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  1. In the beginning was the Railway. The Rainhill Trials are generally accepted as the beginning of the mechanised railway. William Huskisson the local Member of Parliament was hit by the Rocket on the first day of the trials and later died of his injury. As a retired cop having spent a lot of my service on traffic dealing with Road Traffic Accidents (RTA), I have decided for this challenge to go for the railway equivalent and model the first Railway Train Accident. Huskisson was taken on a door to a local doctor and died several hours later. I am going to take a bit of poetic license and place him at the scene. To add to the challenge I think I can get a scale 1 Rocket into the 8 inch by 8 inch by 6 inch restriction. At a scale of 1:32 the Rocket and tender should come out at 8 inches long. No wriggle room! The problem will be with the height, using normal rails and thick sleepers it comes in at 6 inches with no room for a base board. I am going to have to make my own track and thin down the sleepers. I have identified some suitable figures, I have the 3D printing files for a 1:32 scale Rocket and Tender. This is going to be an exercise in painting and weathering.
  2. Submitted last night. Bit of a false start when I copied and pasted Phil's email it would not go. Had to type it out by hand. presumably some mechanism to stop computer generated spam.
  3. Okay, nearly done. Still got some small details to finish that I hope to get done before Sundays deadline. Even if they don't get done, I am still pleased with the way it has gone. I have achieved most of my objectives. I have improved my small scale woodworking skills. I have had a go with a water scene. I did not get the static grass on here but I did get to have a go on the flat and on an embankment on a main layout. The grass on the flat looked really good but the embankment still needs some practice the get the grass growing up rather than 'out'. I decided not to ruin the beavers valley but to leave it until I have more practice. The other thing to do before Sunday is practice with the camera to get a better depth of field before submitting the final photos. To be going on with here is what I was originally thinking of,
  4. OK, Making some progress. First off I have got the basic profile of the valley cut and some plaster bandage on it to seal it for now. I found a picture on google of logging on a slope. I bit of photo-shopping and I have a back scene. I have had 3 attempts at making the bridge, the first two went in the bin. Third one looks reasonable. It was one of my original objectives of this challenge to improve on my skills working with wood. I am not where I want to be, but getting much better. The bridge now needs fixing in place, I will need to build up the banks slightly so the beavers have somewhere to sit gnawing the bridge supports. It will also fix them to the bank at the same time. I have painted three of the beavers. They need to be smoothed down as the paint shows the layering from where they were printed. They don't look quite as bad as the camera makes them look but do need a little more work. Finally, I have made the wagon for the felled trees. This was a kit I bought at a show last year. I have not made any of these for 50 years. I used to make airfix kits at boarding school and even found an unmade break van in the loft which I will now assemble. I have made a log load for it. Still needs painting, chains adding and finishing off, but again more progress has been made. When the glue has dried on the bridge, I'll give it a paint wash then start working on cleaning up the beavers a bit more.
  5. Currently sat in a hotel room in St Helier Jersey trying to cut polystyrene without making too much mess!! Just about got the basic valley cut out. Need to learn how to resize photos from my phone or I will have to wait until I get back to Norfolk and use a proper camera. below is a basic plan of action if it comes out. Chris
  6. Beavers Revenge I am coming to this challenge a little late. I saw it originally last year and thought it would be fun to have a go so in anticipation I bought a small base board from Justin at scalemodelscenary.co.uk. I have only been modelling railway for a couple of years but have in the past made a number of sailing vessels so I am not completely new to modelling. I wanted to do something that would make me try a number of techniques that I have not yet used. That might mean it is a bit of a disaster, but hopefully it will mean that I increase my own skills (or at least learn my limitations). I want to incorporate: Some kind of water feature. Although I have made a number of ships, the only time I have used water is when making a ship in a bottle or light bulb. Nothing like the water shown on many layouts these days. Static grass. My kids brought me a static grass applicator for Christmas over a year ago but I have never used it. I am only just finishing wiring my main layout, it is going to be months before I get to put grass on it so I would like the opportunity to use it now. I have loads of coffee stirrers, I tried making part of a building for my local model railway club and it looked terrible. I want to develop this further and so thought a trestle bridge might help here. I want to make some rolling stock or try bashing something that I already have. I have a free-be paper mill loco from BRM when I subscribed, what about doing something with that? It needs to be fun! Nothing too serious. When the topic ‘waiting for a train’ was announced I discussed this at the King’s Lynn Model Railway club. I thought I don’t want the waiting to be people so what about an animal or two. Cows or farm stock would be too easy, what about beavers waiting to bring down a bridge? Could I get any beavers at OO scale? Well I searched the internet and no I could not find any. I emailed my cousins in Canada, could they ask at their local model shops because this is a non-starter without the beavers! Still no. I did however find a couple of STL 3D print files (for free!) on the internet. I have a 3D printer but the nozzle is blocked due to me using it in a freezing shed so last week I brought it inside and spent hours servicing it. I managed to print some OO scale beavers. The project is on.
  7. Hi Charles, I am glad to see that you have found a way of sharing stl files. It does appear that you can't attach them here which is a shame. It is very refreshing to see someone making files freely available and I have down loaded a couple of them to have a look at. I want a building similar to your shoe store and it might be a better place to start with your design than start from scratch. I have recently drawn up and printed a beam engine to put inside the bottom of my water tower. I do try to light up the interior of buildings on my layout, but there is little point if there is nothing to look at inside. My local model railway club (Kings Lynn) have asked me to print a second one for their exhibition layout. My view is, I have the model that I want, I invested the time for my own needs, if others want a copy of the files they are welcome to them. Thanks for posting these, Regards, Chris
  8. Just realised I never did finish this off. I stripped the tender down and found one of the pickups was not seated properly. It did not look like it should have been causing a short but when I reassembled all worked fine. I have since converted the loco to DCC and it runs like a dream. Thanks for your advice. Since posting this query I have been given a couple of very old non-runner locos that I have had the confidence to strip and clean and get running again. Many thanks for all the advice, it has given me a lot more confidence in stripping engines down. Chris
  9. Hi Guys, Many thanks for your advice. The instructions from John look to be sufficient for what I need. Several people have told me the bogies are very fragile but as I only intend for the coach to sit at the back of a layout as a crew restroom/tearoom it should be enough. The kit was in the £1 bin so if it doesn't work I have lost nothing but it looks like a nice little project. Many Thanks for your responses. Chris
  10. I was in a model shop yesterday and managed to buy a number of old Ratio kits that had been marked down (a lot!). One was for a Midland Low Roof Suburban Bogie Coach OO gauge. Although many parts have been cut off the sprue, it appears to be complete other than the instructions are missing. This is going to be bit of a puzzle so I though I would ask if anyone has a set of instructions they could let me have a copy of. Many Thanks, Chris
  11. There are couple of books. Middleton Press do one 'King's Lynn to Hunstanton including the Heacham to Wells branch', or the one I prefer is the Oakwood Press 'Lynn and Hunstanton railway and the West Norfolk Branch' My track is going to be somewhat different to yours, A family friend died earlier in the year, leaving a baseboard and a set of plans with most of the track. His wife was not aware that he had been working on it in his shed. I have laid out the track and wired is as per his plans. We have no idea what he intended to do with it scenic wise. I intend to do something like the local area but obviously the track layout shows no resemblance to real life. Most of the railway buildings along this part of the line were designed by Henry Le Strange and were built from the local carrstone. There are loads of buildings built of this stone in Heacham, Hunstanton, Snetisham area that I intend to photograph and use them as a 'brick paper' to cover kit bashed or scratch built buildings. Likewise, it is very flat, open with lots of trees and just a few buildings. Oh and a big platform because that is the only bit of scenic that Ken designed into his layout and I felt it had to stay. regards, Chris
  12. Hi NXEA! I will watch with interest. I live on the route of the West Norfolk Junction Railway. The old trackway is just outside my back gate at Heacham. I'll send you a photo or two when I get back home. Like you I work away a fair bit. I have started on an N gauge layout that I intend will have buildings in the style of the old buildings along this line. regards, Chris aka Dufus
  13. Thanks guys, The contacts don't appear to be bent but something is obviously shorting. I have found my multi meter in the shed so I'll start probing. I like the idea of permanently wiring the two together, they will always be run together and this will stop this kind of thing happening again. I think the tender will be coming apart this weekend and I'll work from there. Thanks for all your suggestions. I'll let you know what happens. Chris
  14. Hi All, I need some advice please. I am building a OO layout which includes a girder bridge on a curve. Today I have been trying to run a couple of trains around the curve to measure what clearance I need on the passenger carriages and with various goods trucks. I have the track all set up on the baseboard with the inclines in place and have been able to test that my locos can manage the slope under a full load. All this went OK with my little goods loco. When I went to test the Flying Scotsman it would run for a few inches then the light went out on the controller and I had to unplug everything before power would restore. I am using the Hornby DC power supply as supplied with the Scotsman set. I intend to convert to DCC with a Gaugemaster set that my daughter gave me for Christmas but not until things are set up. My plan is to use the DC controller to test the track first. I have found that the loco will work fine when running solo without the tender. I can put the tender on the track without attaching it and it still runs fine. The moment I attach the tender to the back of the loco every thing stops. I can see two wires that connect the two on the top of the pin and there are two contacts that attach to the pin below the hole. They appear to connect in the correct places. I obviously don't want to convert this loco until I have resolved this issue. Any advice please? Can I run the loco just using the pickups on the loco, if so what is the best way of isolating the tender?
  15. When I saw the picture, I immediately thought of the back of Kidderminster Magistrates court. It is right next door to the Severn Railway Heritage station. Years ago I used to train staff there, several used to work part time on the heritage rail and gave me a guided tour behind the scenes. A great distraction watching the steam locos waiting at the platform outside the window!!
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