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  1. Hi Paul. I've just replied to your PM re. the buildings. Yes, I recognise the track plan. Interchangeable scenery is a novel idea! Yes, I'd come across those before. Farish do a model of a Fairburn 2-6-4T which I think is the prototype shown here, so adding one of those to the fleet is a possibility. There's a bit of discussion about that somewhere on the thread. I haven't decided whether to modify my layout to add it yet. Your replies have reminded me that I should post an update on here soon - I haven't done for ages but the layout is progressing.
  2. Thanks David. Must have been interesting to visit Kyle after that length of time. I'm sure it was hard work, but alternating trips to Kyle and Mallaig sounds like it could have its rewards. Not sure if you were ever at Kyle while freight operations were still going on but I got sent this link the other day - the last 45 seconds shows some rail to ship transfers going on: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1773455772921291/permalink/2432299610370234/ Building a model crane is on the to-do list for the layout. A working model would be a challenge!
  3. Thanks for that David. Yes, Kyle station is a shadow of its former self in some ways but at least it's still there. Your timing is spot on as I've been meaning to post an update. I bought 'Rails to Kyle of Lochalsh' by David McConnell recently and it seems a few different writers thought the station building 'commodious' when the line first opened (there's a word you don't see any more!) My slightly less commodious version of it is nearly done - some tidying up to do and details to add but the structure it more or less complete: Chimneys,
  4. Thanks all for helping me out. Sounds like it's most probably D282 and certainly one of the shorter Gresley brake vans. Great picture, thanks. There's more variety on the Kyle line than I had thought. I suppose the general pool of BR vehicles spread over the country as time went on.
  5. Aha, thanks Chris. I'm not familiar with LNER designs. Kyle line photos from this era tend to feature ex-LMS or BR stock. Seems like it might be the luggage brake van described on this page: https://www.steve-banks.org/prototype-and-traffic/279-lner-npcs-61-6-thompson-deal-bg
  6. Hi all, I've just purchased the print below, probably taken in the early 1960s. It's evidently a type 2 at Kyle of Lochalsh with a mixed parcel/passenger train but does anyone know what type of vehicle is coupled directly behind the loco? Adrian.
  7. I thought that shed looked familiar! (have nearly completed a 2mm model of the Kyle shed myself). The embossed paper stonework is very effective and the colour is spot-on. You're right about working from photos. For instance, the scale drawing I have of Kyle shed shows round smoke stacks whereas it's clear from photos that it had the distinctive square type you've done here. Need to build a 2mm version of those...
  8. Thanks again for the positive comments. The station building is taking shape. This is to be a half relief model against the back scene. Same technique as the engine shed - drawing up sections of wall (in FreeCAD), 3D printing them, painting, cladding in plastikard (will be 2mm planking in this case) and assembling as a kit of parts. Here's a screenshot of one of the wall sections in FreeCAD: It's roughly to scale - about 450mm long in all. I've now printed all 8 sections and glued plasticard internal walls/roof supports: Still the roof, cano
  9. Thanks Pete. The more I think about it the more I like the idea of a sort of 'Kyle through time' concept. (i shan't be demolishing the engine shed though!)
  10. Hi all, It's been a long time since I last posted but progress on the layout has been slow lately. Still, I have just finished the side office for the engine shed which is now complete except for smoke vents. As per the main body of the shed, I've used a 3D-printed 'kit of parts' approach: These pieces get clad in embossed plastikard with etched brass windows sandwiched between layers plus some filler around inevitable gaps. The stonework then gets painted with acrylics before assembly and addition of roof and chimneys. Here's the end result:
  11. Cheers Pete. The Farish 37 is a very nice model so it is tempting, if financially ruinous, to imagine a 'multi-era' layout! Not out of the question though... I've noticed the observation car on the Farish website too - a bit pricey but I suppose it's something of a niche. I'd actually like to find or build a model of the 'Devon Belle' vehicle that was used on the line in the 50/60s but not sure where to start with that idea.
  12. Hi all, hope you're keeping well. Progress has slowed recently (busy home-working, for the time being at least), but have been painting hills on the back scene: You will note the surprising appearance of a class 37 that appears to have travelled back in time to 1960. Of course it's the wrong era for this layout, but a 'Highlander' Farish set came up on eBay at the end of last year and I couldn't resist the chance to buy something specific to the Kyle Line (even if the box refers to it as the 'Far North Line' ). Will probably run occasionally for variety.
  13. You're too kind! Thanks again. I am pleased with the water effect and have a couple of sailing boats on order to complete the scene. I hadn't but they look smart, if fiddly. It would be good to have some hands-free shunting on the pier. How much re-engineering does it take to convert a standard Peco wagon for instance?
  14. Evening all. Lock down is proving quite productive on the modelling front. I've made headway on the loch side board - overview below: And a couple of arty shots: 45205 brings in the mixed freight Followed by D5307 with the morning passenger working I'll be adding some more scrub, greenery and a scattering of boulders to the headland plus perhaps a few small trees. A couple of small sailing boats in the bay might look good too. I'm also looking for a way of doing a post and wire fence. Anyone got any tips for N/2mm scale?
  15. Hi all. Thanks for the further comments and information. I hope you're having a reasonable Good Friday in the circumstances. Cheers Alasdair. I'm modelling out of historical interest rather than memory and in fact only came to know the Kyle line in the early 2000s so these anecdotes and details are welcome. I guess the shed had been demolished by '77. Did you ever get a ride in an observation coach? Noted re. the snow ploughs. I may paint them, then again I quite like the yellow! Thanks, I'll look it up. Looking at your blog again, I've just realised your fat
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