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  1. Hi, I came across this picture and thought you might like to see it. Regards Stephen
  2. This newly discovered picture, courtesy of Glen Fairweather, will be useful for matching LOR paint colours:
  3. In much earlier posts I speculated about the purpose of a mobile boiler that appears in several pictures of the MDHB shed at Princes Dock. I concluded that it was sand dryer and have now bought this image on eBay. This latest picture shows some nice detail of the mobile dryer. It also shows the role of public telephone boxes in keeping the wheels of commerce turning on the docks.
  4. Hi Steve, I posted a photo of the method here on 11 September (above). I hope this illustrates the simple fixing by gluing down a second, adjacent rail with cut-down sleepers. I hope this helps. Stephen
  5. This photo shows an experiment with laying setts/cobbles between track using Redutex self-adhesive cobble sheets on 5mm foam board. Gentle heating enables the 3D surface to be shaped round bends. Further work would be needed to disguise the gap between the rail and the 'check' rail and hide the sleepers.
  6. 10 days to go until the Gauge O Guild's Virtual Show on Saturday 31st October 2020 09:30 - 17:00 The Gauge O Guild’s Virtual Show is for everyone interested in O Gauge railway modelling in all its forms. It is a place where you can enjoy a good selection of layouts, watch demonstrations and learn modelling skills, browse the offerings of more than one hundred traders, being tempted by some show specials and new products. There are plenty of live sessions to choose from plus, you can vote in the modelling competition. The show is free for everyone, members and non-members al
  7. This Facebook group currently has a series of posts about relevant rolling stock, especially the Distington Engineering products: https://www.facebook.com/groups/394490193925697
  8. Now I'm going to need a Lister truck in 7mm! The Autotruck Club told me via Facebook that this is a "Lister Auto Truck petrol powered either 600cc or 750cc J.A.P engine".
  9. Albert Dock before restoration, showing capstan and bollards.
  10. 3D printed capstans by Chris Ward. Hand made bollards and quayside by Richard Ellis, Monk's Gate Models.
  11. Hi, there is a picture of wool being handled by rail at Liverpool docks on page 6 of my thread called Atlantic Dock. Stephen.
  12. Not long now till the Virtual Show on Saturday 31 October! The GOG team have been working hard behind the scenes and this trial Virtual Show has expanded considerably. The organisers are adding more and more: Layouts Demonstrations Traders adverts and promotions Technical Committee sessions and Modelling Competition A timetable of "Live" announcements Please make sure it is in your diary. The event is free and non-members are welcome. Latest update is now available below. Entry to the Show will be via the GOG website.: https://www.gaugeoguild.com/news/files/
  13. "In this book, Allan Heyes aims to recreate, using his personal pictorial record, the final years of the steam locomotive and its working environment in the North of England and Central Scotland. The accelerating demise of steam in the spring of 1964 was a call to action which continued unabated until August 1968.' This a a very good collection of 'end of steam' photos that avoids being too predictable/conventional. The images are well printed. East and West Lancashire get detailed coverage by the Wigan based author but the book includes steam in Scotland and the NE. Industria
  14. Great research and illustration, thanks. I found the digital images really interesting as a way of visualising the end result.
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