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  1. Based on the success of the PFA - I'd actually like to see them do something "quirky" like a 2 axle chemical/gas tank, such as the Distillers MG or something. Although whether there is enough variety and any other uses for the underframe etc., I do not know? But it would certainly be different, but maybe not mainstream enough? Best Wishes, C.
  2. Excellent as always Guy. Maybe do a tutorial for the AS website as they have one for most types of wagon? The insides look really fantastic and you can almost see the rust flaking off! Best Wishes, Chris.
  3. Look pretty damn good! Only thing missing is "Wings", so they can fly off the shelf! Best Wishes, C.
  4. Happy New Year all, I hope everyone is remaining safe. Just tell me when to look for a Class 50 announcement........ Cut down GB Coal Hoppers would follow on from earlier....... Shame its "yer" and not mis-spelt yea - I smell a subtle clue! A YEA perch set would have been nice! And even better hauled by a DCWA Class 50! Best Wishes, C.
  5. dogbox321

    2021 hopes

    Hattons actually got a second batch from Drax, so more were sold. The wagons were that price because that was the run and if someone wanted them badly enough paid the price. Plus they are something "special" and that should be maintained in my belief as a moral issue and out of respect for anyone who purchased them. Not just cheapened, for the sake of it - like what happened with 66522 "Shanks" and the RTC Class 24. There is a full powerhouse livery, which is different to the original and that could be done. But who knows in this world. Personally I'd expect 43185 to complete the celeb liveries - a suitable pairing being 43175, or 43179. Apart from that - if it starts the way the year has ended. Loads of stuff with incorrect colours and bits falling off! Need I say more? Best Wishes, Chris.
  6. dogbox321

    2021 hopes

    Hi Tom, TBH these wagons were not made for modellers. It was a political tool for Drax and to promote their "renewable energy" (in quote marks because it depends on how you view renewable). Ultimately, the reason some were offered to the public/modellers was to pay for/contribute to the cost of the tooling. Hence the cost of £83 each, and I think 10% of the price went to a charity. Drax had no intentions of entering the model market, and they were never really produced for modellers, it was just a way to fund them! Drax even used Hattons as a distributor. Best Wishes, Chris.
  7. dogbox321

    2021 hopes

    When I spoke to Drax, they said that it was a one run job and would not permit it to be done again. (I asked before parting with £85 per wagon!) I believe Drax also own the tooling. With the newer Powerhouse liveries that may have scope..... However my main thought would be that with Rails/Revolution doing an N gauge version - then people are banking on a new OO gauge one. But would Drax permit that when they have done a limited run..... The other thought is with Accurascales Biomass Hopper, maybe people are thinking sell their Drax, purchase a cheaper and more detailed HYA derivative and have a few extra quid for something else too? Best Wishes, Chris.
  8. A good few years ago there were a couple of occasions when costs shot up. So ever since they have just told us about rising costs. As I have said many times - if the costs of a component (whether a material, labour etc.) in model manufacturing goes up - its a percentage of a proportion. Likewise - apart from models most technology gets depreciated, so actually you could absorb some cost increases through this. But some manufacturers I believe are just out there to sell what they can for the highest price they can possibly get. I don't think the internet and e-bay has helped either - as if a model sells for £150 on ebay then someone in China is going to say well why are my products being sold for £50 and I'm getting £20, when someone is prepared to pay £150? Likewise if one gets away with it - others try it too. You could argue the same with another Class 66 that retailed for about £100, but now is £75! Its not rocket science - just business. You can also compare prices for example on something like the new tooled Seacow/Sealions of a few years back. Both were produced originally at the same same sort of time and have similar levels of details. One retails circa £30, whilst the other is now circa £50. Best Wishes, Chris.
  9. Hi - all these are on plain and simple DC power...... Is it just a alot of bad luck? Some of the reds appear to be illuminated from elsewhere, especially the last photo? Hence asking light bleed or a fault???? Many thanks, Chris.
  10. Hi All, To "Shed" a little light on the subject....... 66097 2nd Attempt, 66125, 66097 1st Attempt, 66528. Best Wishes and many thanks in anticipation. Remain safe, Chris. P.S. In relation to some others comments. Then I can understand all frustrations - I 've spent a good many hours trying to sort some of these out. 66528 has been a super pig, and still wobbles when axle boxes are put in. My philosophy has been that these Class 66's are a superb model, if you are prepared to put a little work in, and sometimes a great deal of time, and to purchase any of these I believe you need to accept that. Regards modeller V RTR put it on the track. Its not quite what was promised, and I can understand how for someone purchasing a model they expect it to run "Right" out of the box. But we are where we are. If you want a Class 66 that goes straight on the track there are other options, but with less detail. Its a trade off. There are a good many good modellers out there, and its to their credit that they can turn their hands to these locomotives, identify the issues and assist us mere mortals! The great thing about this hobby is its diversity, and its ability to cover a very wide skills base and that we are all better at some things than others. People can do anything from buy a train set to scratch build a locomotive or wagon. The main thing is that we "enjoy it" and support each other in areas where our skills are lacking, so we all get more from our hobby. In that way we can all hopefully learn things and develop. As soon as we can all respect each other and that we are all different, including have differing views, RMweb will be a much happier place. Anyway back to shed lighting.......
  11. Hi - quick question - has anyone had problems with EWS & DB Class 66's having either faulty lights or lots of light bleed? Tried a search to no avail and not enough hours in the day to scroll through 174 pages. Any assistance most appreciated, Many Thanks, Chris.
  12. Whilst I do like the Class 58's and living in the midlands have seen many of them. Glad I had some on chuck-out a few years ago at between £50 and upto £79 on the later ones that featured in a sale the other year. In that price range a bargain. At top of the range model prices.....
  13. Having been a boy of the 80's Class 50s are my favourite class from that era and I have a good fleet. Whilst I would dearly like a GBRf pair I am waiting for a proper hoover, in the right colours....... As I bow towards the land of Guinness.........Keeping the faith - don't let me down!
  14. Personally, I wish KR the best with this venture and I thank them for their response. Without arguing one point or another. KR have said that they have listened to the concerns. So lets see what the EP2 brings. If its good I will place an order, if not purchase something else! Its a very simple and uncomplicated answer to many what ifs, maybe's etc.! Remain Safe everyone, Best Wishes, Christopher.
  15. Good job you weren't Russian! Thanks for the information. With respect to the 3 locos- slightly confused. With 2 locomotives there is one at either end - so wouldn't that be sufficient for the run arounds etc.? As usually I believe they are top and tailed. Are you saying they put 2 on the front, just incase one failed as a double safe guard? Obviously something they either didn't want leaving around or due to some heightened threat level. Then again with all the rotting Nuke Subs at Devonport there is enough nasties lurking around. Slightly off topic - sorry! But with all the security regarding radioactive material (as demonstrated above!) - how can you not trust the Chinese to deliver a 5G network, but you can let them build a nuclear power station? Is it me or just the Great British Sense of humour? KUA's will look very nice. Are they arriving by ship or air? Remain safe everyone, Best Wishes, Chris.
  16. It may be a problem if it goes on ONE APUS! Sorry to give you nightmares Stephen & Fran (Just make sure its very well insured!) Sea or Air its your choice..... Best Wishes, Chris.
  17. Class 37 is coming on really, really well....congratulations A/S. I'm sure its a time when you start to feel all your hard work and painstaking research is becoming worthwhile, as you start to see the fruits of your labour. Most sexy bit is the Ex-Class 50 bogie frames..........keep going.......a little bit higher.... a bit to the left....a bit to the right....and then you have "Conqueror-ed" it! Surely in the days of HAA, C-D-A, that is a subtle hint! I were going to start a thread "Have Accurascale just announced a Class 50?", but have restrained myself! I'm quite impressed! Although I have thought of a story line for a subtle hint video! HAA! HAA! Best Wishes To all, Remain Safe, Have a "Superb" Christmas and "Glorious" New Year! Chris.
  18. I was just looking to do a pre-order, but to me - some of the details look a little "coarse", and I would like to see a more finalised product, so I can see the level od detail I would be getting. Are any connecting pipes between wagons to be included? Regrettably it sounds like my comments of 11th November are still true, but not herd...... Best Wishes, Chris. What I am saying is - manufacturers nowadays go to extreme lengths to ensure details are correct, and if you produce "one" substandard product your reputation will be left in tatters, and people will not have the confidence to pre-order and pay for your products up front, which is the principle of your business model. Plus I can totally understand the deposit scheme, so people are committed and don't just say they want one, but never commit to an order! But in this scheme - people are trusting you, hence the details need to be right and you have a huge responsibility to deliver for those who are backing the company. Likewise there was the "confusion" relating to the Nuclear Flask wagon. Personally, I would be looking into my research techniques to ensure any flaws are identified and corrected prior to starting tooling, when mistakes start getting expensive, or worse still - slip through the net and onto the final production model. Whilst Canada may not be the easiest of places to be based and get all the research required - I'm sure you must have "sources" within the UK and there are plenty of people with knowledge and experiences that they will share with you on a given subject manner. I'm not complaining, just attempting to share my concerns in a constructive manner, so hopefully KRM can move forward in producing excellently detailed products - that both yourself and your customers can be proud of.
  19. Have any new deals been added in the last few days - using the web address above it seemed to be the same 96-97 items. Really quite surprised if there are new items there is not a banner or something on the website to highlight the latest offers. Best Wishes, Chris.
  20. Spoken to Liverpool today. Somehow they had been picked but not posted. Main think is, after ordering on 19th Nov - finally getting them after thinking I probably wouldn't. Especially as they are the BOC - Nitrogen Orange Stripe livery. Out of interest on the Olivias Website the "BOC Gasses" and Plain White with Red Stripe are described as limited editions of 100 units of each! Best Wishes, C.
  21. Yes - Revolution are doing one in N. I think the hopes are - after the N gauge one has been done they will look at "possibly" doing an OO one. But it has taken them along time to get enough modellers to support some liveries in N, plus they have changed factory etc.. There has been plenty of other things on the go in OO, so hopefully they will look at it in OO in due course. Plus when people see the N gauge one - it will increase demand for an OO one! Best Wishes, Chris.
  22. Looking at the tooling - the headcode boxes look to be a separate component. As a suggestion - could it be possible to provide an extra set with this "lady". So then people could choose between the yellow and the black? Best Wishes, Chris.
  23. Oh good! Still owed the 4 I paid for on the 19th November........ Best Wishes, Chris
  24. Boys and their toys!!! Hope the boss don't mind you playing....... Then again you could use the scientific excuse of checking the speakers etc.. You'll know when you get it right - when car alarms go off in the car park! Best Wishes, Chris.
  25. By the looks of it your 2 thirds of the way to becoming a Railway Fitter - Screwdriver - Yes! Hammer - Yes! You just need the obligatory Watering Can! Best Wishes, Chris
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