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  1. Hi Chris , yeah we do brand new had a lock up garage and patio nearly as big as what we had in the old place, yep have a new track plan, not as big as what I had planned to build, big enough 44 feet by 30 feet 6 inches, could make the layout bigger later and now have a bigger shed too. At this stage I am basing the new track plan on the famous Tehachapi loop , that can change if the grade doesn't work out will change to the Williams loop on the same route in California. Big day will be starting work on the bridge cutting the bridge beams and have a o at using the sa
  2. Construction is well under way on the new Camdale HO scale garden railway starting off with constructing the new rail road above arch bridge , bridge will be build in one full 14 foot span instead of three 7 foot pieces being hard to join and lift in place , First stage be 44 by 30 feet, second and third stage be adding 16 feet and a second third stage will have the second suburban station, planning to model a spiral based on the William loop on the Union Pacific Feather river route. The main station complex be still as is from the the old layout only difference is be only 5 modu
  3. Here is a couple of good you tube video clips of Williams Loop, not many pic, can anyone tell me how to load on a you tube video to a post.
  4. Happy new year to everyone on the forum, have some news, we have moved to a new address and was able to take Camdale with us, bran new house but smaller only two bed rooms only two of us, smaller yard, quite a good size, layout is well under way drawn up the track plan main line to start off with, has a 3mx3m garden shed bigger to what I had in the old place, Now have plenty of room to work on a module , will have be in th elate afternoon , to dam hot here now, humidity killing it as well . The first two pics is of the area where the layout be going , all up with the second stage
  5. I have scrapped the double deck bridge to just a rail bridge to start off with and later add a road bridge beside the rail bridge, the change has sure sped up the construction time of my layout build with now track down and the bridge set p levellec in where it be going to the track plan. I have anchored down the northern end of the bridge, all I need to do, next stage of the construction is the ramp to the back of the layout, quarter inch a foot drop on about 40 feet in length works out 7 inching height difference. The Elizabeth river bridge I have based my bridge on,
  6. Being some time since I was last active, being in hospital twice and nursing a bad cut on my leg, needed stitchers only half, had an argument with a tree branch, tree branch won, have o be careful I don't bump my leg and the cut start bleeding, took three weeks to stop bleeding. Last fortnight after recovering coming out of hospital I decided to redesign my layout going back to the old design, the two corner modules were changed o the new track plan, bridge is at the back of the layout and station moules at the front, the Tehachapi Loop, basing the spiral on that loop, layout be 56
  7. Being a month since I have being on, have being busy finished off my double deck bridge,, good news is I have joined the two halves together, going to leave the bridge in one full piece now, I needed to get the bridge lower deck done so I can paint and lay the track down, full length be 20 feet, mainly the road deck. First two pics different angles of the bridge,, pic 3 the rail deck, pic 4 the road deck and last pic what the bridge wipp look like when finished, the bridge will go where the the corner pergola post is 18 inches out and second pier be where the hose is on the edge o
  8. Hi all, can anyone help me how to tackle re-motoring a Hornby HST, in Australia XPT .I want to to do away with the pancake motor and replace the bogies to geared bogies with motor in the middle and drive shafts to the bogies,that way I can do away with the other loco being powered, the locos are very old, had trouble at the train show on the club layout. The pic is of the 1.1 scale XPT close to the HST hope someone can help in the project. Be great if someone can steer me in the direction. Many thanks Tony from down under
  9. I have finely finished the long storage train box fitting 5 car DMU set in one full piece so I can actually drive it out onto the track , have made a special ramp that will sit on the track and the ramp has to be at a the right angle for it to lock onto the track. Like the new way the pics are loaded onto the post much bigger, awesome, the first pic is the box set up on the track with the ramp which is locked in place and lined up, had a bit of trouble , found out why the lead loco was derailing, I had to file the track like you would when building a point , works perfect. I hav
  10. Being a couple of months since I have being on, Camdale is on hold at the moment, we may moving soon down sizing to a unit , should get the keys this week to have a look at the unit,, where the unit is be a possibility Camdale be reborn, unit is at the end of the block of units and has two balconies and green space and hope the car port be beside it. I have joined a new train club and donated the layout to them, waiting on space at the bowls cub work shop and garage, if that doesn't happen next is store the modules at my Mum's place she has plenty of room and Camdale be reborn ther
  11. Happy new year 2019, I didn't have a good start spending 2 weeks of 2019 in hospital coming home on Friday, it is also very hot here with no rain in site, plans are suffering, needing attention in the cooler months. I b able to finish off the spiral corner module in the afternoon sorting shifting the points and track and rewiring, in the mean time I pulled out an old project a DD35/B loco I rebuilt from a DD40 loco using 4 other shells m two were GP35 shells and two DD40 shells, I am tiding up the loco, rebuild the roof of the center of the loco and filling in the gaps ready to paint in
  12. Merry Christmas to everyone, I have finely broken the dead of being on those modules for so long, have finely bridged the gap from the car port corner module all around to the bridge. Will have to wait for a cool change before I start actually leveling the curved decking to the car port wall, plan to use shelf brackets for on the wall with hinge to fold back, in pic three I plan to build a tunnel on the large curve with a village with a branch line off the curve near the gate between the car port wall and fence , that's the plan . I am now working on my bridge, it is a double Decker r
  13. Latest update, being a while, I finely finished all the track work even swapped on the car port corner module , points around, so I can have a passing loop while the Indian Pacific passenger train has long track to fit the whole train without having to hold up the main line, had to b=move the bus wire and feeder wires re solder the to the track . Now I am going through all the six modules making sure those blocks are working from both ends, have done two and just finished another two modules , two days it took, all the blocks are working, I did a test with a light and bingo. Pics 001 and
  14. This post has come full cycle from asking how to wire a rotary switch to the rotary switch become part of m main control panel, thanks to everyone it is now connected to the layout only by 5 bus wire blocks, haven't enough wire to finish wiring the panel, will have to wait till get back from a weeks holiday with my wife to the Shine Coast town called Caloundra , popular holiday spot. The two level step ladder is perfect height , I plan to buy a cheap computer chair so I can sit down and enjoy seeing the trains running, the control panel is designed to operate three throttles, two remote c
  15. The control panel is now finely connected to the layout by 5 blocks so far, run out of wire, won't be buying more till after the 15th of October and I have nailed down the rest of the connectors onto the board, looks good, if anyone has any better ideas, let me , the best way to connect the spades is have the control panel on the module up on the saw horses . The two level step ladder has worked out perfectly with the right height for the control panel, I will have to make another stand for the second panel that will control the points, the first step is for the transformers all up four of
  16. I have finished the bus wiring on the module that be connecting to the main control panel, all it is CD wire madness, just to have three throttles working on DC, I can do what DCC can with the aid of toggle switches, Yesterday I crimped on the connectors and started clamping down the wires, but the wire clips I am using are too small will get the next size up today and replace the others and line them all up closer to the edge of the timber so it be easy to plug the spade connectors. Pic one I have the wires coded and them paired off to the double plugs making it easy to plug up , p
  17. Hi Owd Bob, Thanks , taking a while to do the wiring, I wan't to plug in the main control panel, it is awesome, every position has a LED light , big effort to have three throttles for DC. I have bring busy at night working on a model of a RO,RO ship in 1/87 scale , she be a monster when finished , 2.160 meters in length 305mm beam 388mm high to the water line, she is a London based ship, I like th e design of her, the only type that will fit under the bridge I be building.. The bow of the ship was very hard to build, took three attempts to do so , I am glad it is done, all I hav
  18. It has being a few months since last post, I have finely sorted out the switches, ended up buying two toggle switches with just two pins and they worked, took a while get them to work, on a high, I now can switch off half f the block so the lead loco can move onto to the next block and second loco with half of the Indian Pacific passenger cars move off with the second loco to the right side of the island platform. The other half of the train gets backed in on the left platform with another loco, I can't wait for this to happen, there is a second block with an other toggle switch to switch
  19. Hi Ian, I have being busy working on my layout bus wiring, sure takes time and at night being working on my other hobby modelling a RO, RO ship based in the Port of London Tor Corona Seaways, in 1/87 scale to fit the 1/87 scale trailers and containers and what ever else I can model as a load. Thanks for your link will save that so I can keep an eye on your progress, I had a look at Dirranbandi on Google Earth, couldn't find the railway station, from what I saw on the net they were saying they didn't think the station would last mach longer all boarded up, now I am interested in the branc
  20. Hi Ian, I couldn't your layout, could you send me the link thanks. What do you call your area county's ours are called states we do have county'y in Tasmania , I discovered that my layout name is called a county in Tasmania. Great stuff you are modelling a branch line in Toowoomba call Dirranbandi, looks like a search is needed , I haven't heard of that branch line. I based my layout on the Great Southern Railway, (GSR) they own the Indian Pacific, Ghan and Southern Railway, modelling a quarter of Sydney Central and East Perth Terminal and in between, spending a whole day just
  21. Hi Ian, that was only a couple of years back, I was involved with the Ipswich workshops museum when they first started, looked after their layout as a Volunteer, there was a HO scale train club there already , wish there was a train club still in Ipswich, closest train club is south side of Brisbane and that club is quite dear to join, mainly Union Pacific , next closest club is the other side of Brisbane over an hour to get there, too far. What scale do you model, will see if I can find your posts. My mum lives in Rochedale, not good you aren't well, makes both of us, don't know if
  22. Hi Owd Bob and The oily Rag, , thanks yes layout is coming along nicely I finely finished layout down the track and points on the car port corner module, even the wiring is done, was testing the block wiring, couple of faults got the blocks around the wrong way on the bus double plug, fixed that issue today and working fine. Since the I fixed the blocks I joined up block 15 to block 19 and on block 19 there is a cross over and point on a second block 19. Looking at pics 1440 and pics 1442 , the track closest to the edge of the module, I put in insulator joiners between the small right h
  23. Spiral is well under way , I have leveled two sections of the spiral with a special level jig and have set up the straight section to become a bridge to nail down the track, was going to cut two strips of fiber glass brass to solder the track to, is too cold outside 16 degrees, cold of over here in down under. Second Pic with the level jig and level how get the grade right , every three feet goes up 3 quarters of an inch, I need to gain 9 inches in height, the spiral be 24 feet ling length gaining 6 inches and rest other three inches on a ramp be about 10 feet in length. Third pic is s
  24. Hi all it has being quite a while since I have put anything on the thread, now I can , this thread about how to wire up a rotary switch, my main control panel has being wired up, here are the finished fascia of the panel and under neath of the panel ,WOW. I went over to my friends house to show me how to wire up one rotary and he decided to offer to wire the panel up for me, I made the panel, drilled all the holes for the rotary switch and put in the LEDS and painted the fascia, very happy with the finish. I still have to do my bit of connecting the panel to the layout, be using those
  25. Many thanks, I have being busy, built my control panel a couple of weeks back, went over to my friends house for him to show me how to wire up one rotary switch, he offered to wire up the whole panel, he said he could do the job in two days ,taking me heaps, longer, wow he did a perfect job which I could not of done myself. The panel fascia I marked and drilled all the holes fro the rotary switches and for the LED holders and mounted them as well, that took a few days and painted the fascia with white spray paint and clear, turned very well. I forgot I had a box of connectors, wired
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