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  1. Please forgive my asking a basic question - does that mean mix up some baking soda with water, or is there a proprietary "liquid baking soda" product?
  2. I can (the Hornby Brush 2). Frequent stuttering at random, all round the layout. With clean wheels. Other locos have had no such problems on the same layout. In the end, I just dumped it on ebay.
  3. Part of the issue is explained here: https://dccwiki.com/Accessory_Address As I recall (I can't find a link immediately to hand), a related issue is that some accessory decoders offer addresses in groups of 4, grouping them as 0 to 3, 4 to 7, etc. Whereas others group them as 1 to 4, 5 to 8, etc. Some command stations make similar assumptions (either way). Mismatches between conventions of one supplier's command station and another supplier's decoder have caused confusion in the past. There was another issue with a Hornby command station (I forget which one), where the electrical signal output to the track was liable to manifest "ringing" to a greater extent than other command stations, so that some decoders did not interpret the commands correctly. TCS decoders were prone to have problems, and TCS published photos of oscilloscope readings applied to a Hornby command station showing the ringing.
  4. The question of Elite compliance was mooted before it became clear that the original NMRA spec was ambiguous. The NMRA have now admitted this, and sanctioned both interpretations as compliant. It had to do with whether you regard the "first" number as 1 or the "first" number as zero. Hornby had chosen the minority interpretation.
  5. The Royal Mail Postcode Finder gives GU1 4HT as the postcode for 75b Stoke Road, Guildford.
  6. Spend no more and use a "sound of silence" blanking plate - representing a prototypical period of failure.
  7. Is there any way of showing/discovering a "post number" ? This was present in the old software, and is sometimes useful in conveniently referring to particular posts. Also, the old software showed both date and time, which was a handy alternative - now, for older posts, only the date is showing. I apologise if this has already been covered somewhere else. As to dates, Today (2nd January), some posts are shown as "3rd January" on this thread: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/140724-any-recommendations-for-model-shops-buying-collections/&page=3 As to the overall impression, the new forum is too clumsy and too "busy" for my tastes.
  8. Now that's an interesting idea. Train disappears off to Northampton / Southampton / Hampton Wick / wherever. Some hours later it comes back. Meanwhile your physical train is re-marshalled in the fiddle yard with the engine having run around, so as to mesh with the incoming train. If it's a DMU/EMU, you don't even have to do that.
  9. It's a bit like selling a carving knife. SOMEBODY might use it for nefarious purposes. But that's not reason to suspect all customers.
  10. Thank you, Rudy, for this introduction. This thread promises to be most interesting. Mike
  11. That's one point of view. Many others have disagreed. It's not helpful to call them jobsworths, or suggest people should break rules when it suits them. Many good reasons for opening at the advertised time have been put forward.
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