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  1. Basically you can stick either a Freightliner or a DB 66 in front of the JIA's if you're modeling the last few years to current day, but yes see your point in regards to the TOPS Codes and as for example the JGA is applied to 2 entirely different looking wagons.
  2. Ok here we go, a wonderful prototypical rake consisting of a Red DB 66 & 9 JIA's perfect for a OO layout...I'm sold! In my web hunting also saw an article that DB have the China Clay contract now for the next 2 years...https://www.railfreight.com/railfreight/2020/07/29/new-contract-renews-db-cargo-uk-support-for-china-clay-industry-in-cornwall/ Please give the person a like In the interests of this thread Bachmann & EFE will give customers the chance to purchase this very rake, a Bachmann DB Red Class 66 & 9 weathered JIA's!
  3. No expert but they look very similar to the shots you provided being hauled by the Freightliner 66's but agree with Not Captain Kernow they're not JIA's...maybe someone will come along and clarify?
  4. I think these could be JGA's?
  5. Good enough for me, looks like they've had a scrub as you see can see the blue paint & logo and looking in-between the two weathered versions on offer.
  6. I'm quite interested in these JIA's as well but the weathered ones only and I think they are still in operation today going by images on Flickr unless they are just stored, price is good considering it looks like a complex wagon to manufacture in OO.
  7. I'm thinking of taking a gamble in getting Freightliner 66623 with sound as Hattons have more than 10 in stock but lost track of whether it was decided if it has the correct shade of orange or not, I really don't remember the outcome of that discussion thus if someone can confirm either yes or no that would be great...cheers. I have also noticed that Cemex & One with sound are listed as both on order and due in stock between September & December 2020, I thought they had all arrived already and that was it???
  8. Ok I'm a box opener & I don't want to do sh!t with a £150 or more priced locomotive (but in my case it would be £265 as I only buy sound fitted), we are talking about serious money here and if paying that still requires me to modify the product to run properly then I'm not having it. My sense & wallet spoke & I haven't purchased any until Hattons can assure me it does run out of the box without bits falling off and then requiring extensive modification to work as it should. Fantastic looking product but poor execution and hopefully Hattons learn from it and deliver on their promises in the future and I'll end up buying tonnes of them...I play the lottery on Wednesdays & Saturdays not when I buy a new tooled diesel locomotive.
  9. I'm in the G&W Orange livery brigade, I quite like it & looks fantastic on the Class 90.
  10. Yes agreed there is that, would be a shame if it doesn't go ahead as I would fancy one as preserved.
  11. Yes the ChiComs pitting Hattons & Bachmann against each other with an intercepted transmission from Bachmann HQ, utilizing 5G of course, with their designs for the ultimate Class 66 and the reward and offer of unfettered access to their best factory in China to produce it!...get ready to Rail Rumble!!!
  12. No worries Mike & thanks for the heads up, yes indeed you have a lot on and glad you guys are doing them
  13. Ok ta, would assume the EOI for this Class 89 would probably go on for a while longer or until the minimum goal is reached thus whichever comes first.
  14. What is the usual time period for an EOI before a go/no-go announcement is made?
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