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  1. Hi, never got the newsletter for some reason! Any idea when the earlybird finishes? Regards, C.
  2. I think a few are going slightly off topic. Last year, I did a thread on short supply of Network Rail Mk3's - R4909/10/11. My thoughts are as follow: 1). Short supply is a dangerous situation. Firstly it means model shops will order "extra" to try to get what they want. Second the customer will get peed off, if their chosen shop lets them down, and may even stick a finger up at Hornby. Saying well if thats the case, I wont bother with Hornby anymore. (Similar to when they tried direct selling), which actually they are! R4909/10/11 were in stock on the website, whilst shops could not get them. So effectively, if the same happens with products this year, then although Hornby "say" they now support traders, then if traders don't get the allocation they need, then if there is website stock, people will be FORCED to buy direct from the website. 2). If a company can sell for example 1500 units, but is actually only doing say 700 (the 2016 handbook is a useful reference stating that a normal run is 600-800 units), then that is a clear serious loss of profit. I know supply chains can be complex and manufactures have to order components in etc., but surely no manufacturer is going to want to turn down, a significant order increase, even if you had to work with them, and say hold a selected few items back a little while to facilitate the larger production runs. Surely motor, wheel manufacturers etc., are going to be happy to sell additional units too! 3). With products like the APT, why not allow traders to place orders and work out a order quantity based on firm orders by a certain date and from that produce "this", plus some extra to round up to the next viable order quantity. 4). To be honest, whilst I sympathy that estimating a production quantity is not the easiest thing to do, its ironic that for a company that is going to be 100 years old, in less that 7 days after announcing its catalogue, based on the initial feed about likely short supplies, it is highly likely that it is going to disappoint both traders and modellers by not being able to satisfy their orders/demand! I don't think shareholders would be very impressed either, with a company that has seen its share price and profits drop considerably, unable to supply its customers with premium products that must have high gross profit margins. I hope it can be a progressive and forward thinking company that can find solutions to these problems. Its 2020, not 1920! Best Regards, C.
  3. dogbox321

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hi, great info on the actual sets and what will go with what. Its really clear and concise. I think the next big thing is what Hornby are doing regarding the specification. Working pantograph? Buffer Beam front, whether the two parts will be motored seperately, and possibly 2 DCC chips, whether they will have to do a separate one for all the features, and/or even a TTS variant? Regards the re-number for the vehicles at the Heritage Centre, I'm sure eventually Hornby will get around to doing all the units if/when sales of the APT justify it. I imagine it will be successful. Only query I have is whether many people will go for a full 14 vehicle set, or whether some stockists will get left with a few intermediate coaches. Likewise is the R4970, the same as will come in the pack, or will one have different numbering/detail or something? Notice it shows as an Sc Number and a 977xxx.
  4. Perhaps Hornby are trying to assess the situation regarding the Class 91. Maybe announce the coaches in the mid-year range, as maybe they are still working on close couplings etc., like the Cavalex model is to offer. Who knows. Certainly, I think telling people about there plans for matching coaches and DVT would help promote sales. I think the next big question is what Hornby propose to do with the Pantograph. Scaled working as per the Bachmann Class 90, or Class 87 style offering. If its the latter, then the Cavalex offering will have a distinct advantage. I were thinking about it earlier. A new Class 91 and Mk4's actually fits in to there product range quite well. Apart from the Blue Pullman, all other expresses - HST, Pendolino, IEP, 225's and even Eurostar and Brighton Belle are all in the Hornby portfolio. I'm actually surprised that they have not bit the bullet and done a New Class 66 too. I've always said that after doing the Class 60, not doing a Class 66 to the same standard has been their biggest mistake. Best Regards, C.
  5. dogbox321

    Hornby APT 2020

    Personally, I'm still confused, regarding the formations. A 7 car set, plus 8 coaches = 15 A 5 Car set, plus 8 coaches + Extra NDM = 14 Will both train packs be black cab windows or one with full yellow? Also a few things on spec: - Whilst it will tilt, will the pantograph remain straight as per prototype - Will the front be liftable to expose buffers etc? - Will the pantograph be servo fitted, or as per the Class 87? Same question springs to mind (pardon the pun) with the Class 91.... Regards, C.
  6. The big thing that I am surprised at (unless I havent read the thread far enough) is the lack of Mk4's and DVT to accompany. Is that a surprise June announcement perhaps? Surely without the stock to run with it, it will hamper sales? And surely whilst at Bounds Green, these things would have been looked into too? The other thing with the Class 91 - will it have a working pantograph, as per the proposed competitors model. That may also swing it for many people? Especially, with the feedback from the Class 87, with its pantograph. Regards, C.
  7. China Clay really is a fascinating subject. From what I have herd on the grapevine, there may be something to make China Clay even more popular on Monday! If a bit of joined up thinking occurred and a new Clay Hood was a proposal as well, then I think it would be game, set and match! Plus millions of cheap blue boxed ones on e-bay. Personally, on top I would like a Sentinel decorated as Denise, as seen at Bodmin in October whilst on holiday! Regards, C.
  8. I've not done alot of experimenting. But I recall having a Hornby Class 08 (Modern Version), on a Gaugemaster Feedback (probably not recommended nowadays), and that moved really slowly, and didn't judder either. Think it were about 8-10 seconds sleeper to sleeper! Regards, C.
  9. Just been looking at a retailers photos of the train pack, and I think they have missed the overhead live wires warning off the coaches? (I know its easy enough to rectify), and I suppose not of the other (older) releases have had them, but for a modern train....... Regards, C.
  10. Think there was one in the South that used to be famous for it, but not aware of anywhere in the Midlands/North West. Happy Christmas, C.
  11. Have Bachmann sold out already? Shows on their website, check stockists. Regards, c.
  12. Actually, with the Class 91, this person has a point. Remember Hornby announcing the Terrier. There seem to be certain red lines, where if a manufacturer treads on Hornby's turf, then there are repercussions. Until the new liveries on the old Class 66 were announced at Warley, then I had thought that maybe they may go for a Class 66 model against Hattons, as they only have the old Lima one and a new one opens up a different market, plus their sales of the old one, show the importance of the Class 66 on the bottom line! Regards, C.
  13. Yeah, and how many of those do you think people got a Warley????? (Card holders copy if paid by card, but not much else nowadays!) I do know one shop that fills in a Bachmann warranty fully, but other than that...........
  14. A couple of points come to mind. 1 - Surely QC in UK should have picked it up. 2 - Best for Hornby to admit the mistake, and make an announcement regarding rectification themselves. 3 - If they were to do number 2. A goodwill gesture of permitting people to keep the old bodies would probably go down well, and enable modellers to keep running any purchased models in the interim. They could regulate any claims as bona-fide by either supplying the original traders, or by asking modellers to send in either the small white sticker off the backs of boxes, or via sending in the coloured card front sleeve, or even dare I suggest, cut off and send in the description end of it, and then upon return, send out new sleeves as well. Regards, C.
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