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  1. What spray paint do you use Jack? I've tried a bunch of different ones and Tamiya is light years ahead of anything I've tried here. They are the only sprays that I've never had any issues with, no matter the temperature.
  2. There wasn't a single chimney rebuilt Royal Scot though. There wasn't a single chimney rebuilt Scot though.
  3. If you do get them 3d printed I'd happily buy a set.
  4. Unreal Alan, you keep going from strength to strength. Have you thought about loco depot/shed lamps from the steam era?
  5. I'm (ever so slowly) building a model of Crewe North in 1947. Since I've picked up a lot of cheap locos of eBay with broken mechanisms etc I'd love to have figures of crews climbing in to/out of locos as for what I'm modelling it's totally realistic and adds to the realism of the model.
  6. If Alan reads this, is there a chance you might produce steam/diesel crews that are climbing in to/out of locos?
  7. Did you mean it's accurately sized when compared next to the Duchess model?
  8. I'm interested in what isn't accurate in the new Duchess tooling. Since it's scanned from 46235, which is as original as a late BR Duchess can get, what is inaccurate about it? Also besides the Rebuilt Scot/Pat chimney, the tender isn't exactly spot on either.
  9. That's awesome mate, You might have to hook me up with your mate, I've got some LMS ideas that I'd love to get drawn up.
  10. Get Comet etched deflectors as well, they really make a difference to the face of the model.
  11. Try this Jack it might have an answer, http://www.swannysmodels.com/TheCompleteFuture.html Regarding the HMRS transfers, you're not wrong, the latest batches have been horrible. I've been really struggling with them.
  12. Maybe try lightly brushing on Klear or something like that Jack? I brush it on to protect transfers, I've never even tried airbrushing it.
  13. Phoenix paints have the old (i think) Jackson Evans range of detail parts in their range and that has WR Brit deflectors in it.
  14. Does anyone have a website ir email address for them? Bit hard for me to go to exhibitions as I live in Australia.
  15. Good to hear Jack, how did you get in touch with branchlines?
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