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  1. Or alternatively, Hornby not supplying the numbers ordered by Hattons. Either way it's worrying, and given that Hattons and Hornby are after very similar markets here the cynic in me suspects jiggery pokery, though in fact spite of this sort will harm both parties and is counterconstructive. I will avoid sourcing Hornby stuff from Hattons in this case. We know that Hattons have history with Bachmann, and Rails with Hornby, but of course are not party to the details which are none of our business, and cannot make a judgement call over who is to blame. I have my opinion, but will keep it to
  2. Sounds like a fascinating area to model railways! It is. South Wales in general and the Tondu'Afan Valley complex in particular. Tondu was a rather unimposing run of the mill shed with an allocation of about 50 locos give or take, but this featuered, as well as the usual South Wales supects (57xx/8750, 56xx, 42xx, 5101s, 94xx), some esoterica, including 3100, a Collett 1938 31xx large prarie, one of a class of only 5, and 44xx small prairies for the very sharply curved Porthcawl branch, replaced by auto fitted 4575s after1953. You'd think coverage of RTR GW locos in BR days was p
  3. Pity Tondu didn't have 16xx; I always thought they were well proportioned and attractive little things. The contractor taking up track in Cadoxton sidings in 1965 had one, and his driver used to race the dmus between Cadoxton and Barry Dock. They were pretty quick off the mark with those small driving wheels!
  4. My intention is a representation of the Glyncorrwg miner's workman's, Cwmmer Corrwg-North Rhondda, as running in the early 50s, probably in filthy BR crimson as they were by then carrying W prefix numbers. I know that some GW 4 wheelers were repainted in this livery at Caerphilly Works, for this and the Senghenydd miner's train, and the last in service were the Glyncorrwg set. This, photographed in John Hodges' and Stuart Davies' Tondu Valleys book on pages 218-21 and 226. The train consists of a 4 coach set of 4 wheelers, BT/T/BT van ends outwards and an additional 3rd. Phil's photo show
  5. Yes, the Airfix were by far the best of the old bunch, but current NEM RTR stacks up pretty well against them.
  6. I have a vague hope that they will bring out a Diagram N auto trailer that has been through a shrink ray for 4mm. You never know, and 2 were allox Tondu in 1953.
  7. Fair enough, don't rush, it's not a race! But I'd be interested to hear your thoughts when you do test run it; mine is not particularly likely to be here by the weekend! Thanks in advance.
  8. The only possible, I do not claim likely, use for newly introduced plastic kits might be for multiple units, a particularly costly RTR item as completed sets. A range of body side panels, and alternative cab roof and marker light details would account for nearly all the 64' high density types, including 116, 118, Bed-Pan/Marylebone 4-car etc, and might include the Manchester/Liverpool Crewe electric sets with alternative cabs, roof mouldings, and Gresley bogies, and could probably be marketed as a box containing enought bits to build one of any of them, with a power bogie, for about £150, a
  9. Will be interested to hear your comments on how it runs, Clearwater, especially slow running and the smoothness of stopping and starting, vital on a small BLT. You must be a very happy bunny, a 94xx of your very very own, and you will, ok, Johnster, don't start that nonsense again... Still pending at Rails for the moment. Probably just as well there's a lockdown or I'd be seriously considering going up there to pick it up, which would cost more than the loco itself!
  10. Reassuring that you think my loss is a thing to be feared, adb!
  11. But a new tooling to the same standard as the current ex Kitmaster/Airfix/Dapol/back-to-Kitmaster stuff would not retail for the same price. The new tooling would have to be paid for and the retail price would have to take that literally into account, whereas the older toolings were amorted back in the Silurian Era. My view is that any new loco kits would have to be capable of being motorised in, which means prefabricated metal assemblies for steam outside motion and power bogies for non steam outline. We are getting into CKD territory now
  12. Oh yes they do, unless you run short trains; that's why they have the word "lock" in their name A few words in defence of the venerable tension lock, at least in it's current form in an NEM pocket. They look hideous, but the current type is not as bad as the old Triang, Triang Hornby, Mainline, and especially the awful Lima offerings. They are virtually 100% reliable, but the caveat is that certain conditions must be met. Firstly, a standard profile must be used, and despite it being alleged that all t/ls are compatible, which gives the impression that they are all buil
  13. Might I suggest Stafford Road Works 3D prints from Shapeways. They do most of the GW types and are very free running with Hornby or Bachmann 14mm wheels, no need for brass bearings, and include NEM pockets. No connection happy customer. My own clerestories run fine on their original Triang B1 bogies, which I have converted to ersatz 8'6" Deans by cutting out the tie bars and gluing footboards (Sainsbury's cafe coffee stirrers cut in half lengthways) to them; you make cutouts for the axleboxes and superglue 'em straight on. I was a bit surprised that 1961 Triang wheels would man
  14. . So it does, yay! Next job is to keep checking the bank a/c to see if they've 'ad me money, then the hard part. As in any American war movie:- Sarge (usually John Wayne): 'You ok, Kowalski'? Kowalski (there's always a Kowalski) :'i don't like it, sarge, it's quiet. Too quiet. It's the waiting that gets yer, why don't they come out and fight: see them busihes/treeds/sand dunes/ruined French buildings; there's someone behind every one of 'em. I tells ya, Sarge, I'm scared. You ever get scared Sarge, no, they don't give purple hearts to yellerbellie
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