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  1. Hi David, that pure awesome more pics please, yeah I would but on a budget I am limited and can't have a perameant layout this is the best way to go how I love to do what you have done and my pergola araea isn't level 12 inches difference, has worked out well, I want to model the raod as welll infront of Sydney Station and can leave the the road for the East Perth station scene. Have modified the first station module lift out section and now is 4feet long fits in quite well need to strengthen the extended section with 19mm pine timber to hide the bus wiring, also I modified the spiral cor
  2. Had a busy day today but I didn't achive a lot, worked on the corner spiral module cutting the legs and screwing the legs onto the module and adding hinges, have decided to modify the module by cutting it back a foot where the suburban track is and cutting back 18 inches on the temporary main line. I may be best buying an off cut piece from Bunning tomorrow., the problem is they come in 1200mm long 19mm short of 4ft , I will try out joining the two pieces together first to make 4ft.have done that before with no problems, sadly the track has to come off and unsolder the feeder wires. Pic
  3. Evening vjonesiong, no worries be keeping a close eye on your progress as well very good work there. Do you go away for Easter, hate to think what your roads are like holiday time ours are bad enough and can't cope with the traffic north and south high ways. and 4 lanes wide on the south coast WHY same up Caboolture north coast WHY, and they charge double the price for a unit close to the beach. Enjoy Easter. Tony from down under.
  4. Afternoon vjoniong, yeah I could also turn those tacks into a container or piggy back yard, the length of the yard is 18feet and going to have at the other end track that will move along to each tack so the locos can run move out the way. Wont be going DCC straight away later on I will be, I have two remote control throttles I be using for the main line and two walk around type for local use or on the main line if I have more the two people running on the layout., I hope to be starting on my main control panel after the spiral is finished built , painted and track laid down. That is
  5. Hi MRG Hooper, many thanks I would say the same as well with your links on 3/D printing 00m scale Indian railways, could you be able to print a row of 10 pedestal fencing and what would it cost, I am modelling Sydney Central in 1/87 scale and the station building has a heap of those fencing,, have never heard of 00m before is the scale larger than 00 or smaller. Tony from down under
  6. Morning vjonesiong, many thanks, yes agree was sad would of being a great to see the trains running. I am planning a four track staging yard may be five being on a budget holds me back but I get the there, when my station complex expands, I have on the drawing board a vertical staging yard in the garden shed. I can't wait to run the first test loco on the spiral was hopping April but not to be taking a lot longer than I thought, this weekend I am spending a few days on the layout, Friday finishing off the corner spiral module and heading over to the last station module finishing the
  7. Had a good day yesterday with the carpenters department, finelly cut the piece of ply that filled the final gap to the spiral decking and rebuilt the spiral corner module, still have to fix up the modle legs made them 5mm's too long easy fix rather be longrtthan too short The spiral corner module legs I repositioned them to inside the modul frame before the legs were on top of the frame making to bulky to store the module much better now and tidier too, need to cut the legs down the middle of them to the same width they well on the old way that will be the next job on the weekend.. On
  8. Hi Vjneslong (Matthew) what a shame you scrapped that was one awesome layout I love you viaduct, good video as well at least you have the pics to look back on and me as well. and more on Flicrk One good thing is you reused the 16mm track for your new adventure,, a members from my old train club modelled 32mm on HO scale track, I could go the same way buying a loco and rolling stock something different., like those small locos. One thing my layout is lacking is a staging yard once the main line is up and running I will add a 4 track staging yard till I start working on stage two of the st
  9. Hi vjonesiong, many thanks yes the only way I csn have a big layoutt is go garden railway, at least if the train does derail hasn't got far to fall the station modules being 12 inches of the grougn because of the pergolar floor not being level from the car port, only a coupld of inches car port end. I am amazed thre are a lot of members over here fromt his forum, sadly I am the only one keeping the 00HO garden railway alive, soon I be moving from the construction thread to the garden railway thred not far away.. Same here with HO scale mine aren't as well my locos costing $295 for the
  10. Hi Narrow Minned, many thanks, haven't being on the layout wiring for a couple of days, I bought 5 double speaker wire plugs I use for the main bus wiring and four 25way computer plugs will need more of those computer plugs when I start wiring the signal and point motors, am hopping to try out servo motors, is there any threads on this forum on that topic.. Now I got the extra plugs I can start working out the size of the main module panel that connects to the control panel, still so much work ahead, looked at wire at a spare parts shop Jar-car today they only sell rolls of 10metre wire 2.
  11. Morning Narrow Minded, yeah going to be a big day of celebrations and working out what locos I will use that meet together at the golden spike ceremony, going to have ribbon cutting as wall with the first loco coming onto the bridge, could use NSW 38 class steamy 3801 and the flying Scott they did double head when the Flying Scott visited down under 1988. I am modelling the Osborn double deck cable stay bridge between Denmark and Sweden, I couldn't fit the bridge in too long, cut the main span back to 12feet the full length 27feet in four six foot sections, main tower 7feet high water cle
  12. Hi Narrow Minded, many thanks this is what keeps me pushing on, love the forum, today I finished the second bus wire plug panel ready for painting, started marking out the third plug panel at the other end of the third station module, it sure takes time working on your own be good if I had some help, got it down to a fine art now in the carpenter department and having three drills makes it easy as well can do a project in one day, most of my power tools are 18volt batter except the Dremel. drill . I have designed the layout, being on a budget makes it hard but building the layout slowly I
  13. The latest pics on how I be connecting each module bus wiring, designed to be plug and play and the only time I be on my knees to connect the wires and tighten the boltd using wing nuts no spanners needed , only a screw driver to tighten the bolts on the module legs wing nuts as well... I have made extension frame on the saw houses to get the modules up higher so I am not bending down and using a painters trestle so I can work on a second module joining the track on the joins and cutting the track too, no more sore backs, wiring I turn the module on its side, days gone getting under the mo
  14. Yesterday was another full on day with the construction gang, I marked, cut and drilled the holes for the bus wire plug panel on each module,, one on every module , didn't have enough room on the panel to fit all the needed bus wire plugs, have enough room on the right side for a small single double bus wire plug, station double track. The last station module will have a bus wire panel for all the bus wire blocks from the whole layout, going to take a bit of time to mark that panel out , be in the middle of the module connecting to the main bus wire panel, I am not sure if I will have t
  15. I would like to start this thread as a new topic no idea where to put any ideas from the admin and members. This loco is my pride and joy took some time t get running smoothly, the video is the last time she will be running at the club I not going any more net time be on my layout can't wait she is the famous 4472 dual tender Flying Scot , has anyone in the UK done what I gone to show pics and you tube video. In the video I had some issues with the last three maroon coaches they are from that your model railway layout mag, can't complain cost me $8 au got six of them I wanted to try ou
  16. I have being work on the extension in front of the station modules that will have a suburban island platform and a passing loop with a second platform,, I like doing mockup modules first to see how the track will go to the track plan, going back two posts I have modified the spiral corner module changing points and adding another siding point for the Indian Pacific auto carrier wagon loading and unloading dock, lots of shunting involved the station is East Perth terminal where the IP ends here journey across Australia. Pics 2a and 3a link up where the orange cutters are is where the track
  17. At last I am under way with laying track and linking up the first station module to the corner spiral module, the track on the station modules be a temporary main line till I add on the extension in front of the station modules will have three tracks and an island platform that line will become the main line, depends on the weather today if I decide to and woodturning or work on laying the track done on the other two station modules. The next job is the painful bus wiring, soldering feeder wires to the bus wires, first I drill the holes beside the track where the feeder wires go then tape th
  18. Hi kevinims, must of forgot to send the post yesterday, , year your are right , but drpends if Jar-car can order it in some shops only have what they order on the shelfs, I will have to get uesed to using the digital one I have,many thanks for the link, I be keeping everyone informed on the progress of wiring the rotary switch. I have learnt for now on the rotary switches will be mounted in the control panel before wiring up the next one, the great news is my trannie will be fixed , it was the bridge rectifier that was the problem , gee the new replacement is half the size that is technology
  19. Hi David, didn't see any analogue multimeters at Jar car are they easier to use to the digital ones, I have to read through the book again a few times to get the hang of it, mainly got it to check the pins on the rotary and checking the track, other uses will come later, I know the basics in DC , layout construction is coming along nicely . ozam from down under keeping on moving ahead
  20. This is my plans for East Perth Terminal the station the Indian Pacific ends her journey,not building Sydney first needs another forth front module, that won happen till next year, once I add on the two terminus track station platfoms I could start the IP off from there temporary set up to start off with East Perth has a terminus platform the IP pulls into and through suburban platform to come later in front. I posted pic 003 again , modelling the pic Before East Perth station, the cross over in the second pic is at the top of the pic close to the houses, the last pic the platform is 56
  21. Morning Jongudmund, many thanks will for sure keep the pics flowing,my Sydney Central is going to s long going project, wont take as long as a friend that built a N scale version took him 7 years and yes I plan to go back in the cooler months to take more pics didn't enough time to walk all over the station complex last October huge place 5 levels, hope my wife can come along stay in Sydney a couple of nights, Working on a second station building East Perth terminal, where the Indian Pacific end her three day journey be building that building first not as much work as Sydney Central. Not
  22. I had a chance to do some work on the layout today, temp was 30 degrees humidity wasn't too bad had a wet shirt, so I decided to improve my spiral made it a foot longer, now 10foot long the radius curve is 7foot wide, got a mixture of curves starting off with a 6foot quarter curve onto a 12foot quarter curve , 6ft in length, onto a short straight to two 6ft quarter curves, 7foot curves into a S bend, the spiral has a 2 percent grade. Now the job of measuring the height of the legs and cutting them, want to improve the way they fond up too make it easier for storage, at least I don't have t
  23. Hi railroadbill, many thanks this layout is my dream layout, wish I came across HO scale in the garden earlier than I did discover it would be up and running by now, yes I love those long trains too and have being working on building up my double stack container train got three sets of 48ft 5 unit well container wagons makes a pretty long train after more on top of 25 flat container wagons 14 are 60footers rest 40 footers, after more. Building up a trailer spine car train 25 of them makes a long train as well, I have a mixture of older and more modern diesel locos in my fleet, got two DD40 UP
  24. all ready to go was over at my firends house today sorting out the rotary switch and used my multimetre to check the poles of the switch Pole A position 1-2-3-4 poles B and C 5 to 9, position 1 position 2 6 to 10 position 3 7 to 11 position 4 8 to 12, the rotary switches be set up in the control panel before soldering the LEDS to the fist 4 positions and covering the bare wires, learnt this as I thought the trannie was in a bad way, it turned out it was the bridge rectifier that was the problem easy fix. My friend said I can join two throttles together on one 6amp trannie, the walk arou
  25. I managed to paint the in under the first station module this morning before it stated getting hot 9am , it peaked 45 degrees, ouch will have to get a new outside thermometer we use for under the pergola, the old one was't reading over 35, the weather station at the RAAF base Amberley peaked 43 degrees, wont get a chance later on still be 37 degrees at 6pm, will wait till tomorrow morning, cool change coming in on Tuesday, going over to a friends place to sort out the rotary switch problem and he will show me how to use the multimeter as well. I have made the modules easy to set up with
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