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  1. C19124 - interesting to see a picture of a 322 in their original short lived Stansted Express livery!
  2. Thanks Ken. I think I last saw that set (minus power cars) outside Neville Hill a few months ago, just after the Azumas started and looking very much "laid up". Anyway, Coach F of today's 1E15 rode gracefully but did give the impression of maybe on its last legs - the bay of four seats opposite me was minus its table! Here it is leaving York for King's Cross; rather grainy pictures but I didn't have very long to get under the subway to get to Platform 5 before she set off! Low backed seats hopefully visible in 42210, and 43315 bringing up the rear.
  3. I’m currently travelling from Edinburgh to York on 1E15 0947 Aberdeen-King’s Cross. I didn’t take any notice of vehicle numbers as it ran in, but was surprised to find it is an ex East Midland set with original seats! I wondered whether it had been taken out of store after the derailment at Neville Hill?
  4. I’m currently travelling from Edinburgh to York on 1E15 0947 Aberdeen-King’s Cross, and surprised to find it is an HST with original seats! Perhaps a thread about HSTs would be a better place for this, but I wondered whether it had been returned to traffic as a result of the Neville Hill derailment?
  5. When I said "power station" earlier, I really should have said the chute that used to cross the lines to feed it. I agree with Lloyd, the actual power station itself would probably not be visible.
  6. It maybe looks better as a background; it seems to be the kind of background view that looks OK from different angles without the perspective being wrong, but it's a pity to lose the distinctive power station. Would you be able to keep the power station view to the right and use the new picture to extend the backscene to the left? Looking south from the real Peterborough station the lines rise to the Nene bridge which is effectively on the skyline; I don't think buildings to the south are really visible?
  7. Should they? I always thought brake van side lamps showed red to the rear and white to the front!
  8. Banana vans in small numbers turned up at Cambridge in small numbers in the late 1960s / early 1970s, to be unloaded at Pordage's depot on the corner of Hills Road and Brooklands Avenue, which had originally been the LMS goods depot and part of which was occupied by Fyffes. http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/c/cambridge/index2.shtml
  9. 31A

    Hornby LNER N2 0-6-2T

    A part of the trip cock gear is depicted on the Hornby model, i.e. the pipework attached to the front step on the right hand side. It's quite easy to carve off, though.
  10. I was just thinking in terms of producing harmless water vapour (do they do that?) without any of the potentially carcinogenic additives.
  11. I'm a bit surprised nobody has used e-cigarette technology in this way. After all they aren't much bigger than a model loco, although I don't know much about what goes on inside them. I'd've thought it would be possible to use the vapour producing bits of them, without the potentially harmful additives that are put into them.
  12. That does look a great deal better!
  13. Thank you Tony. Do you really think the numbers are too small? That hadn't occurred to me. I renumbered it by just altering the last digit - the numbers on the HMRS sheet match the printed Hornby ones, albeit very slightly paler (disguised by weathering). https://rcts.zenfolio.com/steam-lner/l-2-6-4/l1/hA891970A#h810f5e6c
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