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  1. I am still in touch with a few of the ex-staff and I am sure they will very much appreciate such comments. They worked their hearts out to keep it running despite certain stocks running low and working with some sub standard materials. Having been told at short notice that it was all coming to an end due to the lease expiring on the factory unit they were totally bemused when during the final week the landlord put a 'Lease Available' sign above the door. The truth was never forthcoming which left them feeling very bitter. Rob
  2. My thinking was that the Bristol O Gauge show has lots of traders compared with the number of layouts so gives the impression of tending more towards a trade show where you go to pick up all your bits and pieces. Also, comparing the relative cost of 7mm scale components with their 4mm equivalents I would have thought it easier to realise a good turnover despite it being for just the one day. I've never been to the Southampton show so maybe I am not being fair. Perhaps I will take a trip down there next weekend. I take Jol's point about maybe not having had an invite. Rob
  3. My understanding is that it was all down to his back injury which restricted what he could take with him. But then he had a team of staff who manned the stand and they looked pretty fit and healthy. Speaking of the Bristol O Gauge show next weekend I'm surprised that Phil is not attending as I thought he would make a lot more money there than at Southampton. Could be wrong! Rob
  4. Chris Surely you should have said "think they know how to run this company". However much Phil rationalises the product range it's still an overwhelming amount of work for one man. Regarding taking stock for collection at shows, it does focus the mind on putting orders together to a deadline but it takes up valuable space in the van on the day. The only real advantage is to the customer who saves on carriage costs. Thinking back to the previous owner, he went through a phase of not taking stock to shows but just display samples. If you wanted something you filled in a form and it w
  5. Is it possible that the corrosion is being caused by flux residues from your soldering?
  6. Some curious logic here which is totally wide of the mark. There has been a lot of speculation on here. Unfortunately speculation tends to become perceived as fact if repeated often enough. I hope that one day all will become clearer but not at this stage and certainly not while a satisfactory outcome is being pursued by all concerned.
  7. That's the most sensible comment we have had to date. For the record, did I ever say that I was one of the employees involved? Thought not! Just speaking on their behalf.
  8. That's absolutely what I am saying! It might only be toy trains to you. I wish I could elaborate more on the whole truth of the situation but I'm going to draw a line under my input before I get really annoyed.
  9. It most certainly is a kick in the teeth when it puts a roof over your head and food on your table, being told a month earlier that things were going so well that the business would carry on as it is now for at least another year. We are talking about people's livelihoods here. I was always taught that a business' most valuable asset was its staff. Maybe times have changed!
  10. As someone who has inside knowledge as to what is going on at C&L I would like to say that all the speculation is wide of the mark when it comes to who the new prospective owner might be. Read the website announcement properly and don't just take in the 'spin'. It's by no means a done deal yet. None of the existing staff will be engaged and have all been given notice of redundancy. Rather a kick in the teeth having the rug pulled from beneath them despite all the hard work they have done keeping the business ticking over during Pete''s absence. Other than that I am not at liberty to s
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