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  1. It caught me out as I didn't realise it was 50034 on the other side! The loco is actually 50007 but carries numbers of other class mates on the other side - It was previously 50014 'Warspite', but now carries 50034 - If you're collecting numbers I guess it's a good way of completing the list a bit quicker
  2. Was great to see Class 50's back in the South West this weekend, and spent a few hours happily 'chasing' and even riding behind them. On the way down, thundering through St. Germans: At Penzance before the return leg: I was able to join the return journey as far as Par, where upon departure I planned a quick run to the front of the train to take some more pictures it as it departed, however my plan was well and truly scuppered as the engines didn't stop until they were way past the station - doh! Well it was load 13.... Finally, whilst waiting at Par for my train home a Castle Class set came in from the East with the lead power car sounding particularly rough and after having stopped for a minute it then abruptly shut down leaving the rear power car to push the entire train out of the station and up the incline. Fortunately it only had 3 coaches!
  3. These look fantastic and am very much looking forward to seeing the finished models. As others have said, an NSE TSOT would certainly plug another gap. And if we dare to dream of MK2Cs, a BSO in Intercity Swallow would be most welcome! But let's not get too carried away....
  4. I had the privilege of seeing the layout 'in the flesh' on the weekend and as I said to Alex then, the images look great on RMWeb but in real life it takes it to a whole new level! This will certainly be a big draw once out on the exhibition circuit, and deservedly so.
  5. Ha, close enough! This is a really good source for railtours: http://railtourinfo.co.uk/tours.html And of course Real Time trains for all workings: http://www.realtimetrains.co.uk All the best, Ross
  6. Nice to be able to enjoy seeing some 'exotic' beasts visiting the Duchy lately: 29th May - 43055 leads the 0600 Eastleigh - Penzance 'Cornish Coastal Pullman' through Saltash station. 02nd June - 47614 & 47593 head East through Saltash with the 1500 Penzance to Wolverhampton 'Cornish Riveria Statesman' All the best, Ross.
  7. These conversions are mentioned in a two-page spread in the recent 'bookazine' "Modelling British Railways Engineers' Wagons" (pages 48-49) - it states that 'the 1950s and early 1960s saw three different types of hopper wagon receive modifications for use on the workings, this involving adding nine-inch high steel plate sections...." It goes on to add that first were the Trouts (about 56 of them), followed by over 420 Dogfish. So maybe mid to late 1950s would be a good guess for the Dogfish, given that there were so many of them? Hope that helps, Ross.
  8. There's been a lot of coverage of these magnificent beasts over social media but just in case anyone's missed it here are some pics of the 'tractors' at Saltash: 04th April, en route to Penzance 06th April, to Plymouth then Kingswear also a video of their passing through on the 04th: All the best, Ross.
  9. Thanks for your responses, very useful! I recently bought a copy of the Lineside Video DVD 'Modern Traction Archive - Exeter in 1989' and have been trawling through it making a note of all the consists - there are quite a few of the 31-hauled services in the DVD and no two consists are the same! Even some with a single 31, which is surprising especially when even some of the 6 coach rakes are double-headed.
  10. Greetings, I've searched the site on many variations of the thread title but to no avail - would anyone please have any info regarding the Mk2 formations that could be found on the 1980's Class 31 hauled summer Saturday services that ran from the North to Paignton? I've seen various pictures and video footage but not with enough clarity to pick out particular coach types, except for the more obvious Mk2f TSO's and Mk1 BGs. I think I remember seeing an IC Mk2C in one video and various types of RU/RMB, so if anyone has spotting notes from that era of these services that they're willing to share it would be hugely appreciated Many thanks, stay safe. Ross.
  11. Great video, that sweeping banked curved is really effective, watching the large logo 50 thundering around it with its coaches was just pure joy!
  12. I don't have exact numbers but a recent Hornby magazine (issue 163) states 'only a handful carried the new blue and grey livery introduced in 1965'. It then goes on to say 'Equally unusual - for a few years at least - was a set consisting entirely of blue and grey coaches'. So, err, more than 8 but perhaps not by much?!
  13. Has anyone else had issues ordering from the Key Publishing website? I ordered this magazine and a few days later it arrived.....except it wasn't this, it was the latest Hornby magazine and the 2021 catalogue....so I sent an email, received an apology and was told a copy of the magazine I ordered had been posted that day....then this morning it arrived - great! Except....it hasn't....I now have a copy of "Britain's Railways in the 1960s"! So another email has been sent. I don't mind amassing a collection of magazines that I haven't paid for but will enjoy reading however it would be nice to receive the actual one I ordered!
  14. Here's a rough side profile shot I took at Laira depot many years ago if it helps:
  15. Hi Martin, I'd certainly be interested in seeing the 50+4 rake formations if you'd care to share them? Best regards, Ross.
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