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  1. The ones in the fish vans that I built were not Romfords - they have metal tyres on plastic centres (rather than just an insulating bush at the hub) which I take to indicate Alan Gibson wheels. I think it's been more than 5 years since I've bought Parkside kits which included Romford wheels (for example I built a Medfit in 2014 which has plastic centred wheels), although of course if you buy them from a retailer you don't know how long they've had them in stock.
  2. I had something similar recently, I built a batch of 3 Parkside LNER fish van kits. I'd had them in stock for a maybe 4 or 5 years but they weren't that old in the big scheme of things. The wheels (I assume they are Gibson?) didn't seem to run very truly. I've left them in for now as they don't actually derail, but for wagons and coaches that don't include wheels I now always use Hornby ones. They always in my experience run true, although the treads might be slightly wider. Although not as cheap as they once were, I think they're still cheaper and easier to source than Romfords. I'm ass
  3. Looks OK to me Andy, some signal boxes were like that - Holloway South Down for example (sort of).
  4. Thank you for those kind comments Chas, that must have kept you out of trouble for a while Glad you enjoyed it!
  5. Talking of Kirk coach kits, here's a Corridor Third I did many years ago for my "LNER Period": I did inlay the upper panels on this one, 10 thou Plastikard I seem to recall, and it has MJT gangways and metal torpedo vents. Not sure where the buffers came from (possibly the brass ones included in the kit cut down to 'retracted' length), and I think I made new battery boxes from Plastikard. I agree with what others have said, the Kirk kits were a Godsend in their day.
  6. Morning Andrew, both 'thank you' and 'agree' symbols would be appropriate!
  7. That does look very nice! I look forward to seeing it painted. Could I ask, how did you do the extended buffers? I could only find retracted ones in the ranges of the 'usual suspects'.
  8. Oh I forgot, I did try one of those once. I couldn't get on with it for some reason! Didn't seem to want to be at the right height I think, and not easily adjustable?
  9. Thanks Jonathan. I added a false 'ceiling' from Plastikard to the underneath of the Comet moulded roof, to give a decent surface to glue to the brass angle, which is 3mm x 1.5mm so should give plenty of area for the glue. But although the roof was a reasonably good fit it hasn't stayed down quite as well as I would have liked, particularly at the ends - perhaps 'poxy would have been better.
  10. The MJT bogies make no provision for fitting couplings apart from Alex Jackson type, so I soldered a piece of brass strip (etch scrap) with a hole in one end and an 8BA nut soldered to it, to the centre piece and headstock. The piece with a "B" written on it in the first picture. The couplings themselves are then packed down to the correct height; two pieces of 60 thou in this case. Thank you for those kind comments Tony; glad you like my van. Re. the couplings though, I'm sure we've been here before and I use tension lock couplings on
  11. Thank you so much Ian, very kind of you to say so. I don't update this very often really. I tend to wait until something is finished, in case it doesn't get finished!
  12. I have used milled brass angle from Eileen's in the past but I think in future will look into using the scrap from the edge of the fret. I presume it would be more difficult to get at right angles to the side, but would be mush cheaper (how long have I lived in Yorkshire!) and in this case would give a bit more room for the toplight glazing. I must see about trading some Es! Do you have to have a funny handshake or something?
  13. Talking of coaches, I've just finished this ex LNER D282 gangwayed Brake, using Comet underframe, sides ends and roof, and bogies and most other bits from the MJT range. More information on how I did it over on my layout thread: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/83030-train-spotting-at-finsbury-square/page/27/#comments
  14. More rolling stock; I've just finished this ex LNER D282 52' 6" Ganngwayed Brake. I'd had a partly-completed Comet 51' underframe in stock for a couple of years, having started it for something else then decided not to use it for that after all. I hadn't really thought much about the 52' 6" Gangwayed Brakes until I saw this picture of one, looking to be in pretty good nick for the time. Looking them up in Longworth I found they were surprisingly long lived with the last withdrawn in 1972; E70554E which is the number I've put on mine, as it happens. I got end
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