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  1. Just seen this after you commented on mine; I'll show you mine if you show me yours! Really impressed with what you've done and the time you've done it in.
  2. @Cowley 47521 thanks very much. I did think about N gauge before I started and standing in the shop looking at the tiny locos I decided OO for me.
  3. Okay so here's a quick mock up with some 'trees' put in. The picture is taken from the farthest point inside the layout, although zoomed in quite a bit. Anyone standing in the door sees it like that but the full length. The other picture is the extra view the second option brings with the view over the top.
  4. You can see the embankment through the tunnel either way I do it. In the top picture you can see the brown earth bank and its light so it doesn't look like a tunnel. The real difference would be some 3D depth behind the top of the bridge plus it also makes an interesting viewing angle looking directly down over the bridge. The normal viewing angle is lower than the photo unless you're on top of the scene looking at the detail.
  5. Thanks for your comments. I wanted to do curves for all the corners but was very difficult to do owning to the backboard used (3mm ply) and size of the backscene. If it was painted it would have been better although parts of the backscene do look very good. The backscene is not fixed to the board so I could flip it and paint it (adding the curves with thin plasticard or similar). I have thought about doing that and just cutting out the houses from another sheet from the Town scene where I want them.
  6. Okay, feedback time. Should I end my scenic run with a backboard right against the bridge, or behind the bridge which gives a bit more depth? There will be greenery on the embankment on the far side but obviously the hole in the board will be there but not visible from certain angles.
  7. I'm not a mega train geek by any stretch of the imagination but I have driven a 37 Dose that negate the first sentence? My wife bought me one of those Experience days; day out on the Severn Valley Railway driving a tractor! Actually she got me flying too but that's another story. She knew it had to be a 50 or 37. I'm glad it was the 37 tbh as my first train set was the Hornby class 37 intercity set. Unfortunately it was broken so xmas wasn't quite what it was supposed to be. As the shop had no 37 sets left I ended up with the HST set a few days later. I don't think I'd even seen an HST at the time! Needless to say the class 37 has always had a special place in my heart.
  8. Ah I see Tavistock Rd will behind the post office at the southern end of the station.
  9. Both pubs are just off the scenic boards but might be added as 2D pictures. The one beyond Cowley Bridge would work ok for that. The one behind the station would just be lost I think. You know the area tho clearly!
  10. Just reading this thread for the first time and although I'm modelling Exeter in the 80s all the 37s and mk1s made me have a quick run of a BR blue 37 with a mk1 rake (one of my favorites!) I went to the shed to top up the dog food container but was gone for an hour! Your layout looks great.
  11. Bit more work on Cowley Bridge tonight. I like to mock it up in foam board before I start adding the brick finish plasti card. Took down some of the foam on the left and cut the black edge board down so I can now see that area better from the Fat Controllers chair 2m away at Exeter Panel Signal Box!
  12. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LXqLm37C-kZkm6Jvm55H1VwSyjuCxjKS/view?usp=sharing Terrible quality but I sat and watched a few trains from that location tonight. Be great when it's finished. Sounds great clattering through.
  13. Well I said it was time to start Cowley Bridge; first steps this evening.
  14. Okay so here's the Mk2 version of the point work. Points had a bit of paint on them today too. It's actually very hard to see the detail in on this close up but it's there in the real location so II really wanted to have something depicting it. I've also included a photo of the location.
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