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  1. Interesting idea. Among the potential applications: A bespoke-radius harness for flextrack A bespoke transition curve
  2. That vendor is having a laugh. The prices are stupid expensive. Among his offers is a T-shirt for £46.43.
  3. The Caen ring road has a confusing signpost shortly before one of the exits, showing a left and a right fork. One is signposted "Toutes Directions". The other is signposted "Autres Directions".
  4. Just west of Bristol Parkway is a 4-way Wye, where you can get from any point of the compass (North / East / South / West) to any other point: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.5155291,-2.5583017,1231m/data=!3m1!1e3 Stewart's Lane has a Wye suitable for turning, which probably gets used on specials from time to time. Selhurst Depot contains the makings of a Wye.
  5. I bought Lenz decoders in 2003. They are still running trouble-free, and give excellent Back-EMF control. Lenz tend to issue manuals applicable to several decoders with small differences (such as plug type). The operation of the decoders is the same. Possibly some of the decoders had plugs, and some just bare wires. A previous owner may have snipped off the plugs, intending them for use in locos without sockets. The second decoder from the top (with a red label) seems to have cables with no protruding metal wire. Suggests it had a plug which was snipped. The other red-label decoder has probably received a visit from a wire-stripper. CV 50 determines whether "silent drive" is in operation or not. You may find you are happy without bothering with this. The main issue is to make sure that your locos do not draw more than 0.45 amps in total. M
  6. Perhaps someone can enlighten me. In the case of coreless motors, is there an equivalent concept to 3-pole / 5-pole / etc?
  7. Well, I suppose you will usually only be looking at one side of the loco at a time...
  8. "Your call is important to us. Please hold until it is no longer important to you."
  9. I wonder if they have the class 08/09 in mind?
  10. Thank you for the replies. Have been made an offer of an industrial-size ultrasonic bath, which I'm considering. I was wondering if anyone had already tried this, and could advise how effective it is regarding removal of the ordinary crud which accumulates on track due to running sessions and tarnishing/oxidation. Also, whether it loosens the rails from the trackbed. Having to lift/re-lay track periodically wouldn't be a worry, as I don't have a permanent layout and frequently alter the layout to a different plan.
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