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  1. My loft is boarded out, did it myself with Wickes water-resistant stuff, quite a job, but do-able. Screw the boards down, rather than nail them, and use stainless screws from Screwfix to avoid the screws rusting. I've also made my loft opening larger, fitted a decent loft ladder and moved the opening from the bathroom to the landing. Electrics: In mine, there was supply for a light, it's the first thing you want, to be honest, since it helps in ANY work you are doing. Mine had one bulb and now has two fluorescent tubes. I've added a spur off the ring main, but you would now have to get someone in to do it. Ask whoever does it to put in a separate consumer unit so you can switch off all the loft power other than the lights, at one switch, saves worrying about what you did, and didn't, switch off. Interestingly, I've added a cordless phone, since I know of someone who broke his back getting out of his loft in a hurry. Oh, and my loft light switch has a neon tell on it, so you can see it in the dark, or you could have the switch located on the landing. I've also put two Wickes roof windows in there, since you can always HEAT the space, but in summer, within five minutes without ventialtion, you'll be in your own sauna. Takes about 5 hours to fit one. At the moment, mine is space for my Emco 5 lathe and separate milling machine, plus all the kits and stuff I've collected, and all my modelling tools. No layout as yet.............but LOADS of junk the wife has stored up there:(:(
  2. As above, customers don't want them rusty, many I've seen have the ends capped with plastic plugs now.
  3. I'm assuming you've BEEN on an SNCF train before? If not, don't forget to validate your ticket at the platform entrance using the little machine that stands there. Just slip the ticket in and it stamps it. Failure so to do is an offence and can end up in a fine, depending on how understanding the conducter on the train is.
  4. Try www.multimap.com, click on "Birds eye view". You can rotate and zoom in.
  5. Oh yes, other's experiences are invaluable, especially with kits and tools, as to which one is better and why. I've had lots of help on here so far, and passed on SOME help to others.
  6. Slater's wheels aren't the cheapest, but they DO look the part, and are the best for looks unless you can afford some Alan Harris wheels........
  7. I forgot Horwich works, and I'd go when ALL the narrow gauge locos were still working.
  8. The 1950's, and visits to works that are long gone, Darlington, Stratford, Melton Constable, Cowlairs, St Rollox, Inverurie, to name just a few. Doncaster and Crewe stations on summer saturdays, again, 1950's. Exeter, summer saturdays, 1950's and early 1960's . And oh, the sheds I'd get to that closed to steam, or completely, before I was old enough to be allowed to go beyond Donny on my own.
  9. Me too, Frodingham shed in the 60's had those, nearly all variants, O2's, WD 8Fs, (Of which we had 90732, "Vulcan" before it went for scrap), and a few other things, but what sticks in my mind was lines of O4s on a sunday.
  10. My mind is still boggling at the thought of soldering a kit with a garden weed-wand :blink: Still, it's better than me: years ago, I did some over the gas ring, and when I moved it, one of the parts, still not set, slid off and fell onto her kitchen floor.............luckily it was tiles, so just solder everywhere And a red face.
  11. Rub-down lettering? I was looking at one at Darlington station only yesterday, and the lettering was painted on.
  12. I produced "Great Northern" in P4, running as it was around 1960, around 25 years ago, using scratch frames, cylinders and valvegear from Stelfox, boiler/firebox from Millholme, cab from DJH, scratch deflectors etc etc. then sold it when I moved to 7mm. It was one of my favourite locos, being unique and allocated to Doncaster which was our local spotters' mecca.
  13. And I thought it was a project to build a diesel depot to rival BarrowRoad's steam shed.
  14. I would try Slaters for both. I'm pretty sure they will have the correct pattern too. https://slatersplastikard.com/wheels.php The Bulleid's wheel sizes are drivers 6'2", pony 3'1", trailing 3'7", all Bulleid Firth Brown pattern. Wikipedia gives the 4F driver diameter as 5'3", but check that one elsewhere.
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