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  1. Afternoon vjoneslong,, pure brilliant idea using styrene rod be far better than trying t shape thin dowel , may break and doesn't matter of the thickness size either, I was thinking of cutting strips of balsa wood and shaping the pedestal with a round file, but this idea is far better, many thanks. Very hard trying o find HO scale pedestal fencing except on bridges, I was hoping to find just the top of the bridge side, looks like I am going to be busy for some time, once the first fancy top railing set of 9 pedestals is done the rest be easy, a rainy day project,, I also hope to get
  2. Hi vjoneslong, many thanks, I like to look ahead on each module how it will fit from the plan and of course working out the width of the module why I like doing mock-up modules for, I bought a full sheet of ply last week to cut the sides on the second approach module and the first approach module, was hopping to get the carptenters gang out the weekend, doesn't look like it still getting over my asthma bad night last night, want to finish off doing the bus wiring on the first station module. I have also got to get stuck into building the cross cutting jig for the circular saw will need i
  3. Morning vjoneslong, I have done the recycle thing as well, from previous layout I used the 3ft by 7ft ply tops from for most of the curved sections and smaller ones for the new station modules and sides stage one of my station complex, have being buying off cut ply when I can or seconds in full sheet, I like the way you built the bedding for the track, you must have a good size block, we are on quarter of an acre, in the new estates the house blocks are half the size. Good to hear your better half likes to run a train, be nice if I could convince my with o have a go to. Always lots
  4. Morning vjoneslong, bingo finely found your post and the video you mentioned, pure awesome , the music fitted the beginning of the video nicely indeed, how when did you start construction of the track base a lot of house bricks and the larger bricks are they the soft bricks you nail in a nail easy , we have them over here but quite dear, good feeling to see the train in around the layout with no problems with all that back braking work paying well done. you have good size back yard to play with and fairly,, going by the track stacked up you still have a lot of work ahead and will see lot m
  5. Hi vjoneslong, thanks was realhappy when the set arrived and I finely had it in my hands, long time coming, as it was I bought the Mehano Thalys TGV set in two stages from the bloke in northern Italy , he sold the sets to what you wanted, first set was 6 car set and both locos are powered another 4 cars later to make up a ten car train and now I have the missing bar car, going to my train club on the DCC running Saturday to run the full set be stunning indeed will do a video clip going to look awesome on my layout with those very large curves. Yes I have, on my last module layout the spir
  6. Evening vjoneslong,that jig isn't mine, I be doing mine the same way even going one more step in at one end bolt it so I can cut angles, pretty good idea mazing what is on you tube to do with wood working,, all you need to do is move one side so you can turn the circular saw around to rip cut sheets of ply, I try to buy decent size off cut 12mm ply when needed, what I am doing today, so once I finish off the bus wiring I can move onto the car port end cut the sides for the second approach module. The car port concrete floor is quite steep, but after running off the third approach module
  7. Here is a couple of pics of the track plan point mock-up to the two approach modules for stage two of the station module complex, I like to plan ahead letting me know how many points I need to buy have to start saving upwill need 7 points some be expresspoints one wye and on single sli cross over, I leanrly got the track angles rihgt but it is to do whey the angle of the Peco cross over just a slight beng, once nailed down hopefukly wont notice it much. I forgot to put in two points on the inside track heading to the island platform, wondering what the pegs represent the platforms, I have
  8. It is amazing just swapping a couple of modules around and moifing it make a big difference to the design of the layout,and changing the approach to platforms 1 to 4 on the second stagle of the station complex, I didn't get a chance to set up the spiral where it will be, till next week after the car goes into the work shop to be repaired, no idea how long, will make the most of it after next Wednesday, will have a hire car to get around in and buy an off cut piece of ply to cut and screw n the sides of the module. The next 6ft ply deck will modified for the first 6ft double track approach
  9. Evening vjoneslong, Yeah I have always wanted to build this bridge got the idea from an old friend that modelled Swiss narrow gauge he had a concrete arch bridge simular in design, I have seen even in 00 scale garden railway a bloke had a bridge across a pond even better in a larger scale. I got the idea from you tube a bloke used steel angle line he had a bigger electric circular saw, my angle line is only 1.5mm thick be screwing two together to make it stronger and stop it from saging in the middle , only lose 1.5mm cut, others use 19mm pine for there cross cutting jig , the best wa
  10. Evening vjoneslong,, not all of the layout is under cover, the large 12foot curve is out in the garden and single track 7foot curve running off the spiral and the two approach modules to the station moues are out in the open and the front suburban platform track is and the third stage be out at the side of the house, I am planning a large single track modelling a concrete arch bridge on that line complete with river and water fall, always wanted t model a water fall, be a challenge. Have designed the layout so I can stuff on first scene be the diesel loco service faculty complete with refu
  11. Evening vjoneslong, many thanks being a long road to here still lots more ahead, like most of us we do the lot our self with out any help I have to get a move on now got a month to getting half the layout up and running, the shifting of the spiral where it is going be easier to built and set up, still using the same curved decking form the first spiral, this will open up to a branch line to run between the car port and fence to the garden in front of the carport or a staging yard. It doesn't take long to set up the station modules, all my bolts have wing nuts, all the modules and curved se
  12. The hearvy yarn is done on the rebuild of the front corner spiral module, there has being some big changes the front corner spiral module is now he front corner module, thespiral has beingshifted to the car port end of the layout to make it easier togain th extra 6 inches in height for under the bridge clearence to thewater line, giving the extra height for the RORO ship, this way I now can built her to 87 scale an no need trying to cut back height of the ship to the water line. She will be in height from water line to the top of the main mask 386mm, 298mm beam and 2.1metres long. I have s
  13. Thanks vjoneslong, I made the most of the space it must be at least 50ft of covered roof with the car port but still open to the east when the rain is coming from there, would love to close it all in cost too much when I have in the past put up tarp when running trains on the last layout, it took up a lot of space and it was smaller.in length Yeah it is mind blowing what is out there and on you tube type in the right word opens up to so much stuff, have you looked at 3/D google earth yet it is pure awesome and you get down even closer, I was looking a port in Sweden, those large contai
  14. I am sure glad I don't have to bend down working on the whole layout, the only time is when levlelling the modules , curved sections, plugging the wires up bolting the station modules together and screwing the curved sections together, after the modules and curved are levelled the track laying and wiring is done on modified saw houses. ​Like the idea of mock-up track and point laying to see how the point look like from the track plan and also of how many points needed for each module or curved section, handy since I am on a budget, today I needed to set up stage two of my station module c
  15. It is amazing what is out there on you tube, I am now looking fro a good sport in the back yard to model a RORO port afte seeing these videos pure amazing, the RORO ports they don't use the massave gangtry container crane but in the first video they used two cranes, the second crane is themorden dock crane some have truck wheels, be achallange to model, will have to have a lot of pics , any help be greatfull. I just found the Preview button and have worked out to have two tabs up top for posting more than one video clip or if you go to your favoutite folder you will lose what is on the po
  16. Made a start on two of the arches of the suburban rail bridge crossing the 6 lane road bus lane and two pedestrian bridges cut out two arches the pedestrian arch being the smallest arch, can't close in the roof of both arches till I do the bus track wiring, the actual bridge is on an angle to the road I drew up a on a module the width of the arches, with a bit of filling the arches will look ok when finished , time will tell when the second half joins up. Tomorrow I will finish off the second arch and wok on the second rail bridge being the temporary main line , the other half is past of
  17. Evening Satans's goldfish 200cm is that the height with the bridge as well, I just worked out the beam width and length to 87 scale measuring 2.1 metres in length width 304mm quite a large ship she can hold 324 containers triple in trailers, 4 decks all, with mine being a water line model only three decks, I am after the perfect pic, some I can't share that copy right thing. I am going to modify the height between the decks so she will fit in under the my bridge height of 305mm clearance, the bridge should be 600mm to scale I model trailers mainly US trailers come in handy,work on this new p
  18. HI Satans's Goldfish, WOW what a build do to have the measurements of the height of the conainer ship will be slightly biger than 87 scale, I checked out your other links, just pure awesome, if only I had a few thousand to spare, I am pushing on, you built your own containers as well what did you use to get the corragated iron affect, had a go at scratch building smooth sided refrigerated containers, bout a heap of the frig units, will rebuild them. I am building up my double stack container well wagons got 15 so far after more, also have the 60ft and 40ft flat container wagons 23 of them lon
  19. It would of being a shock when the US put a cow catcher on the Flying Scot and larger light up the top of the front of the loco, we don't have them over here, not many pics of the US tour and sadly they didn't bring over the water tender on the Aussie tour, ours were used, was a big success. My curves on my layout are 7ft radius even the spiral is except the large S bend its curve is 6ft and the last curve has a 4ft half radius curve the trains will fly around them with ease, can't wait to run the Flying Scot, got two FS's with different name badges on them, I think to do with the duel t
  20. Hi Vjoneslong No they didn't not like they did in the US tour, all they did was have special name boards made for tours the Flying Scot there is a DVD on the Aussie tour, toAlice Springs and tour to Western Australian where she was put on a ship back home. I plan to build two models, fist one a water line model, I found a PDF file on a British Tor line RORO ship, would like to model a ship for that scene want to model a container ship as well, planning a container port on day. I didn't do much today the side the first spiral curve fits into I finished but still a bit more to do
  21. Hi vjoneslong, no worries will keep a check on your progress, the way I am building my layout so long as I get a few years running out of it, the whole layout modules fit in the garden shed stacked up \, I am yet to cut strips of ply to screw to the curved sections to stop them from bowing and twisting while in storage, I will only be running the layout in the cooler months of the year, have designed the layout so I can set some of it up to run trains on those rainy days . Yeah all to do with the loading , same here even though our loading is different to yours we can't have US trains runn
  22. Hi vjonesiong, many thanks , yeah sure is the bridge is going to be the main feature of the layout in some ways modules in its own right something different, again too much module top why I have cut back the two front modules for and adding a scene . Yes have to agree what you are saying about modelling water fronts and harbours, thanks for that video link of that layout, I figures it had to be modelled on the build up to D-Day , very awesome indeed, there is other area you don't see is airports and planes, Have a project on the go modelling 737 fuselages for a train load built the first
  23. I forgot to add the pic, of the bridge I am modelling going on the back of the layout,24foot in length . Tony from down under.
  24. Hi vloneslong, many thanks the progress of the layout going to long going once I get past the the front spiral corner and first station module rebuild be easy, achived a lot on Saturday di da lot of cutting with the battery saw finely cut the last curve to the lower level of the spiral connectiong the spiral deck to the back of the layout, I sill have recut new legs for the spiral just as well with the new sides of the spiral corner fixed up the bow in it. It has 100mm sides on it now so I plan to remodel the join of the first curve to the spiral, the old way isn't as easy as I thought had tro
  25. Update on the rebuild of the first station module and spiral corner module, a lot of work ahead modelling a road to pass in under the new extended rail bridges, I have found some more pics of Sydney Central street scene I be modelling around the station building with the road on the lower level. and this scene become a different station scene as the Indian Pacific pulls out of off Sydney a very quick fast clock pulling into East Perth terminal at the end of the day journey takes 3 days. The station complex be built in two stages the best way to do it on a budget, can't build Sydney station
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