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  1. In regards to close coupling, hopefully Hornby Will release the loco tender coupling from the new Princess, it's 100% better than the one on the Duchess and allows close coupling a lot easier.
  2. Just found this on the net, these are 7mm kits showing the difference between the two
  3. If you were to do the 3500 gallon Stanier tender I know I and a lot of LMS modellers would be very happy.
  4. Here she is in LNWR inspired lined black, lovely livery.
  5. The new Hornby signal box video looks to have one of the early prototype models of one of the coaches in the background in the Duchess of Atholl segment.
  6. Only nitpick I have is the lubricator/oilbox near the smokebox is about half as big as it should be. But in all honesty having these locos with all the differences between the first two and the production batch made ready to run is unreal. Very happy LMS modeller here.
  7. Sure will be a shame painting mine post war black.
  8. It stayed with 6206 until scrapping then went behind a Duchess (off the top of my head it was one of 46221/22/23) Regarding 6212 it appears to have a door dart, hopefully it will, as I'll buy more than one to renumber in to locos that stayed red after the war.
  9. Personally think they all look better with the fixed truck.
  10. The Scots, Pats, Jubilees and the Compounds also weren't all wartime black.
  11. Still nothing LMS from them? Big swing and a miss
  12. It'll have a door dart, at least judging from the mock up.
  13. Totally agree, City of Salford always seemed like the forgotten member of the class. She'll look good next to 46256. Hopefully next year we'll get Sir William in 46 lined black. Also does anyone know if Hornby will finally get around with this new tooling to do 6253-6255?
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