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  1. For today's poll I will vote for 1, 2 and 3. Although I think 1 and 2 would be stretching things a bit for my layout which is set in London c.1958-1961, I like them so "Rule 1" would apply! I've got 4 Hornby N2s in use at the moment. Although the Hornby versions run a lot better than the original Mainline ones, a new model which could perform as well as the recent Oxford Rail N7 would be very welcome. The bodies are a bit basic by today's standards to say the least, although they are easy to improve with detailing, but again an up to date version would be good; hopefully some of the detail differences within in the class could be catered for. Agree with Brian re. new tooling BR non gangwayed stock, as well!
  2. They seem to have got them radial on the N7!
  3. Very sad - quite a nice traditional building, I think.
  4. Sorry Brian, didn't mean to be ambiguous! No, I just meant to vote for 1, 2, 3, and 7. Mustn't be greedy!
  5. There's a plan of Frodingham depot in the "On Shed" book Volume 3 "Eastern Region Southern Section". (Kelsey Media "Railways of Britain" series published 2018).
  6. Quite an easy poll this time Brian! In terms of what I would buy for my own layout, I will vote for: 1 - J52 I have made a reasonable job of cobbling one up from Hornby body and Bachmann Pannier Tank mechanism, but there's a certain amount of work involved and there are still certain compromises; a modern model would be very welcome. 2 - J67/J68/J69 Really surprised this hasn't been done RTR already. The myriad variations might put a manufacturer off I suppose! If there was a retailer like Kernow or Rails with East Anglian connections, this would surely be one for them. 3 - J6 A 'must have' for a GN based layout. At the moment my own layout is too '2-8-0 heavy' and more Eastern 0-6-0s are always welcome. 7 - J39 - See above! I have a Bachmann one but it is a poor runner, and doesn't get out much. Have sometimes contemplated making a decent mechanism for it, but the body isn't really up to 'modern standards' anyway. Those would be my choice from the point of view of voting, but if 4, 5, 6, 9 or 10 became available I would buy one!
  7. Might it not open up a route for rail freight from Felixstowe towards South Wales and the South West avoiding London, though? Originally Cambridge-Chippenham Jn. was all double track apart from Newmarket Tunnel itself, so the double track solum probably still exists.
  8. Immediately before Sectorisation, when Regional Railways (as it then was) introduced long distance routes with the Class 156 and later Class 158 DMUs, I don't think there was anything like the present day Liverpool-Norwich. When I was spotting in East Anglia, and when I started work on the railway in 1979, I think there was just the Birmingham service which was roughly hourly but alternated between Norwich and Cambridge, giving roughly 2-hourly to / from either place. I think apart from Summer Only trains to Yarmouth (which did use the Ely avoiding line), the only other "cross country" service from East Anglia to the Midlands & North at that time was the once daily Parkeston-Manchester "Boat Train" which at that time went via March-Spalding-Lincoln etc. There may have been other trains at one time which had died out over the years; the late 70s and early 80s were quite lean times for cross country services! Then just before the 'Sprinter' type DMUs came in, Regional Railways started various rather random long distance trains which were at first loco hauled; there were trains from various East Anglian stations to Blackpool North and I think even Barrow in Furness at one time! Eventually they settled down to what we see today, i.e. Birmingham-Stansted and Liverpool-Norwich.
  9. Not really, it's more like the present Birmingham-Stansted Airport which goes via Leicester and Oakham. The Liverpool-Norwich goes a different way, via Grantham and Nottingham.
  10. Thank you for those kind words! I think I crop the pictures that I take quite drastically to cut out unwanted background stuff. Also I tend to take photos by putting the camera / phone down on the baseboard in the absence of a tripod, particularly as the lighting isn't very good and long exposures are called for. Graham's hand held ones have come out very well, though!
  11. Thanks for coming over, Graham - it was great to have someone else to operate ... er ... play with the layout, the time seemed to go really quickly. Glad you enjoyed running it! Thanks for putting the pics up, too.
  12. Dave, thanks for putting these up here every day regardless of whatever else you're going through! I hope your mother is able to make a good recovery, and please don't think you need to post the photos every day if things are difficult; much as we enjoy looking at them I'm sure everyone will understand if you can't.
  13. For this Poll, I shall vote for 9 and 10 as being the ones most likely to be useful on my layout. I already have some kit built ones, but would buy more if available RTR. I don't find Departmental wagons ever see much use on my layout for some reason, although I do have a few. If I were to suggest a couple which I would like to see made that haven't been listed, I would go for the following: LNER Ballast Brake Van. https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/lnerballastbrake I would buy one of these long lived vans; I remember seeing them in use well into the 1980s. And also the LNER 4 Wheeled Sleeper Wagon; the kind that looks like an oversized ordinary goods wagon. To the best of my knowledge there has never been a kit available for these, and they intrigue me as I think I've read that they were painted grey like ordinary 'traffic' wagons rather than the LNER's 'Engineers blue'.
  14. I haven't really got room or use for the wagons on the latest poll on my layout, but if available I would buy 2 and 4, and would be able to recreate the "Ashburton Pullman" as per @thegreenhowards picture earlier, or at least part of it!
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