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  1. Aha! Found a much better image after a Flickr trawl, courtesy of https://flic.kr/p/Nf1jfd:
  2. Many thanks for all your replies, much appreciated
  3. Hi, I've been looking up information regarding non-AC Mk2 coaches that were painted in IC executive or swallow style livery after seeing some on this YT video as I'm looking in to getting a coach resprayed into this livery. I've included a screengrab of the vid below, for which i point all copyright/credit to the original video owner - please can someone provide any information about this coach in terms of its interior layout? Would it have been a BSO or a BSK? And is this a MK2C? Any better quality images or ideas on numbering too would be very welcome! Many thanks, Ross.
  4. This and other videos by the same user on YT are a great resource for viewing traction and rolling stock of the era you mention: https://youtu.be/4f70k6W0c5Y Variety was still very much in abundance which makes the number of consists you could create almost endless!
  5. This is really starting to take shape, looks great! At first I thought the fencing was the footpath that once ran along the outside of the viaduct but then realised this was on the West side, not the seaward side. I'm not sure if that path existed in the 50s?
  6. Yeah if it had been £189 when it was on pre-order I would have thought about it a lot more before buying, however it is a great model and runs brilliantly straight from the box, very smooth and quiet.
  7. Pleasantly surprised to find mine waiting for me when I got home today - it's another great model from KMRC
  8. A few things have been happening lately (albeit slowly), I decided that the lineside fencing needed a bit more to it so I constructed a small polystyrene based mound under the length of it, grassed it then inserted the fence posts through the foliage and into the polystyrene, which means it can be re-positioned without too much trouble: After having some LED platform lights for almost a year I finally got round to getting the wiring sorted and installing them in one of the platforms.....not without one or two LED casualties though - it's been quite some time since i studied electronics! After having looked at it online about a thousand times over the past few months i finally picked up Kernow's ltd. edition 47706 last week when passing Camborne - must say I'm really pleased with this model, the weathering and detail is exceptional. I nearly lost some years off my life when fitting the DCC chip though as the last of the 6 screws holding the body to the chassis just refused to come out, it was turning endlessly but never releasing. Eventually I braved it and decided to see if the body would give anyway and 'thankfully' the thread of the screw hole must have worn as it finally eased apart (and one of the door windows fell out too just to add to the tension). Loving the cab interior lights: Finally, I followed up on a middle-of-the-night idea that came to me regarding how to construct a loop for running trains. I realised that for both true running in of new engines and maximum enjoyment of being able to sit back and watch consists roll by a loop was the only way to achieve this. It has required the removal of one of the platforms and building of a board section across the window in the room but this was only ever a temp location for the layout anyway and they are small sacrifices to make for much larger gains! Happy Modelling
  9. Very much looking forward to this model, I see it's now been rescheduled for Q2 of this year which at the very least provides a bit more time to herd the ££ together for it - was pleasantly surprised to find out that the lead loco on the recent 'Looe Brush' railtour was this very loco albeit in it's current guise of 47772 'Carnforth TMD' - good to know that it still survives!
  10. Maybe not the site that Mallard60022 found but this site has quite a wealth of information and pictures - Old Plymouth
  11. Agreed, that weathering looks spot on and really brings the locos to life.
  12. Called in here for the first time a few days ago and spent a very enjoyable hour browsing through the good variety of stock items and chatting about supply chain logistics issues. Came away with a bag full of varied items at fairly reasonable prices - was less than a 10 minute stroll from the city centre and well worth a visit if you're ever in the area. I spotted a few (s/h?) Bachmann MK1 IC (raspberry ripple) BSKs for <£20 if anyone's on the lookout for some!
  13. The previous two books in this series were really good so I'm looking forward to getting a copy of this, Bernard has a wonderful photographic archive so will be interested to see what particular gems have been chosen for this book.
  14. Told the wife I was off upstairs to lubricate my shunter. Still not sure what the expression she gave me means...

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      I remember my mother's concern when I returned from cleaning a loco at the MHR...

  15. Told the wife I was off upstairs to lubricate my shunter. Still not sure what the expression she gave me means...

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