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  1. I'm sorry to say Rob but that "weathering" job isn't worth £20 mate. Looks like that crappy factory weathering Hornby used to put on models in the early to mid 2000s.
  2. What's your plan for that mate? I tried all the things you did to reduce the ski jump on one of my two princesses and i couldn't get it any lower, unless i missed something? The body, when off the chassis, just has the unnatural ski jump. I can't see a way of changing it.
  3. Disagree regarding the Princess part. They have their own issues as well, Ski jump front end for one.
  4. Looks great Iain. Have you had a look at Hornby's new Princess yet?
  5. Hornby are hopless when it comes to straight running plates, you'd think with how bad the A3 has been for years, they'd be making all of these big locos with metal running plates.... which ironically the A3 will now be getting. I have multiple Royal Scots and and new Princesses (LMS man here) with wonky running plates or the ski jump front ends. Then there are others with the same models without this problem at all. Very annoying.
  6. Agree with Tony and the other comments regarding the current state of HMRS Pressfix transfers. I model LMS post war, so the choice of brands is limited. I've used old PC transfers (the original HMRS transfers) for post war lined black LMS locos and they stuck fine and were clearer, more defined and who's colours were more accurate than a brand new set of them from HMRS which did exactly as Tony described earlier in regards to the length of time for back paper to come off. Also the colours and printing seem to be mkre washed out and less sharp than the older PC and older HMRS transfers. These newer ones (for me from the last few years or so) are s***, no other way to put it really. The lining is exactly the same... I'll give Fox a go, i do use their LMS smokebox number (individual) transfers and they are quite easy to use, though I've never used their lining, what is it like?
  7. Hats off to the Accurascale team, I'm sure this will be a winner. Fingers crossed, at least for this LMS modeller, you guys have considered a Black 5...
  8. Depends on what they are for. Brassmasters do really good LMS ones, Hornby make great ones you can get as spares.
  9. And that's fine, except for the fact that they haven't done an accurate model of either this or an A4 post war as Mick said in Garter Blue without valances. Liveries that were actually applied in general service for more than a few weeks or never in some cases as on the W1 (Apple Green)
  10. Here's hoping they do 6205 with modified value gear.
  11. Brocp

    2021 hopes

    Well it did have two for a while...
  12. Yeah exactly, saw some more photos online that show the model definitely has a coal pusher tender, at least i won't have to repaint a BR blue one in to 6206 in Lake. Thanks for the easy job Hornby.
  13. I just saw a photo of 6212 on Facebook and it appears to have a coal pusher in the tender. Is this right? Because the real thing definitely didn't...
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