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  1. It'll have a door dart, at least judging from the mock up.
  2. Totally agree, City of Salford always seemed like the forgotten member of the class. She'll look good next to 46256. Hopefully next year we'll get Sir William in 46 lined black. Also does anyone know if Hornby will finally get around with this new tooling to do 6253-6255?
  3. It is, which is a shame too. I wish though that Hornby, when they do make a black streamliner, make it with the tender sides cut down as they ran like that for longer in wartime black.
  4. That wouldn't be your Dad driving Terence now would it?
  5. I see Hattons has posted livery mock ups on their social media.
  6. And straight tender steps with roller bearing axle boxes I hope too!
  7. Retooled Black 5 that includes the Caprotti locos. I'd be happy enough with that.
  8. All the photos I have seen of her have been in wartime black during the period. Though I could totally be wrong too.
  9. No chance of the 4-8-4 arrangement then Michael?
  10. There's a photo in, I think, one of the It's all books in either 48 or 49 of her in wartime black with 46221 on the cab sides. I do quite like them in wartime black too. 6252 lasted to BR in plain black too, a loco I modelled in that condition some years ago. Regarding the Princesses in LMS livery in BR days, 6204 did last until 1952 in Crimson Lake with BR number/LMS on tender.
  11. The Black I meant was Wartime for the Duchesses. 6221 was Wartime black until after BR ownership too, being the only destreamlined loco to do so.
  12. There's some pics there that show the difference. Also the smokebox saddle's are different, but you'll never see that on a layout
  13. She also needs a Jubilee cab. The Pat cab is wrong for the rebuilt Jubilees.
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