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  1. I would most definitely appreciate a set of nameplates for Ring Haw, the Hunslett is on my wishlist for my Birthday in march. Please DM me whenever possible. -TeamTraction
  2. Thank you Jamie, This is of great help to me. -TeamTraction
  3. VINTAGE SET: INTRODUCTION INFORMATION SOURCED FROM THE M&GN SOCIETY'S WEBSITE REALITY CHECK: M&GN No.3 This vehicle was a garden shed for over 60 years and is a miraculous survivor. It was built by the Midland railway and transferred to Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway ownership in 1903. It has been rebuilt and now sits on a 1913 Midland 6 wheel steel frame. M&GN No.129 This five compartment third class vehicle was cocooned inside a bungalow at Pott Row, near Kings Lynn for 60 years. It was built by the Great Northern Railway and was transferred to Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway ownership in 1903. It has now been restored to full working order and sits on a converted tube wagon chassis. (Above: M&GN no.129. Steve Allen) LNER BYP 6843 Our 'newest' vehicle in the Vintage set, it is often found in use with the Quad-Art set. It was used in departmental service and arrived on the NNR in 1969. (Above: LNER BYP 6843. Steve Allen) GER No.7 Built for the Wisbech & Upwell tramway and later transferred to the Kelvedon & Tollesbury branch before it closed, it then survived for 23 years as an onion store. Following transfer to two preservation sites, it was passed into M&GN Society ownership in 2002. GER No.7's sister vehicle, No.8 had a moment of fame in the 1952 Ealing Comedy, The Titfield Thunderbolt. Our No.7 has been restored with a replica bar, as per that fitted in No.8. (Above: GER Wisbech Coach. Steve Allen) GER No.853 This vehicle survived as a bungalow at Mattishall, near Derham. The brake compartment Has been converted to give disabled access to the vintage set. (Above: GER 853. Steve Allen) __________________________________________________________________________________ MODELLING THE SET: As per my introduction post, each coach is ranked on the difficulty of construction: M&GN TZ 129 SILVER W&U TRAMCAR 7 GOLD GER BTY 853 PLATINUM M&GN SALOON 3 GOLD LNER BYP 6843 BRONZE The TZ is a Diagram 3D kit with a RTR 6W chassis. The tramcar is a Scratchbuilt body, but Im considering replacing this with a 3D printed coach. The BTY Will be a complete scratchbuild. The saloon is a scratchbuilt model with a RTR 6W Chassis. The BYP was brought as a complete kit that just needs a Renumber. This project is already at an advanced stage and will most likely be the second complete.
  4. Hello there! I look forward to seeing your model of the NNR, and comparing our two takes on the same subject. I'd be happy to do a collaboration with you at some point regarding stock if your interested. I would love any details you have of the goods fleet. Every piece of information is appreciated! stay tuned all this week as i will be highlighting a new Project most days. Regards, TeamTraction
  5. SUBURBAN 4 PROJECT: INTRODUCTION INFORMATION SOURCED FROM THE M&GN SOCIETY'S WEBSITE REALITY CHECK: BRAKE THIRD – E43357 This carriage was built at York in April 1956. It is designed to seat up to 72 passengers and carry up to three tons of goods in the guard’s brake van. It spent all of its working life on the Eastern Region of BR on the Great Northern lines from King’s Cross. It was withdrawn in December 1976 and purchased by the North Norfolk Railway in early 1977 arriving at the Railway in May 1977. THIRD – W46139 This carriage was built at Wolverton in December 1954. It is designed to seat up to 108 passengers in nine compartments. It spent its early working life on the Western Region of BR before transferring to the Eastern Region in 1966 to work on the Great Northern lines from King’s Cross. It was withdrawn in April 1972 and purchased for preservation. It passed through two ownerships before being donated to the NNR in April 2011. THIRD LAVATORY OPEN - E48001 This carriage was built at Doncaster in February 1956. It is designed to seat up to 80 passengers in two large open compartments separated by a short internal corridor and two toilets. It spent all of its working life on the Eastern Region of British Railways on the Great Northern lines from King’s Cross. It was withdrawn in October 1977 and purchased for preservation. It, too, passed though two ownerships before being donated to the NNR in April 2011. COMPOSITE LAVATORY – E43041 This carriage was built at Doncaster in May 1956. It is designed to seat up to 61 passengers (19 first and 42 third class). The first and third class sections of the coach are separate, each with its own toilet. It spent all of its working life on the Eastern Region of British Railways. It was initially used on the Great Eastern line from Liverpool Street to Ipswich and finally on the Great Northern lines from King’s Cross. It was withdrawn in November 1974 and soon after purchased for preservation at the North Norfolk Railway. (All four courtesy of Steve Allen) __________________________________________________________________________________ MODELLING THE SET: As per my introduction post, each coach is ranked on the difficulty of construction: THIRD: SILVER BRAKE THIRD: SILVER THIRD LAV OPEN: GOLD COMP. LAV: GOLD The Third and Brake third will be RTR Bachmann Models which will get a simple repaint, Renumber and varnishing + weathering. The TL And CLO will have custom Laser-cut sides, with Cooper-Craft Ends and roofs with Replica Railways Chassis. They will then have the same treatment as the T and BT. This project is already making leaps and bounds and will most likely be the first complete.
  6. Project: North Norfolk Railway: STOCK LIST This is a list of all Carriges that are on the NNR. Some are running, some are currently cosmetic, however I will produce a working model of them. Each item of stock is listed with a rank in BOLD detailing the complexity of the build. The categories are defined here: BRONZE: RTR With only minor Mods needed (Renumbering) SILVER: Kit Built stock or RTR with Moderate Mods (Painting) GOLD: Part Scratch-build or RTR with Major Surgery PLATINUM: complete Scratch-build TBC: Stock yet to be studied and categorised LOCOS __________________________________________________ Steam Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0ST Wissington 1700: GOLD Hunslet Fitzwilliam 0-6-0ST 16’ Ring Haw 1982 SILVER GER Y14 0-6-0 564 GOLD GNR N2 0-6-2T 1744 SILVER Standard 4 2-6-0 76084 BRONZE LNER B12 4-6-0 8572 BRONZE S&DJR 7F 2-8-0 53809 BRONZE Standard 9F 2-10-0 92203 BRONZE WD Austerity 2-10-0 90775 PLATINUM Diesel Class 03 D2063 BRONZE Class 08 D3935 BRONZE Class 08 D3940 BRONZE Class 11 12131 BRONZE Class 20 20227 SILVER Class 31 D5631 BRONZE Class 37 D6732: BRONZE DMU Class 101 DMU – 51228/56062 BRONZE Class 101 DMU – 51188/56352 BRONZE _________________________________________________________ CARRIGES _________________________________________________________ MK1 Stock E1969 RBR Crimson & Cream - Cromer Dining Set GOLD M3116 FO Crimson & Cream - Cromer Dining Set TBC E3868 TSO Maroon TBC E4236 TSO Maroon TBC E4372 SO Crimson & Cream – Cromer Dining Set GOLD E4521 TSO Maroon - Under overhaul TBC E4641 TSO Crimson & Cream - Cromer Dining Set BRONZE E4651 TSO Maroon TBC E4667 TSO Crimson & Cream - Cromer Dining set BRONZE E4843 TSO Maroon TBC M4958 TSO Maroon TBC GE21103 BCK Maroon TBC E21224 BCK Bare metal - Undergoing major overhaul TBC E25189 SK Maroon TBC M26012 SK Maroon TBC W35148 BSK Maroon TBC M81033 BG(K)Crimson & Cream – Cromer Dining Set BRONZE Suburban 4 Stock BT E43357: SILVER T E46139: SILVER SLO E48001: GOLD CL E43041: GOLD Quad-Art Set 48861, BT SILVER 48862, Y SILVER 48863, T SILVER 48864, T SILVER GER BTK 295 SILVER Mainline Set LNER BG 70621 SILVER LNER TTO 13584E SILVER LNER RB E9128E SILVER LNER TK E12493E SILVER LNER BSF E1866E SILVER Vintage Set M&GN TZ 129 SILVER W&U Tramcar 7 PLATINUM GER BTY 853 PLATINUM M&GN Saloon 3 GOLD LNER BYP 6843 BRONZE __________________________________________ WAGONS TO BE COMPILED AT A LATER DATE
  7. Hello everyone, today I'm officially launching "The North Norfolk Railway in OO Scale. It will do what it says on the tin, recreating Weybourne Station in OO Scale. For those who don't know, The NNR is a 5 1/2 mile Heritage Railway on the coast of Norfolk, East Anglia. It Has 3 Stations, Sheringham, Weybourne And Holt. Its on the Former branch from Sheringham - Melton Constable and connects to the National Network. It owns a wide selection of Steam Locos, From 0-4-0s to 2-10-0's and is largely supported by the M&GN Society, whom themselves own several locos and rolling stock. I have decided to model Weybourne Station as it is the main "Hub" of the railway, being where the Loco shed and the C&W Department are based. Here's a track plan depicting what Im going to be modelling I will aim to update this blog as regularly as possible, So stay tuned! -TeamTraction
  8. That would be of great help and I would appreciate it thoroughly. If you find anything drop me a DM and i can give you my address.
  9. Hey Brian, Many thanks for taking the time to run this poll in your spare time, it gives a really fascinating insight into what people in this hobby want. On a side note, I'm so glad to see my personal votes (the E4 and J69) ranking higher than i ever thought they would... bring on the model of them! Although I'm not sure who id want producing them... Hornby seems to never want to produce GE locos in GE colours, and bachmans price point is getting increasingly higher every year... Mabie oxford? lol
  10. Thanks all for your help. Ive looked on Road Transport images, to no avail, Do any of you know any other suppliers that may sell these parts? Many thanks for the help identifying them. I wouldnt know where to start with scratchbuilding them so I'd prefer to find parts.
  11. Evening all, In my continued saga of trying to modify a BR MK1 to a preserved example: Namely RBR E1969 on the North Norfolk Railway, Ive decided to start attacking the under frame, to convert the supplied Bachmann one. However, I've stumbled a little, I need help identifying these 2 parts on the underframe, what are they, and more importantly where can I get castings for these parts? Regards, Brad.
  12. Ive already attempted window infilling on a Lima Mk1 RBR and I really wasn't happy. I followed YouTube tutorials and other guides, to no avail. if you could name these coach rebuilders id love to get in touch with them. Brad.
  13. Good Evening. Im writing today to ask if any of you know somebody (individual or company)who could undertake a slight modification and repaint of a Bachmann MK1 RU to a RBR. I can give more details if required, The main job would just be the infilling of windows on the Kitchen side and the filling of two windows and subsequently re-cutting one new one on the Corridor side. this is because I'm replicating a particular preserved MK1, E1969 on the North Norfolk Railway. other than that, all that i would require is a repaint from BR Maroon to BR Crimson / Cream, with the Number E1969 Applied, and finally just a very subtle weathering matching the prototype. Some photos: What needs to be done corridor side: 2 Windows infilled and a small window recut in the middle what needs to be done Kitchen side: several windows infilled and one door infilled im very grateful if anyone can point me in the direction of people who can do this work, as I've tried myself but I'm not happy with my attempt. Regards, Brad.
  14. Wow... long time coming eh? Firmest I'd like to apologise for the lack of updates, I feel quite guilty about it. The resin being is that nothing new could happen to my layout until I got my sub terrain, and it's taken until august to get it.. nevertheless I've got it now and I've been working flat out on the scenery ever since. I also got chance to modify the track plan one more time, and I'm happy with this final layout. Ive decided to make this railway on a GWR/SR joint route so i can run a variety of stock, including my fave, a Q1 locomotive. So about the scenery, I've been able to have a slight extension to my layout which has allowed for a runway on my layout. I've started the ballasting and the grasss, I've placed hedges, trees and buildings, it's all coming together. I'd say my layouts a 1/4 done now, which is brilliant. Please leave some comments or constructive criticism below, I'd love to hear it. Cheers, Brad
  15. normally I post these updates monthly, but I've been avoiding writing about this for ages. Oh well, here goes... 3 months in and im already talking about the end? its a long story.. at the end of February the offer was given to me to relocate my layout to a new place with more room, better lighting, better equipment and more working time, who wouldn't refuse? so the day of the move came, I dismantled my layout the best way I could. now the trouble is, I had never designed this layout to be able to be moved, it was always meant as a permanent fixture... so I load it into the van, and half way through the journey we heard massive CRACK and our worse fears had been realised... the board Split. luckily everything from my old layout was salvageable, but the boards and grass wasn't... to top it all off Im browsing the internet one evening and pull up an old raiway map and to my horror the place I named my whole layout after would have been on an SR route so now im back to a new bare board, and a layout with no name. but I took this as a chance to redesign the layout, a second chance if you will, and have upgraded the track to have 4 sidings instead of 2, and also have a run around loop for my trains. I have upgraded the infrastructure of the layout and will definitely make sure it is transportable this time!! I have definitely learned from this, but there can only be good times ahead: my Sub terrain for my layout should be arriving soon, I've just had my birthday so my layout has had a cash injection I have started a number of mini projects one of which I will show you shortly the layout is now securely in its new home so there's a lot of benefits to that! for now, I just have to stay motivated and keep on chuffing! Brad. as always, please comment down below, im happy to answer any questions and im in desperate need of some constructive criticism!
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