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    BR late steam, early diesel period, with particular emphasis on LMS and BR standards.
    7mm scale modelling.
    Making early mechanical string instruments.
    Restoring a harpsichord.
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  1. Probably so as a one-off. They have since been productionised as part of the W1 kit, so are available as a discrete etch. Richard
  2. Finney7 do a complete valve gear etch for £45 plus P&P. Page W1-26 shows you what you get: http://finney7.co.uk/Downloads/LNER_W1_A3_Pages.pdf Richard
  3. Hi Tim, I posted a few pics of the pipework behind the footsteps, or rather my interpretation thereof, on page 4. If you want any more, give me a shout. Cheers, Richard
  4. Hi Adam, T9 is £349, (optional) hornblock pack £9.50, 6 wheel tender £160, watercart tender £180. Please note that while we have the engines packed, the tenders will not be out until the end of March. P&P fully insured, next day delivery (UK) is £14 for either engine or tender separately or £26 for the both. Richard
  5. Hi, With Kettering looming, we are pretty sure we will have the new W1 available, along with the L11 and T9 wide and narrow cab engines. We are not likely to be able to restock the LNER 8 wheel tender for the W1 in time, we've had a bit of a run on those. The Drummond tenders will be available in about a month when we have the new patterns for the springs and axleboxes. Looking forward to seeing you there! Richard
  6. Hi Rich, A well-made rivet press will last you a lifetime. I have used the GW Models rivet press for years, either free-hand or using the table and it's a super product. The use of a proper press will minimise the distortion caused by rivet forming, though there is inevitably some working back to true required. Richard
  7. Thanks, The new kits are etched in nickel silver rather than brass. Though by special order, we can make any kit available in nickel silver. Regarding the 8 wheel tender. Our instructions are on-line, so you can have a good look to see whether you think you can do it. There's only one way to find out Richard
  8. Hi Rich, This is the first new kit we have designed under the Finney7 label. It sets the standard for Finney7 kits to come, but is a step up in detail from the original Martin Finey kits (well-detailed in any event) which have hitherto formed our range. Everything you see in the photos is included in the kit, with the usual exception of wheels, gears and motor etc. Richard
  9. Hi, This workbench is to show our Finney7 partners' kit builds. The latest is by Mick Davies of the W1 in its rebuilt form. Richard
  10. Hi, We're on the final stage of detailing now, middle cylinder drain cocks and linkages 'n all. It will be on sale early March, and may even make the Kettering show. Richard
  11. Hi Jeff, Not as yet. Guilplates do them I believe. Richard
  12. Hi Jeff, Mini7E perhaps, but I don't know yet. You might loose a bit of the rear brake cylinder. You'll have to wait until the instructions are published, and then overlay an ABC motor/gearbox template over it. Richard
  13. We're continuing with the W1 test build. All being well, it will be available in March. All brake rigging is present, including the top run and rear cylinder. Note also the resin brake shoes. The 2 to 1 gear works. The motor and gearbox fits without any compromise of the surrounding detail (Finney7 SDMP Rford 40:1 and Canon 1833) And a check of the casing fit. Richard
  14. Hi, We now have our new W1 kit in production. The production casing, castings and etches have all been done, and we are just working through a final test build so we can photograph it and produce the instructions. We aim to have it ready for the Kettering show in March 2019. What do you get in the box? A one-piece resin casing. Whitemetal, brass and nickel silver castings, most of which are shown on the display board. All nickel-silver etches with over 600 parts. Motion, 2 sets to an etch, one per kit: Chassis and the monster 'everything
  15. And a nice little model it is too.....I did add a few extra details as is my wont. Richard
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