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  1. Hi Fran, Just got an email to say your Rawie Buffer Stops with LED are low in stocks and about to sell out thus just wanted to know if you do sell out will Accurascale produce more of them in the future? Do want to get a few of them but not at this point in time hence the question. Cheers Steve
  2. I see pipes and taps, can you fill it with fine Ale or Guinness perhaps?
  3. Seen loads of YT videos with them running top and tail on Network Rail trains and the odd one with either of them on their own.
  4. Just an option if you see fit to pursue it, nothing more nothing less and yes already done to death but no doubt some hard lessons learned for Hattons on this product...hopefully they'll deliver the ultimate 66 in their next batch if they do it.
  5. Not sure if that has been posted already thus apologies in advance for repeating, this is in regards to a fix for the lighting issue on the large headlight (bug-eyed) versions of the Hattons Class 66. A company called Illuminated Models (have no affiliation) have a modification board for sale to fix the the issue and very cheap and easy as well requiring basic soldering skills and a little bit of work installing, I stumbled across this recently thus thought it would be useful to post in this thread and must admit gives me renewed interest in purchasing the current large headlight 66's whi
  6. Yeah on behalf of Accurascale they can do for £141.66 each...you get the loco as well
  7. I know how you feel, have sent 3 back already because of sound & lighting issues. Got another 2 pre-owned (like new) but one has a missing detail pack which is annoying because it is for the Freightliner ONE Pink which has a different yellow than the others on the top part of the apron thus on the verge of sending that back because I have been informed by Hattons there are no spare detail packs for that particular loco. The other is the Freightliner Green 66957 where the detail pack is from the EWS 66 loco thus completely different aprons to the Freightliner variant but waiting o
  8. Hi Richard, Yes I had the same issue with 66783, see my post quoted above, I opened it up and everything looked normal & switches were set correctly. Sent it back for a refund, hope this helps. Cheers Steve
  9. Here's a link to their webpage communication in regards to this; https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=900&utm_source=rmweb&utm_medium=hatdave&utm_campaign=mar-0729-hattonsbaseboardslaunch ...at least they're honest and didn't end up selling sub-standard goods.
  10. It wasn't there when I checked a few hours ago hence thinking it only came as DCC Ready, yes of course sound fitted has now been added.
  11. Its a shame Rails aren't also commissioning 37612 as I don't think I've ever seen 37610 & 37612 apart from each other and always on Network Rail duties together....hopefully we'll see 37612 in the future.
  12. I wouldn't be to concerned as there could be licensing issues that may prevent Hattons replicating those particular 66's, especially the London Underground pair as they were sold as Limited Editions via the London Transport Museum shop. Would be a shame not to have a Hattons version of these 66's but we'll just have to live with it if that were to be the case.
  13. In regards to my own experiences with Hattons Customer Service they are one of, if not, the best in the business....an absolute pleasure to deal with.
  14. Yes Hattons have got the EWS font incorrect as it is not the same thickness as the number but too be honest which manufacturer has got anything on a model loco 100% correct?...ok we wait for Accurascale but lets just leave it here on this debate of accuracy. I've taken the stance that I will avoid purchasing the Hattons 66's which have glaring livery or lighting faults thus based on that I will have about 8 of these that still knock Bachmann for six & at £119 (or less for pre-owned) there isn't any sense in buying the competition. Now come on Rob, the user leaflet is no more comp
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