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  1. All my wagons are Dapol & Accurascale with a little bit coming from RevolutioN and Cavalex which will eventually get bigger I would think, have nothing from the others and yes it down to detail/relevance/multiple running numbers and price. For me Dapol are the quiet achievers in regards to wagons, they do wagons which are quite common hauled by various freight operators (the yellow stufff) thus always generating interest and sales and their prices are quite good and yes Accurascale go up a level in detail but again offered in multiples and good on price. Edit: Went over my JSA's yesterday and absolutely perfect, such a nice wagon with the coils and tempted to get a couple more packs even with the same running numbers unless AS do more in the future with different numbers?
  2. Once again top customer service today in getting a call from Leigh to say my 3 packs of Accurascale JSA's are in ready for payment and dispatch, love the personal service and just having a general chat with Leigh while the business of finalizing the order is done.
  3. Apologies Fran I thought Murphy Models came under the same umbrella as I had seen Irish Railway Models in there somewhere when the product was advertised...I'm so confused
  4. That settles it then with an ! Can imagine their boardroom meeting discussing the detail and Fran pounding the desk with his fist saying no no no no no!!!!!...someone else pipes up with, but Fran we did it on the Class 121 without any problems...then Fran's death stare whilst uttering the words, you get out!
  5. Well they actually pulled it off with their Class 121 loco under Irish Model Railways/Murphy Models thus can't see why AS can't do this with a wagon, was just asking the question considering the lengths they go to with detail on their products which are outstanding but if not in this case then that is also ok.
  6. Please don't crucify me for asking but will these have rotating axle boxes as per prototype?
  7. Some very good points which I also feel Hattons need to adopt as follows; 1. Implement your own Warranty Repair Service or contract out to an authorized repairer for warranty jobs as sending back for a refund on a lot of these 66's is simply not an option due to being sold out (as I mentioned in one of my posts above). 2. Re-design the Axle Box feature which includes the bogie frames , axle box covers & axle stub lengths, I and many others have literally eliminated the wobble by drilling out the bogie frame holes using a 3.2mm drill bit, removing the excess spring moulding's off the back of 2 bogie frames per loco and re-gluing the AB's back onto the axle stub which is also too short (credits to adb968008 & Peter Dixon on YT). 3. Re-design the lighting board connections for the large bug-eyed light variants, maybe under warranty this repair or correction should have been contracted out to someone like Illuminated Models who have a fix in place but whether something like that is feasible or not is different matter entirely. 4. Perhaps take another look on how you attach the fine detail which is currently glued to the body which isn't ideal and problematic when removing the body, as with adb968008 I have resorted to start gluing the step handrails to the body thus reversing what Hattons have implemented which seems to work ok atm when taking the body off. 6. Pay more attention to livery colour (Freightliner G&W, use correct orange shade), livery positioning (Colas) and livery fonts (EWS) and get them right, also there was an issue with another Freightliner variant where above the air dams the yellow application wasn't correct? 5. Perhaps take a look at the quality control or quality of the motor/driveshafts assembly, I've had 3 fail on me already which seems to be related to this area of the model or perhaps I was just unlucky and not really an issue? If Hattons are considering run No.2 with the above re-developed/re-designed and implemented then IMO they'll have a license to print money on making further Class 66's because with this batch practically sold out barring a few liveries they must have made a healthy return on their tooling investment, obviously there are other factors to consider such as their return rate and parts issuance but pretty confident they would be pleased with this project.
  8. ...and just like that it's gone, Hattons literally sold 7 of 66593 in just a few hours.
  9. Freightliner 66593, yep one of those was me today and my sentiments exactly in regards to this one disappearing by Monday.
  10. Here's one...http://www.goinglocomodels.com/product/Dapol-4d-022-010d-class-68-680008-avenger-drs-late-modified-dcc-fitted-oo-gauge/
  11. No worries thanks. Not ready to pull apart Hattons 66's just yet but will reach that level eventually in time. I might actually buy a dead Hatton's 66 if it's below £70 and have a go at dismantling it and not worrying about killing a running one and just keep it for parts like adb968008 has been doing...sounds like a plan.
  12. Well took the body off on 66783 Biffa and inspected the innards and the only noticeable thing was 2 black wires straddling the driveshaft but not doing much just sitting on top so to speak, repositioned the wires away from it and put it on the rolling road and the thumpy/knocking noise didn't return and now its running normally in both directions for a good while last night and this morning. Put the body back on, a real expert now at doing this now with credit cards and no bits pinging off, and yes it is running fine thus no idea what was happening to it previously so will run it everyday and monitor. Maybe I knocked something back into place whilst taking the body off and fiddling with it??? Anyway Biffa is saved!!!...for now but BR LL 66789 is still a worry and a work in progress, defo need to save that one at all costs!
  13. For all us Class 37 fans, just watch 9mins of mesmerizing smoke action Not my video thus please like or subscribe to the original owner.
  14. Thanks all for the advice on my GBRf 66789 but haven't had the chance to take a look due to DIY. Anyway, this is getting a bit ridiculous because now I'm running my GBRF 66783 Biffa and after about 20mins it has now developed an internal knocking sound at the driver end (non-exhaust) and feel it is now going the same way as 66789 where any minute it now something will fall apart and it will cease to work, I've stopped running it. Too be honest 3 failures in as many days including the Freightliner ONE which I have sent back today for a refund is not really acceptable and considering I have 9 of them doesn't bode well for the future and will have to remember to run them constantly on my rolling road whilst they are in warranty, the biggest downside is that my failed/failing ones are now sold out and basically can't send them back as I'll never get those Hattons versions again. I suggested to Hattons they setup a warranty repair team considering they've gone into manufacturing and more than likely will continue to do so thus having at least 1 person with the qualifications/skills to conduct repairs would be an idea going forward, can't keep sending stuff back for a refund especially when they are sold out.
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