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  1. Hi Martin, I'd certainly be interested in seeing the 50+4 rake formations if you'd care to share them? Best regards, Ross.
  2. Most do if you initiate but in this instance I had both hands busy with the camera, although I often try to give a nod/smile. Nearly all drivers certainly do engage with young children - I was at the station with my 4-yr old son on the weekend who was giving the crew of a Castle Class HST an enthusiastic wave - they gave such a blast on the horn I thought we were about to revert to potty training - and that was just for me! Even the crew were surprised by how loudly it bounced off the surrounding buildings, they gave an apologetic grin as they pulled off!
  3. This weekend's weather is certainly suited to the appearance of the RHTT - I didn't get any usable shots but did take a video as it passed through Saltash on its outward run this morning - not quite as appealing as the diesels involved in top and tailing action last week!
  4. Now that was a great weekend to end Summer on - not just one classic loco but two? In different liveries? With multiple opportunities to see them hauling tours? In (mostly) glorious sunshine?! Yes, please
  5. I'd highly recommend these two other John Vaughan books as well - Diesels in the Duchy and An Illustrated History of the Cornish Main Line (no affiliation to either Amazon or John, just thought the links may be useful!) >> On reflection Diesels In The Duchy may be a few years too early for your time period? Regards, Ross.
  6. A nice splash of red through Saltash earlier today with 66128 leading the 1432 Parkandillack to Exeter Riverside Yard service, running 64 early. Regards, Ross.
  7. Watching that latest vid was like a form of therapy - fantastic selection of rolling stock and thoroughly enjoyable prototypical consists!
  8. Managed to catch the cement empties this morning - 70812 leads the tanks through Wearde cutting on the approach to Saltash, running around 14 minutes early. All the best, Ross.
  9. Thanks for your replies chaps, I was doing some more research via Flickr and found an image that may well provide an answer - it's a very similar load four consist (complete with RBR) running into Penzance on a local service where the stock is then used to form part of a long distance service, perhaps the same process was happening on this day? https://flic.kr/p/b4Xwh8 The caption reads - "50013 'Agincourt' heads a small but perfectly formed train of one buffet car, one first, one second and one brake van into Penzance on 16.3.87. This was the 07.27 from Plymouth, the v
  10. While recently watching some of the videos from the The Alan Harrison Collection on YouTube (which is excellent and highly recommended viewing for fans of mid-1980s B.R.) a particular formation from the video "Part 16 Bodmin, Lostwithiel & Par" piqued my interest - it shows a 50 leaving Bodmin Road heading West with a four-coach load which initially I thought must be a Plymouth-Penzance stopper, but the consist struck me as a bit odd: Mk1 Buffet Restaurant MK2f FO (i think it's an 'f' - could be a 'd'!) MK2A with NSE flashes MK2C BSO or BSK It's a great one to model
  11. Hi Andy, It may be worth an enquiry to the 'Nostalgic St. Erth' group on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/173281783037301/ They seem to post a lot of historical photographs and associated information so someone may be able to assist you - good luck! Regards, Ross.
  12. The passing of the NRMT train through Saltash coincided nicely with my lunch break today, even though it was some 27 minutes early! It made a nice burst of colour under rather gloomy skies, as well as being a welcome change from GWR green.
  13. Looks great - that low level crossing shot is brilliant!
  14. The only time I got to ride behind a 57, on the Saturday Night Sleeper Day Coaches from Exeter St. Davids - the next time I tried I got to the station only to be bowled out at the last minute by crew shortages causing it to be cancelled 57602 waits for departure time, 08th July 2017...
  15. I've had that before too and giving them a squeeze with pliers has not caused an issue (yet!) - at least you know your rails are nice and smooth. As long as they hold the joining rails close together (which pinning/gluing the track will of course achieve too) and you have plenty of droppers to supply the track with power then I can't forsee any issue, however my knowledge of such things is nowhere near that of many others here so am happy to be educated!
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