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  1. Hi, can anyone let me know the length of just the bridge itself. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Ralph, I found this aerial shot of 'old' Stockport which shows the line running through the viaduct to Wellington Road Goods Depot. Two lines also run through the adjacent arch to form what looks like a small coal yard? The main lines that drop into the tunnel lead to Tiviot Dale Station. Hope you find it interesting.
  3. Hi Ralph this is a fascinating subject. Have you had any more thoughts about modelling Wellington Road Goods Depot?
  4. Thanks again for the quick reply. I'm working on a similar sized two-level layout at the moment and I've been unsure whether to step the retaining walls where the track rises or slope the wall - I've not been able to find any suitable images. Looking at the way you've tackled the incline and bridge over the yard, though, has given me the inspiration I needed. Do you plan to cover this section with the Metcalfe brick paper?
  5. Thanks Ray and Ben A - your layouts look terrific, by the way. I definitely intend using Scalescenes' products for the wall, I really enjoy building their kits. I'm still unsure about building the wall in steps, or sloped, so I'll start googling as you suggest. Thanks for your help
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply. Is the 11.5cm to the top of the wall or the track bed?
  7. I'm currently working on a split-level layout. It has an urban setting and I aim to use retaining walls to but up to the track on the incline. This is where I'm struggling a little. Would the retaining walls be stepped, or sloped, to match the incline? Also, still on the rise, the track needs to cross the mainline. Is it prototypical to have the bridge on an incline as well? As the length of the wall is around 12' it will be a prominent feature, so I'm anxious to make sure that it looks right. Thanks
  8. Hi bescotbeast. Just read the entire thread ... what a terrific layout! Is the bridge over the yard on the level or an incline? And what height are the retaining walls in the yard? Thanks
  9. Yes, it's a crackin' post Ian. The extra set of crossovers make such a difference. I'm going to open Anyrail later to see if I can make any modifications?! With regards to my plan, do you have any thoughts on the bay platform and the second entrance/exit to the turntable? Also, would an inspection pit be a sensible addition? Many thanks. Des
  10. Once again, could I thank you for all the replies. This plan has been worrying me for ages now, but with your input I think I'm pretty close to something that's realistic with plenty of operational potential. With that in mind I've abandoned the runaround in the station - the use of a pilot to move coaching stock etc really appeals to me. Pacific231G's idea of having a bay platform, departures only, that could be used for parcels etc also struck a chord. I have amended the plan and would again appreciate your observations. Listening to your various points I have also abandoned the coal siding
  11. Firstly, I understand your comments about the double slip and trap point, thanks. Secondly, I have to say that I much prefer this arrangement with the loco facilities below the main line as it gives me the opportunity to model a station building and a small townscape at the top of the plan. I have added a second line off the turntable for coaling/water as you suggested and also added a separate siding for coal wagons. How does this look? I'm also thinking of putting a runaround in the factory sidings to ease shunting. Again, input would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  12. Thanks again for the replies. As Gwiwer suggests, I was thinking of using platform 1 for parcels with passenger services using platforms' 2, 3 and 4. If that was the case would the turntable position be acceptable? However, I do understand that the position is awkward so I've moved the turntable beyond the outer curve. The blue lines, incidentally, were my guide to the dimensions of the board so sorry for misleading you. Access to the turntable road, taking asmay2002's idea, now seems to be less awkward? Is this beginning to look a better arrangement? Moving the turntable also frees up space
  13. Thanks once again for all the support. Regarding the point made by Jamie92208, space is tight - my longest train will be a loco plus 4 Mk1's in 00 - I have amended the plan to include a Peco 3-way point to enable runaround at Platforms 2 and 3. Does this look better? To expand on Siberian Snooper's post. My plan allows departure from Platform 1 with simultaneous arrivals to Platforms 2, 3 and 4. Also, departure from Platform 2 can work simultaneously with arrivals to Platforms 3 and 4. Is this arrangement OK or can it be improved further? And to Bob, good luck with your project as well, how a
  14. Thanks again for such informative replies - this really is a steep learning curve for me! The plans uploaded by Karhedron and Armchair Modeller both show the turntable located at the top of the plan, which seems a much better arrangement. I have done another re-design based loosely on Chesterfield Market Place, which appears to work quite well in the space I have available? However, I must confess that, with my limited knowledge of the working of a real railway, I'm struggling to fully understand Stationmaster's observations about parallel moves. Is this plan any better in that respect and, if
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