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  1. As mentioned in the post above from early 2020 the pending Provincial release is wrong. Livery sample shows modified cowling on the Bachmann site although 150115 never did run in Provincial livery in this condition. Evidence in the previous posted message shows the unit in Central livery still with as built cowling so the model is not accurate.
  2. cs233

    Hornby APT 2020

    Indeed I understand any opinion which lacks standardisation and is not following herd mentality could be seen as moaning. Having differing opinions could equally with an alternative mindset be seen as healthy. I recall back in the early 2000’s many ‘glowing’ reviews of the original Bachmann 37 with incorrect tumblehome and if you was brave enough to raise this issue in a forum you were sentenced to receive sharp and direct comments by the herd of the day. A definition of a forum and its purpose is detailed below: "meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be
  3. cs233

    Hornby APT 2020

    The sooner we get a sample with at least some attempted livery application the better. It may put the concerns with the gap and overall tolerances to bed and make it a non-issue? The gaps still are a major issue for me at least on the body and I remain disappointed with what has been shown. Please Hornby let's see some livery samples.
  4. Indeed this was the former Intercity Cross Country fleet that passed to Virgin. When they were in the original Express livery they had a different interior with purple seats in standard class and a first class section that was very comfortable in fact superior to most first class seats currently on the network. A release of one of these four units in the original Express livery would be interesting as they got far and wide. I even recall in the mid 90's one operating a service from Liverpool to Portsmouth.
  5. This seems to have been factored in as the GWR release has the deflector style fitted to Scottish units. Technically when the very early 158 units were built such as 158702 they did carry standard deflectors when leaving BREL Derby after construction although within months did receive the revised deflector.
  6. cs233

    Hornby APT 2020

    Absolutely not judging the final product. Merely saying that what has been shown so far has been below expectations and is a disappointment. Still have a set on order plus the additional coaches, for now at least.
  7. Capacity at Man Vic is the reason apparently why two services were joined up that resulted in a Leeds to Southport offering. Chester differs as that was a franchise commitment. Perhaps reducing the size of Man Vic in 1992 was not the smartest of decisions....
  8. cs233

    Hornby APT 2020

    Early days but personally I am disappointed by the join line and it really ditracts from the prototype and it's long and clean lines. Shame it could not have been tooled without it and a two part flexible interior used to workaround the challenges. Perhaps when the livery is applied it will hide it. Let's see.....
  9. During a rare trip from the South to Leeds back in 2019 did observe Class 156 units on a number of long runs out of Leeds. They were seen operating Leeds-Southport and Leeds-Chester. Both services routed via the long and slow Calder Valley.
  10. I know Charlie mentioned originally Colne to Victoria but I cannot ever see such a service running between 1986 and 1992. Have the BR all route timetables for these years and there are lots of Victoria to Blackburn as well as Rochdale to Blackburn via Victoria (long before the current Clitheroe service started) but cannot find a Colne service. Maybe it was a relief working? Having spent much time at Manchester Victoria in the late 80's I recall the destination blinds simply read on some if not all units of that era 'Man Vic'
  11. cs233

    Class 142

    Have bumped in to Charlie many times at various exhibitions over the years and has always been nice to speak to. However the experience in dealing with Realtrack Models in my opinion has been negative. Nothing to do with delays of the product e.g. Class 156 but when my debit card was replaced by the bank due to it having a fault and it did not work when Charlie attempted payment there was no communication simply the order was not delivered and until I contacted Charlie no action was taken. Even after full payment was made with the new card it was a four week delay before the item was even ship
  12. cs233

    Class 142

    Hardly a fair comparison for a model that dates from summer 1989. Clearly by the current standards it is way off the pace. However in 2050 maybe people will think the same for yet to be released Realtrack version? For 1989 standards they did a reasonable job of hiding most of the motor area. I have a model purchased in August 1989 (new) in GMPTE Orange for £24, it still runs to this day despite having been run fairly regular for many hundreds of hours. Yes not of current standards but when judged on the market and general standards of the day clearly not 'crap'.
  13. Bachmman site states 'Front end details appropriate to prototype' unless they modify the cowling on the tool Class 150115 in Provincial will be incorrect as it had its original cowling design when painted in Centro livery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dwbphotos/35380357173/in/photolist-VUrzya-LFiFdW-YX7v54-nw6Mae-2e1tc9g-Bm7gdU-8QGG9j-Xg9pqd-ku3tFa-25JNuga-26t2sq9-qyptg1-GyH9pa-fwUhUQ-bDVo4w-TeKTe9-qMkBSY-qP8n3i-qBfyam-2h5f7Gf-GyHa2H-2dnTcUZ-D2frp9-tmXNvS-rPwB2G-qAkx1J-zMnEBU-CeixVY-rZHCd6-A5LfRR-qSTWeT-YEGJMc-28B2Foh-28MME9L-AQ6ryj-pfkKny-LR3Y2H-pW7GVa-qQmpYU-BCD4aE-2hgYdH2-qxY3
  14. Very common after examining a number of RR units in my friendly sympathetic local store had to pass on the first two due to various defects, there were issues with the lighter blue stripe that had marks and had not been applied consistently. The glazing on one also had a mark that did not seem rub off. Settled on the third unit which still had some broken livery application especially with the door frame being picked out but it was the best of the bunch, have since touched this up with a black marker. The QC process does have issues considering the price but this is the same for all makers rea
  15. Having been playing with the sound fitted RR unit for a few days it is superb. This is the best DMU available today for the UK scene. The lighting is indeed exactly as the units were originally much better than the Realtrack Provincial 156 in that respect. The only two faults are the cab join which has already been discussed in detail this remains incorrect although it is not really an issue as the RR livery hides it well. The sounds are clearly the Cummins engine recording although 158849 as built had the different sounding Perkins engine but realistically how many people will not
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