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  1. Finely all the front 5 modules are connected with track could run a test loco, haven't done any bus wiring on the last station module,, next job is cut strips of the brass plated circuit board, boght a new pair of tin snips they have changed shape and very cheap to buy , I needto have in place one of the curved sections northern end and the second 6th module car port end so there is enough length for the loco so I switch to the next track.. Monday I will solder the brass strips inplace cut the track so I can pull the modules apart and begian to start soldering the feeder wires to the bus
  2. Hi Mthew, thanks for the battery link will have to check them out over here mainly the charger power difference, we are 240 here. Will be keeping a close on your track clearning car build, I have on th edrawing board modifing two DD40AX locos to the MPV British track cleaning locos, mine will haecleaning drums in each, front loco be unpowered ., HO/00 scale garden railway have big issues in keeping the track clean, run my track leaning locos around the layout first. Tony from cold down under had zero this morning 7degrees now.
  3. Hi Mathrew , nice lot of pics, I like the steam crane , would of looked good in actin did they use it at all. WOW three hours batter power, what brand is the batteries and cost, I be looking for those powered bogies get them in all scales. There is a branch line not far from me the other side of Ipswich never being to it will have to go one day, hope they are running an old diesel rail car they call the red Fred, Queensland Rail runs on narrow gauge, the main line modern diesels are huge for a narrow gauge railway 3ft 6iinches, we had the first high speed tilt train as well only as fa
  4. Hi Mathew, yeah that is te trouble with DC all that wiring just to run more than one train, DCC only needing two wires into the layout., one day, have just as much fun with DC. THat is nonthing yet, I still have to wire up 4way three pole rotary switches to contol the three to four throttles, much more fun with more than two friends, my club has single tract main line running and passing loops can take up to 40 minutes to run around the layout when it is busy, great can chat to other members while wait to go. Here is a couple of pics on home I nail down track on the module join making
  5. Morning Mathew, yeah I do the same to now depends what it is, last item was a set of 5unit container well wagons the postage was the killer from the US, I need to buy a fold up foot stool, I have trouble climbing up into the Maxi Taxi's wheel chair hoist, last one broke can only get them on eBay height wise. Oh yeah you are lucky then not needing to do any bus wiring real pain, good idea have heard that just soldering in jumper wires onto the rail joins. I The way I wire my bus wiring the plus is the front rail -minus the back wire the way my train club do their wiring, something to
  6. All the 14 points are pemameantly nailled dwon with holes drilled for the switching pin, not sure if I will motorise the points being so close to the main control panel, looking at leavers with SPST slide switches to switch signal's Didn't do much today was going to redesign the mini bus wire panel, forgot there isn't enough height for the new panel back to the other design with some improvements, has to be long enough for three double speaker plugs and a 25way computer plug, all up 6 double plugs, 12 blocks, tomorrow I will cut the timber for the new panel. hopefully slide better than the
  7. Hi Phil, many thanks for the link was a real loco unusual name, saved a couple of good pics even though in black and white and can put on an trailer as well what I am planning to do . In South Australia there is a steam rail motor call ed the Coffee pot still runs today, narrow gauge, I like the Horwick Jerk, yet another new project be born, I still have to old pipe track will replace the track with brass track later. Tony from down under.
  8. Last evening Mathew, thanks for the link of our Victorian Puffing Billy, one day I will lash out and buy one, nice looking tanbk loco, good if I can get it in 0 gauge, I have an old Hornby clock tank steam loco I plan to re motor but laving the clock working in. plan to add a coach to the loco covering the clock working leavers and the bogie at the other end be battery powered with remote control . I be buying one of those turn tables or make my own, you can buy from a woodturning supplier turn table part and, I have turned lazy Susan using the metal turn table , quite cheap, heading
  9. Late evening Mathew, 10.49 pm your time amazing 7.49am my time , it must be an awesome site indeed to see the Battle Of Britain memorial flight fly over with the Lancaster in the middle. Yeah you can get some good buys on eBay I won't buy locos anymore being caught a few times, problem not knowing enough to fix them myself, I can put them together, one of the projects is re-motoring Athearn's AC/4400 locos and Dash/9's, got two running one more to go. Postage is the killer and exchange rate as well costing nearly double the price, if you are after something that is rare you will bu
  10. Afternoon Mathew, pure awesome have to agree as well I also love the sound of the Merlin engine, yes Britain sure had some good aircraft during WW11 another favourite aircraft is the De Havilland Mosquito and Mustang the Merlin engine made the Mustang., many thanks for the video clips, there is more footage on the same link. Went to an air show Amberley RAAF base it was great to see the Mustang in flight with the sound of the Merlin engine pure awesome that was a few years back very noisy indeed and a long day out., Kitty Hawk as well .in RAAF marking of that era, see if I can find so
  11. What a great idea a turn table set to paint your wagons great also for working on them as well, I checked out the link and wow they are neat locos for their scale, I came across a diesel loco never seen it before they must design their own locos big cab for the smaller gauge two crew . Pity you should of had a photo of you standing beside the spitfire my favourite fighter of that era, I can't get over the wide beaches you have in England, the sand over here is nearly white. Was wondering that our Puffing Billy locos may be the same , I get some pics, I like the those locos like to get
  12. Hi Mathew, thanks , ywah thinking of paino wire in a tube so many ideas out there using SPST slide switches is a cheap way and you can wire singnals to the switch as well, not in a hurry but have seen some good leavers but very expensive. That is one hell of a long train30 cars plus two locos, will depend on passenger booking the length of the train most Indian Pacific consists are about 26 cars, the first Ghan train in 2004 was nearly double that, yes Lima do bring out an Indian Pacific carriage three different ones, sleeper diner and power car, I have 18 all up taken me a few years to co
  13. Hi Mathew, no worries glad you had a great holiday love the pics, as you say worth a visit seeing the Battle Of Britian memorial over here we have a big memorial in Canberra, I went for a visit in October last year, you need a whole day see all the displays, only had the afternoon and a rain cold day as well., gee nice beaches as well fairly bib beach any big waves. Those early warning mirrors in the pics I have being watching a British doco called British Coast they are all over Britain some huge, pure amazing the bigger ones still work today, could you get up close to the Spitfire an
  14. Hivjoneslong, many thanks, those points are to access five platforms and where the small cross over and doulble slip is the is three tracks there, will depend on how I strat the journey the tracks or the right of the pic be a temperary platform one to four where I can bring in the Indian Pacific and split the train, shuntin gthe carriagers to platform two and three. Indian Pacific consist now has about 30 carriagers with one auto carrier leaving Sydney , my mum and sister last year did the jourmey, sister said they had on that train 28 I will have enough cars to make up the full train,som
  15. Points and down except two, a trip to the local hobby shop Friday, to buy the two points get some more track as well,, still need to mark the to drill the holes for the switching pin, have to wait till Thursday to buy some more 0.9mm led for the led pencil the only size that will fit the point bar. Got no more straight point left only curved points some are left over from other layouts, may never use them handy to keep for a branch line I have am planning. Will have to lift out the points and double slip cross over to drill the holes put them back and then start nailing down the t
  16. No moremock ups for point module plan, the first approach module car port end has being painted and the points and one cross over is peramenantly nailled down, the first point past the cross over I didn't have the right hand point , going to the hobby shop Thursday to but the right hand point and two others competing the module. One other change is I will be shifting the cross over to the first point and plan is when the train is coming off the right hand track onto the main line will cross over back onto the left hand track in pic two where the car is, but I will have to switch the curv
  17. What a find, I was looking at another you tube video and saw on the side links an Indian Pacific, wow saw the second loco is my loco DL41, I like to find out that diesel and steam locos are still in use today, the only difference is the colour scheme blue and yellow and different company Pacific National, I am thinking of buying decals with the Pacific Nation logo and covering the National Rail . The day I wan to test out the circular saw cross cutting jig it is raining, only be cutting four pieces of ply for the hinges to screw better onto the module leg posts and extend the tab
  18. Hi Vjonelong, nice build with the 4 wheel wagons, I am surprised just having one wagon bumber is there a reason for that. Like the work shop what I am lacking, mine is an open air work shop.and only have a hobby room to build kits and scratch building. I completed the circular saw cross cutting jig today took three days to build, like a mini radial saw arm square cut every time pics on my post in garden railway. How is your holiday going in Kent still down there or back home now. Tony from down under.
  19. Just finished my circular saw cross cutting jig today, very happy with the out come, square cut every time, hopefully last quie a while, I may have to glue thin strips of aluminium over the screw holes scratched the base plate of the saw, was a challenge because with the saw being a 18volt battery saw the motor was lower so I had to cut down to 7mm to clear the motor. I used 1.5 mm thick aluminium angle line strong enough for my battery circular saw, saw cut is only 45mm didn't want to lose too much cut , jig is designed to cut 42mm square pine posts, come in handy to when I start workin
  20. I swapped the points around in pic two on the last post, now I can shunt the locos around the Indian Pacific without interfering with the main line . Have mentioned before that I be modelling a few stations on the same modules, stage one of the station module complex I have only got three modules, all up there are six plus the three smaller extension modules for the suburban platforms, I be modelling East Perth terminal. first. The last two pics are East Perth terminal Western Australia where the Indian Pacific ends her 3 day journey, be quite a few laps of the layout be a fast clock inde
  21. I love mock-up module point plans seeing how the point fit on the module before nailling them inplace and knowing how many I need, luckly I have enough points to compete the first approach module coming from the car port end and with changes to the module plan as well made it possible,, going to be pretty awesome to see the trains going through the points and cross overs and other passenger trains waiting to get clearance to depart the platform , I may have signals on the end of the platforms as well. The video clip and first pic of my latest loco Austrain's DL class Natio
  22. Hi vjonelong, thanks, much better now , good to get back into the layout construction I finished the bus wiring on the first station module and if I set up the 3 station modules and front corner module I could run a test loco, set back with the timing of the first run now, be the first week of July , I am working on the first approach module car port end (southern end) so can switch the loco back onto the temporary main line passing loop. Have to agree those pics are pure awesome ,I like you choice of garden plants, I was hopping to get my HO scale garden railway down closer to ground lev
  23. Hi Vjonelong,, I have a few weeks spell from thelayout as well, me being unwell and son in hospial last week for a week,, it must get pretty humid over in the UK then and surprised about that garratt having heating issues, sorted out now, one of the members in my train club has one of those locos but in 0 scale, I am thinking of scratch building a Garratt, like the NSW Garratt's they are quite huge. January to March is our worse months for humidity over here go as high 98 percent.. Did you manage to fix the bent cab, gear slipping not good, the layout before this one my grades were a
  24. Finely back into it after a few weeks while waiting for the grass to dry out I got stuck into the bus wiring for the first station module, more work on Wednesday will finish the module a matter of setting up all the front modules, to give a longer run I will get stuck nto painting the three curved sections that makes part of the ramp heading up the back of the layout, great birthday present, three years in the making if I can pull it off. Pic one showing the speaker plugs I use for the track bus wiring is block one and two , the only problem with DC wiring all that wiring you have to
  25. Hi vjoneslong, you back yard is about as big,as our whole yard measures 800 square metres, more back yard and front yard is in garden with large tress and hedge only have the foot path to mow and the back yard garden right around the fence line and one side of the house, could never get grass to grow there. Gauges can be confusing with some many different ones out there to model , I will stick to HO scale, those clock Mallard's be a hard item to find, I like to one day own a Garratt, be huge in the bigger scales, is on the drawing board to build my own needing two 4-8-4 running megs and o
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