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  1. I used different thicknesses of wire - paper clip or similar for the brake pipes, and copper wire (probably from an old point motor coil) for the MU cables. The receptacles under the buffer beam are from bits of plastic rod.
  2. I'll say Wellingborough London Road, as we lived in Wellingborough when I was very young and I vaguely remember seeing a train at the level crossing there! Would make a nice model with elegant buildings, even crossing, connection to the Midland main line, and sidings for ironstone quarries and the mill.
  3. I meant to say regarding the signal box, it looks nice and although a model of a signal box at a 'country' location, similar ones existed in London, for example it looks not unlike Abbey Mills Junction box: https://thetransportlibrary.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=120770 On the other hand if you've made a signal box specially for the layout it seems a shame not to use that, as a 'ready to plonk' building (however good) will never be as 'individual' as one that's been made especially for the purpose.
  4. Good to know the clock works now; when I'd been through there recently it wasn't working. By recently, I mean before March! I think the 'new branch' to Lincoln (after the new curve was put in when the E. Lincs closed in the 1970s?) has a much more frequent trains service than the GN & LNW line ever did!??
  5. Newark North Gate for me too. Well preserved GN buildings on the down side, including as far as I know the only remaining GN platform canopy with the distinctive trusses and a nice clock (although I don't think it works any longer). Probably more of a junction these days than it used to be! Here's a couple of rubbishy photos:
  6. Thanks Gilbert, I hadn't intended to 'twist your arm'! Anyway this time I WILL vote for Gamlingay. As Clive said, it would make a nice model (although I suspect Potton station might be better for a model as it was a bit bigger and had a more interesting layout). We didn't have a very good camera before the line closed at the end of 1967 but I have a few more snaps that my father took. The Engineers train and crane in the first one is a bit misleading; it wasn't taken after closure, but they were lifting the sidings in the goods yard after local goods traffic ceased, which I think was in 1965. The others are a bit gloomy really showing it towards the end of its life.
  7. Do I know her? I grew up in Gamlingay! The postal address is Sandy, Beds although it is in Cambridgeshire (and the postcode is SG for Stevenage, which is Herts). It certainly would, Clive. Sorry this is a bit o/t; perhaps Gilbert will have a poll for stations between Cambridge and Bedford sometime?!
  8. Sandy, with the LNW lines alongside the ECML.
  9. OK I don't always vote, usually because I find it too difficult to chose, but I'll go with Audley End too, as I spent a lot of time working there at the start of my railway career. Although sadly the Saffron Walden & Bartlow line had long gone by then (I'm not that old!).
  10. Thanks Doc, glad you like it! The wall is actually the front edge of the layout; you can see that the bit below ground level is varnished plywood. It helps to stop me knocking locos onto the floor, but I thought I might as well make the non-scenic side look like a wall, as well as the inside, and I thought leaving a gateway in it would give an opportunity for views such as this.
  11. Thank you, glad you liked it!
  12. I've been doing "this and that" on the layout most of the time recently but most of it amounts to nothing worth showing! I'd noticed that I was getting a backlog of locos needing weathering, not helped by Lockdown distress purchases. 60533 certainly isn't one of those, I've had it for years but somehow it had escaped the treatment, so I decided it was about time.
  13. Between Shenfield and Ipswich - soooo many to choose from, but I'll choose Witham. I used to visit it for work sometimes in the 1990s and it struck me as a well preserved country junction with most of its facilities still functioning, although by then only one of the two branches was open.
  14. I think from memory York drivers might have occasionally taken 150s to Newcastle on the evening York-Newcastle (-Heaton) & return empties for attention at Heaton depot; almost any kind of Northern unit could go on that. Before I retired (I'm not sure whether things have changed since), York drivers signed the route from York as far as Newcastle station, but if it was a type of unit that Newcastle didn't sign (such as a 150) the York driver could take it to Heaton depot with a route conductor driver from / to Newcastle Central. They would only be moved empty though, not in passenger service.
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