a title phrased something like "Seventies/Eighties OO models" or "post-Triang era OO models" or some such.
  3. When using a single decoder for 2 motors, do people favour wiring the 2 motors in series or in parallel?
  4. It seems to me that a change of title to the thread is called for.
  5. should that not read "one will absolutely consider you fairly and then absolutely not hire you"
  6. Rocoline is the older system. It was a very complete geometry with many set track pieces, and flex track. It was available with and without roadbed. The with-roadbed version was designed to take turnout decoders underneath (so as to be hidden). When Roco went bust, a gentleman with intellectual property rights on Rocoline refused to accept the terms being offered by Modelleisenbahn (the resurrected Roco company). So Roco were obliged to create a new track range, Geoline, similar to, but not as complete as, Rocoline. I don't know to what extent the geometries are interoperable. After some years, agreement was reached, and Rocoline has been re-introduced.
  7. I'd be grateful, Sir Topham, if you could tell me what that bottom coupling is, and where I can get them?
  8. Many thanks, everybody - that gives me a good review of what the stuff is like.
  9. Hi Pete, thanks for commenting. Mine is a recent purchase. Perhaps it will quieten down after more running. Sunny day here in Brighton.
  10. Mine has a constant high-pitched whine. As you say, irritating.
  11. Many large keyboards have separate backspace and delete keys
  12. I heard that "Great Britain" means the island of Britain plus all the small coastal islands politically united with Britain
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