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  1. I did the same myself earlier; as you say, a bit nerve wracking. I tried to aim the Mek Pak at the plank join that the board sits astride so that it might run along that reach the underneath of the board, which it seems to have done. The Mek Pak seems to have made a good bond.
  2. Thanks for the pictures of the SD 150 at Shildon Dave (and for all the other pictures) - bit surprised not to see myself in any of them!
  3. I took some pictures of Ulverston station on the same trip that I went to Green Road but none of the box. I think it's a bit remote from the station?
  4. Certainly looks like Green Road; picture taken in 2013, box no longer there. Station building just visible on the right.
  5. I don't think there are so many of that particular type left now actually, although there would have been at the time it was listed. Rigton and Horsforth on the Harrogate line come to mind but both knocked down a few years ago. The NYMR's box at Grosmont Level Crossing is similar in style, although it is a new build. https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/list-entry/1233349
  6. Pretty sure it is a listed building, but nobody knows what to do with it!
  7. The chapter in the book does explain all that, yes. The driver is asked to go to the phone in the platform inspector's office where he gets his instructions from the District Loco Superintendent. "...2750 pulling out of Number 10 past the coaches of the 5 o'clock standing engineless and forlorn in Number 12, and on through the crossover just in front of the tunnel. Clearing it, the train stopped and not without causing raised eyebrows and anxious glances from unenlightened passengers set slowly back into 12, the dull thud and bunching coaches indicating a clean lock of the buckey
  8. Loco and tender frames, bogies and bogie and tender wheels I use a mix of Humbrol Matt Black (33), Gunmetal (53) and Leather (62), about 3 parts black, 2 parts leather and 1 part of gunmetal. Driving wheels I often paint differently especially on locos with outside valve gear as they often look shiny in pictures, presumably due to the oil thrown around (sometimes more so the leading and middle wheels than the rear driving wheels on a 4-6-0 for example). To show this, I paint driving wheels with a 50:50 mix of Satin Black (85) and Metalcote Gunmetal (27004) with a little Leather (6
  9. Dr. Ian C. Allen and his photos of East Anglian branch lines; I never tire of dipping into his photo albums.
  10. There's a good description of working such a train out of King's Cross in the book "2750 Legend of a Locomotive" (not a book many would have I imagine!), not in wartime, but following a derailment in the loco yard they decide to combine the 4.45pm Newcastle and 5pm Leeds trains to make a 24 coach train, rather than cancel one. They drew one out of Platform 10 into the tunnel and set it back onto the other train (which is said to be in 12 which is odd as it would have been in the suburban station - may be artistic licence!); then the description covers how the right away is relayed to the trai
  11. I think I've read that that is exactly what they did do with the very long trains during wartime. I suppose it might have still been worth doing if they could work a single big train with one loco and crew, saving a path and resources compared with running two separate trains. I would imagine the timetable went out of the window in the circumstances!
  12. So was I. I think that bit is a bit "suppositional"!
  13. A bit more about it on here: https://ffhyork.weebly.com/uploads/8/2/0/5/8205739/ordnance_depot_railway_-_v2.pdf The extract from the 1909 OS on this document shows slightly more railway than on the extract above.
  14. Well maybe; it didn't look like it from where I was, but I didn't want to disturb those people enjoying their ice creams!
  15. It looked as though there was no more to uncover - they had stopped digging where the rails end!
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