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  1. There can't be many wheel worked barriers left by now.
  2. Hadn't noticed this query before! In the book "Rail Centres: Doncaster" by Stephen Batty (Ian Allan, 1991) there is a picture taken from a similar angle to yours which shows the canopy in place (although maybe partially dismantled) over the Down platform road but the one over the Up side has been removed and steelwork for the new canopy is in pace, in other words it looks like 'work in progress'. The caption gives the date as 31st May 1957.
  3. Agree with the Leeds Northern.
  4. Newcastle to Ashington & Blyth.
  5. Thank you, that's so much better! I had a play around with the Lumix camera this afternoon and found the White Balance settings on the menu. Unsurprisingly, the 'electric light' setting produced much better results! I'm not sure whether I already knew about it and had forgotten, or whether I never knew, but thanks anyway for pointing it out. As you said, I'll have to remember to set it back again if I use the camera out of doors. I use an Apple laptop to store the images, and the Photos software on it includes an "Auto Enhance" function which usually improves things, and you can also mani
  6. Thanks again, Tony. I think the weathering has brought out a lot of the detail that's in these models, which perhaps isn't at first apparent and maybe initially the eye is distracted by the strange colouring as they come from the factory. Others have mentioned the rods and motion, which I agree with but there's also things like the rivet/bolt head detail on the frames, not only above the bogie where it's obvious, but also behind the driving wheels which is a first for any model that I've bought.
  7. Thank you John. Without wanting to clutter up Tony's thread too much, here is a similar picture of 60505 that I took with the Panasonic Lumix at the same time as I took the I Phone pictures I posted yesterday. I have cropped it to remove wallpaper etc., but otherwise not adjusted it at all. The camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ-40; I've had it for a few years now so it's not the most up to date model. Like a lot of electronic devices these days, I'm sure it can do more things than I can ever dream of or understand! But I'm sure I could get better results from it t
  8. Thornton Junction to Leven, since work is going on to reopen it at the moment.
  9. Thank you Rob, glad you like it. The photo was just taken with my I Phone camera, but the lighting in my railway room isn't great - what you've done is a big improvement. I did try with my small digital camera (Panasonic Lumix) but the colour rendition was worse than the I Phone. The A2/2 model seems to be a bit "Marmite" (some love it, some hate it) from the thread in the Hornby section but I must say I'm a big fan, even more so now I've weathered it!
  10. Talking of A2 stroke 2s and also weathering, I have weathered my 'Thane of Fife' and I think got rid of the strange shade of green. In the process of doing so, I increasingly realised what a brilliantly designed model this is, sadly let down by the colour and in some cases, assembly defects.
  11. Glad you like it, Andy! I have seen one or two pictures of that train with these vans (and the type Clive is making) mixed with BR Standard GUVs which might make it a bit easier. Also, the large lettering doesn't always seem to have been applied, although it would be nice to be able to reproduce it. Might be worth asking someone like Railtec, or in fact they might already do it - I haven't looked. For example, p51 of "Keith Pirt's Colour Portfolio - Eastern & North Eastern Region Vol 2" shows 60078 on the Up "Anglo Scottish Car Carrier", carrying the headboard (looks like bl
  12. Thank you! That confirms what I thought re. the GUV version then; I haven't got that book. If I was to do another one I might try that - there should be enough 'meat' in the ends to file the curve in; the underframe would need shortening a bit too, but that could be done. They had a different arrangement of doors and windows, which would be interesting. I might be inclined to try using thin brass for the sides to avoid the 'sinking' of the plasticard; there wouldn't be too many windows to cut out ....
  13. Not very easy to make work in my experience. I did manage it on an earlier layout; I had the operating wire coming up from under the baseboard ending in a right angle which passed through one of the spectacle holes (unglazed!) and made the disc rotate, but I didn't get the weight arm to go up and down. I'm working on one at the moment for the current layout and hoping to get the weight arm to work (as it's mainly viewed from the side) but it's looking like a major rebuild!
  14. Here's a thing you don't often see modelled. The latest Great Eastern Society Journal had a picture of a BR CCT, that was converted from an ex Great Eastern Railway suburban coach. It's quite an elegant vehicle, as parcels vans go. There were two types, bogie CCTs and PMVs. They were quite short lived, the CCTs were converted in 1956-7 and withdrawn in 1962-3. Originally they were used on the Anglo Scottish Car Carrier service and some had big lettering on the sides to that effect. I unearthed this, which had been lying in a drawer for too many years:
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